John Kilpatrick: “Tell the people there’s no middle-ground anymore!”

ONE IMPORTANT WORD not covered in that material of the previous video-clip and long Midnight Words for 2017 is what John brought earlier whilst interrupting his deep teaching on ‘Living From the Inside Out’ (at 2:06:10 mark of archive video):

“What a difference TWO weekends make in Washington DC! What a difference two weekends make!

“Two weeks ago after the Inauguration I’ve never seen or heard such violence, such vulgarity, four-letter words. The Holy Spirit spoke to me…and said to me,

“Tell the people that the middle-ground has now disappeared! It’s either going to be evil or it’s going to be Godly!”

“He said, “Tell them! Tell them it’s either going to be evil or it’s going to be Godly”. He said, “The evil will be evil still and the righteous will be righteous still. There is no middle-ground any more!...”

“They called it ‘marching’ (RB: Women’s March) but vulgarity was used hundreds of times on live TV and talking about bombing. Reporters were out there, the ungodly media was out there and they loved every minute of it and thought that was the greatest thing in the world!

“Last weekend they had the right for Life marching in Washington (RB: 44th Annual March for Life) and they were praying in the name of Jesus. They were praying for life and for God to shut down abortion clinics.

“I’m telling you evil is evil and good is good!…

“It amazes me today how the church is so educated about things of the world, but they don’t have much education about the things of God…

“I’m so glad last weekend happened, because now (our kids have a comparison): a whole generation grew up with Madonna, saw her as the material girl…but that weekend was evangelism of the devil… using talent to seduce and draw you in but it’s an evil message!”

5 thoughts on “John Kilpatrick: “Tell the people there’s no middle-ground anymore!”

  1. I love the Lord’s absolute perfect timing in everything. I just finished reading this message by John Kilpatrick and you just liked Veronica’s West’s message on my blog.

    This message by John Kilpatrick absolutely dovetails with Veronica West’s message for the month of March.

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    • ‘Perfect timing’ FANTASTIC praise you Lord!

      Hadn’t intended publishing this yesterday because aimed at publishing news on UK & USA as Biblical Tarshish. However, I’d spotted that video on CHP’s site on Sunday and planned sticking the clip on my blog. BUT when I did so during a very bitty, busy day I was reminded to check my notes on full session a month ago and recalled unfulfilled intention of publishing that prophetic word THEN – ie not yesterday!

      SO better late than never – especially as it now fits into the Lord’s time-schedule for you too 🙂

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  2. Spot on! Couldn’t agree more. I am so feeling the need to pray for holiness and righteousness to be restored to our nation at the moment- and to the church! The lines have been blurred for too long now, so much so that even the church is having trouble at times discerning what’s going on! Our kids are being drip fed liberalism in their schools. The media is constantly biased. But as I was praying the other day I got the phrase – Rise up East wind….I wasn’t quite sure why I suddenly said this…why specifically an east wind? I googled it, and an east wind is often mentioned in the bible as a wind which comes to expose lies and falsities, and bring God’s people to repentance. It’s a wind which comes to warn people to get rid of false idols and return to the Lord. It’s also the wind that parted the Red Sea so that God’s people could walk through on dry ground!! Brexodus!?

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  3. Wow. I wish there was a ‘love’ button. This is a brilliant post and I agree with the others it couldn’t have come at a more relevant time. It reminds me of something Kat Kerr (who if you haven’t heard of you should check her out) says about the darkness getting darker but that it will never be greater than the light. However, she also says there will be no more grey! When I heard that I was like ‘Amen. Praise God that in that sense there will be no confusion about which side you are on. You will be either for the Living God or for the devil but there is nothing in between! Thank you!:)

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