2019 – a new season of shaking for UK (GPS#24.1)

Three messages about a new season in the Lord are submitted for prayerful weighing, two of which are published today. The first, delivered by Dr Sharon Stone last Saturday to prepare for a prophetic word for 2019, is summarised from my all too brief notes as checked against my recording, and which I pray may do her in-depth teaching justice:

  • God brings clarity and revelation to prophecies for the old season when we move into a new season AND brings another installment! (eg. those for 2018)
  • Many prophets have spoken of a ‘divine reversal/comeback’
  • Now a prophet’s reward season – no longer ‘watch and see’ but ‘build and plant’!
  • Fresh definition of revival needed,; one meaning it’s everyone’s revival!
  • Significance of 2019 – 9 means completion: eg. fruits of the Spirit, 9 beatitudes,9 gifts of the Spirit – now need for greater and longer praying in the Spirit which makes it like travelling by skateboard to a JET.
  • Important to operate in Ephesians 1 mode to release and move into our proper job description, authority and alignment as prophetic people.
  • Breakthrough and birth are at 9th month Hebrew letter (tet) signifies a pregnant woman, and is equivalent of ‘expectation’ – thus, push need to make manifest!
  • God wants to answer/bring delivery so it will be seen by others and bring hope.
  • 3 P’s – prayer, praise and prophesy to release powerful angels who bring about the impossible (Isa 30:31) – if feeling besieged need to repent and do 3 Ps!
  • God made prophets not to be a special elite keeping what they hear to themselves but to be BLABBERMOUTHS to bring to birth what He’s about to do!


  • Teaching on scriptures for change of season – 1Kings 18:36-39; Ezek 9-19; Dan 9; Acts 3:1 and Acts 10
  • Revival prayers are Kingdom-related rather than self-centred (as ‘survival mode’) and God is going to give so many miracles to focus upon what He’s doing, which gives us more time as there’s less need to focus on needs.
  • We’re pushing through to see a nation born in a day!

“I believe – and I’m not in favour of this, God didn’t ask my advice or opinion – I believe the UK is getting ready to go through a great shaking for the next 9 months…

“I believe nobody votes for shaking, but this shaking is to bring something good, something new out…It is for us and not against us but if you don’t know what this 9 months of shaking is about – then note when the earth shook when Jesus died, it released a new season and I believe what’s going to happen in the UK is a change will take place and that for 9 months God will be speaking…

“So from now to end-July 2019 the emphasis is to pray “Lord bring us through quickly! God, accomplish everything you need to do and I’m not going to let it change my opinion of what You need to do.

“I believe God’s shaking is going to bring about revival, resurrection life, the awakening of dry bones and this will actually cause a fresh declational release in this nation that Jesus IS the Son of God.”

[Update: see subsequent short video at Dr Sharon Stone word from the Lord on Britain and the EU: A merciful but severe course correction.]


By Passion for the Nation on Wednesday November 7th, 2018

Our Heavenly Father, may the glory of Your Name be the centre on which our life turns. May your Holy Spirit come upon us and cleanse us. Manifest Your Kingdom on earth” (Luke 11:2 Passion Translation)

We declare over this nation:

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. We decree Your people in this nation will come into agreement with Your word, ‘to seek first the Kingdom of God’ both in prayer and lifestyle.

“We decree a fresh desire to hear Your heartbeat and perceive the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding, leading, and instructing will come upon Your people. We call them into Your Presence to understand Your ways, that the power of prayer will be exercised and increased across the land.

“You are establishing Your Kingdom to overwhelm and overcome every opposing Kingdom, You are setting things in order, setting up Your governmental rule on the earth as it is in Heaven. So, in the Name of Jesus, we declare Your purpose over this nation to display Your Kingdom and Your Kingship.”


Lion Bites from Glasgow Prophetic Centre issued 7th November 2018

The goodness of God is falling on your skin like rain to bring physical, real, tangible change. This encounter isn’t ethereal or far off, nor is it an encounter that will make you feel good for a moment yet not last. This showering of His glory is coming to reorder your internal workings and alter the way you approach life from this point onwards. Just like God transformed Moses’ physical skin after causing glory to pass him by, so there will be a real life change for you.

Make yourself available as much as possible for God’s glory to pass you by. Create space and time in your diary and schedules to sit and press in for more of God regularly until you are forever changed.

Exodus 34:29
When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the LORD.

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