Prophetic word of warning and blessing for Britain re. the EU

Following Prime Minister Theresa May’s agreement in Brussels on Saturday 24th November on Britain’s leaving the EU, Revd Chris Wickland, pastor of Living Word Church based in Fareham, Purbrook and Lee-on-Solent, issued this email last Monday on what he’d brought from the Lord that Sunday night:

‘Last night at Living Word Lee I was due to give a normal sermon, but as I rose to get up God gave me a download regarding Brexit and what is soon to transpire for our nation.
‘I very rarely get anything like this and God was reminding me of many prophetic words and stringing it all together into a 30 min message of what is coming.
‘I enclose a link to the audio file of the prophetic word…(RB: see below)
‘Please listen if you get time and please feel free to share with any people you feel this would resonate with.’

I’m grateful to Carolyn Stewart for the following transcript of the first minutes of Chris’ message from the Lord (note reference to the value of declarations):

Prophecy of Warning and Blessing for Great Britain – 25th November 2018

Something has happened today which is very significant for us as Britons. The European treaty thing has gone through; that they’ve agreed on their side of things on the Brexit deal and…I don’t think God is very happy!

This is what I must declare, and I’m going to say it out loud. You see, when prophets of old would speak, they would not even necessarily go to the nations they spoke to, but they spoke to them because they were releasing the word of the Lord, and the Lord will do what He will do. Unfortunately, I have to say this over our government and our country:

‘MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN’. God has numbered your kingdom and finished it. You are weighed in the balance and found wanting. Your Kingdom is divided and has been given to another.’

I just feel God is really not pleased with what has happened this week and what is about to happen. I have had, over the years, many dreams, many visions for about 20-odd years about what is to come to this land. And unfortunately, what has happened now has just triggered it, because…God led this country to come out of something that he was not happy we were even in to start with. People voted for that. Not only did people vote for that, but He moved people by His Spirit to come out. And yet people who think they are better and know more than the plans and purposes of God have tried to intervene and tried to stop what God has decreed must happen. And because man has put his hatchet on the line, and because man has tried to sabotage the engine of what God was trying to do, God has unfortunately to bring down the axe of his judgment, and unfortunately it is going to bring a separation from us from Europe, whether we like it or not. But unfortunately, it is going to be costly and it is going to bring our nation to a place of humility.

You see, God cannot heal our land until our land has been humbled – ‘Unless my people humble themselves and pray I will not heal their land’ – and this land must now come to a time of humbling. This land must come to a place where it will call out to the Lord its God.

“It is a nation that is proud. It is a nation that has become arrogant. It is a nation that has thrown aside My laws and precepts and thrown aside My Word and thrown aside My people, and thrown aside My church. My church has forsaken by ways. My church has forsaken My laws and My precepts and My holy word. They have moved to the left when they should have always been in my Kingdom. They should have been teaching the Kingdom, but instead they taught the precepts and the doctrines and the philosophies of man!”
“And because of this I must humble My church as well. There are those that are following Me, and they are following Me with all their heart. I don’t speak to them. I speak to the church that takes My word and brings mixture to it, and brings worldliness to it, and brings worldly philosophies and worldly ideologies to My Word. No more!
“This country is going to humbled, and unfortunately the institutions which hold this country up are now going to have to topple. The things that this country feels that it has sure foundations I am now going to take away”, says the Lord. “And I will tear away the veil of lasciviousness so this country will finally wake up and look up and see that I alone am God, and I will save all who call upon the name of the Lord.”

But if I feel God is saying, “Enough is enough. They have had their time. MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. You have had your time. You have had your chance. You have had your warnings. But you refused to listen, and you refused to relent and you refused to repent. And now I do not want to do what I now have to do, but YOU chose this. You chose to not follow Me. You chose to not follow the voice of the people. You chose not to follow the leading of My people. You chose not to follow the leading of My prophets.”
“And I speak now to the Government. They have heard the voice of the prophets. They have heard the prayers of the saints that have gone up for this land. They know the petitions of my people, and they have ignored them. And I tell you now, you will not ignore the voice of My prophets in this land anymore. You will now come to a time of humility, and you will be humbled” says the Lord.
“But I have plans for this nation. Yes, she must be humbled, but I will bandage up her wounds, I will take care of her and I will raise her up, and I will look after her and all of those that call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved and I will bring this country into the plans and purposes I have for it. And I have plans to prosper this country. I do not have plans to harm her; but know this…”

+ + +

Click to continue at 5:40 mark to hear what God is going to do with Great Britain in the light of Brexit and of revival. It is a sobering, serious word yet brings hope and clarity for the days ahead.

Pastor Chris’ opening reference to events of the past 20 years reminds me of the Lord having opened Hebrews 12:18-29 to me at a house group meeting in late 1990s. Hence, my coverage in the last few years of many prophecies on The Shaking; eg. as recently in ‘a new season of shaking’ and in ‘a merciful but severe course correction’.

What’s more, I can relate to his personal testimony (Witchcraft to Christ) because I too was in the new age group he’d been involved with, as well as nearly having had a head-on crash. Part 2 of his story is of wider interest.

PS: the evening before the PM’s announcement I saw a long tidal wave, rather like a tsunami, about to hit our shores. It is the wave of revival and this was confirmed not only by the pastor at this Spirit-led meeting at Fleet Baptist Church but also by the desktop image of a huge wave on the visiting speaker’s tablet (John Arnott)!

May the Lord bless you as you weigh this message and wait on Him.

6 thoughts on “Prophetic word of warning and blessing for Britain re. the EU

  1. The insistence on bringing Britain to humility rather than pride goes with that Lion Bites one from many months ago about how bad the “deal” would be. At the time I remember thinking when I read that one “we’re not that proud a nation – has God not been to France?” But this prophecy is a bit more specific in terms of how the pride in question consists in being pleased with ourselves for turning our backs on him, and in that there can be few countries that surpass us.

    It’s interesting, I suppose, that Britain’s power was at its height at a time when faith in this country was at one of its highest points, whereas at this low-water mark of faith we are about to give away a good deal of what (relatively) little power we have to a foreign government – and one which has publicly wished us ill for the future. A good illustration of how it’s also true on a national level that, if we try to grasp our life we lose it, but if we will only hand it over to God then we will retain it and be given much more besides.

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    • Interesting to see the events unfolding in France! I pray that God will bring a little humility to the EU as well. I read the other day that most popular boy’s name in the UK this year is Muhammad which is a good reflection of the scale of shift the UK has taken in recent years.

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  2. I’m still not entirely clear on what the actual result will be from listening to the sermon. I’m not saying I disagree with it; just that I can’t quite understand whether it is saying:

    A) We will have bad deal with the EU that will sever us from it (to what extent?); OR
    B) We will leave with no deal, but the country will be humbled by the political and economic upheaval that will ensue (presumably temporarily since the Lord is promising restoration after the humbling).


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