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Revd Dr Clifford Hill on Brexit: great shaking yet a door of hope

I’m particularly drawn to Dr Hill’s reminder of the Shaking of Nations prophesied in 1986 (unknown to me but Hebrews 12:27 was opened to me 10 years later) in his editorial to Prophecy Today UK, and grateful for ongoing permission to republish. Here’s Dr Hill on the causes of the current crisis:


What next for beleaguered Britain?

So Boris has got a deal! But the big question facing Christians in Britain is this – what is God saying to us? Is the hand of God inexorably guiding the nation towards a no deal outcome? Amazingly, Prime Minister Johnson has secured a deal with the EU which everyone said was impossible. But so did Mrs May last year! And her deal was firmly rejected by Parliament. Surely, Boris must know that whatever he presents to our rebellious Parliament on ‘Super-Saturday’ will have very little chance of being given the approval of the majority of our MPs. Even if the Archangel Gabriel appeared with a divinely approved deal, written in Heaven, it would be thrown out by this Parliament!

Having written that, I am well aware that I may have to eat my own words if something amazing happens and the new deal is overwhelmingly approved by Parliament. If that does happen, I would seriously question the value of the deal, as I have no confidence that this Parliament will do anything righteous, or that anything agreed with the European Union will be in the best interests of Britain.

I firmly believe that leaving with no deal is far better than leaving with a bad deal that keeps us partially tied to the EU. We need a clean break so that we have the opportunity to recalibrate all our relationships with God and with others.

Sovereignty of God 

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Clifford Hill on God’s turning disaster into prosperity

Am pleased to learn the opening news in the reverend doctor’s latest editorial (click title below for link), as well as his aligning with what I’d heard elsewhere (footnotes refer). I particularly note his closing remarks about a coming spiritual awakening and revival:


God Is Working His Purposes Out.

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to a packed fringe meeting at the Church of England Synod in Westminster. There were a number of bishops and clergy of all ranks and the general atmosphere was one of deep concern for the state of the nation. The meeting was in Church House alongside Westminster Abbey and I think we were all aware of events across the road, where our politicians are struggling with seemingly intractable problems.

If any of those attending the meeting came expecting, or even hoping for, easy answers or joyful tidings, I’m afraid they would have gone away disappointed. The primary message I had to give was that God holds the Church responsible for the moral and spiritual state of the nation. I had been asked to speak about my latest book, ‘The Reshaping of Britain: Church and State since the 1960s’. I spoke about the last four Archbishops of Canterbury who I’ve known and worked alongside; and I spoke about the lack of a prophetic voice from the Church giving leadership to the nation in a time of revolutionary social, economic and political change.

It was not a comfortable message and in the short time of discussion it was clear that there are no easy answers to the situation. How do you bring creative, biblically-based change into an organisation as massive as the Church of England? I was only able to repeat what I’ve said so many times that there will be no revival in the nation until there is repentance in the Church. Of course, this is no easy message for those who are dealing with a multitude of pastoral problems in their congregations.

Right Understanding

One of the clergy asked, “Should we be encouraging young people in our churches to go into politics?” I know it is a very lonely and difficult place for Christians in the House of Commons at present. If there were a significant number of those who uphold biblical values and whose trust is in God, it would undoubtedly change the dynamics of politics and that should be a future hope and objective for all church leaders.

But I think it would take away a lot of our fear about the present political mess in the nation and our vast array of social problems if we simply understood what is going on. This means discerning the difference between the social engineering that has been driving the nation for the past 40 or 50 years generated by secular humanist advocates, and what is divine activity initiated by God.

Most Christians do not think in these terms because we do not rightly handle the whole word of God. We concentrate upon the Gospels and Epistles, but neglect to study the biblical Prophets, whom God used to reveal his nature and purposes to humanity in preparation for the coming of Messiah. Without a thorough understanding of this background we can never understand what God is doing in the world today. I said yesterday that this should be the major concern of church leaders today.

Listen to this from Isaiah 45:7“I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord, do all these things.” All the Prophets recognised that God creates disaster! But he is more than ready to change disaster into prosperity!!! In fact, that is God’s purpose! He is longing to see his children enjoying the blessings of those who uphold righteousness and live by the standards of truth he has revealed in his word over many thousands of years.

Shaking All Things

God is at present shaking all the nations, as he first revealed to the Prophet Haggai in 520 BC, the significance of which for today is explained in the New Testament in Hebrews 12. You can see this in the upheavals and bitter Brexit divisions in Britain, in the rise of the populist movement in many countries throughout Europe, and in the fear of the Brussels elite at what may happen in the EU election in May this year.

You can see it in the USA, where there has never before been such bitter division between Republicans and Democrats. You can see it in the upheavals in South America, in Venezuela; similarly in Africa, especially in Nigeria in recent days, in the Middle East, in the distressing humanitarian crises in Yemen and Syria, and in many other parts of the world.

It is not only the nations that are being shaken, but all the great institutions in which we human beings put our trust – including the Church! Right now, the Roman Catholic Church is being torn asunder by having to face the sexual sins of its clergy over many decades that are being revealed to the public. Successive Popes have delayed the day of reckoning for many years, but the Vatican is having to face the uncomfortable truth that a system of forced celibacy in a social climate of sexual libertarianism is a recipe for disaster! Large numbers of clergy have misused their spiritual power for sexual gratification, exploiting vulnerable children and adults. The day of judgment has arrived, and this has not just been brought about by social pressure, but by the judgement of God

For Love

Why is God shaking everything? It may be amazing to those who do not study the whole word of God – but when God brings judgment upon the evil institutions of humanity it is an expression of his LOVE!

God so loved the world that he gave his own Son to save humanity from self-destruction. But our tiny minds simply cannot comprehend the magnitude of God’s purposes without the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit to flood his truth into our lives.

Let me give a small illustration of the great truth that I’m trying to convey. For more than 30 years I have been trying to teach a basic sociological truth that when you weaken and undermine the family, you destroy the social fabric of society, because the family is the linchpin holding everything together. This is what we have done in Western society and this is the underlying cause of knife crime, gang warfare, drug use, bullying, depression and suicide. We have crucified truth and produced an age of fake news, lies, hatred and violence, driven by the forces of darkness that we have embraced.

But amidst all this, God is working out his purposes to bring human beings to the point where they recognise that they have no solutions to the problems they have created. When they begin to cry out ‘O God, what has gone wrong?’ God knows they will be then open to the truth. He is calling upon his Church to be ready for a great spiritual awakening! Not a revival of the old institutions that we call churches, but a genuine new openness to the truth, met by a Church that genuinely both lives and declares the unchanging word of God.

That is the way disaster will be turned into prosperity! And the good news is that we may not be far from the turning point!

Dr Clifford Hill, 22nd February

RB Footnotes:
  1. Re. ‘shaking’ – about 20 years ago the Lord opened Hebrews 12:18-29 to me at a house-group and I was impressed to read it aloud, although no-one followed up. Hence, my blog’s covering an increasing number of prophecies on The Shaking; eg. in ‘a new season of shaking’ and ‘a merciful but severe course correction’. I’m aware that Dr Hill’s mentioned it many times before.
  2. Re. ‘prosperity’ – the foundational NT verse for this is central to Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s mentoring day as well as our associate minister’s message, on Sat 9th and Sun 10th February (ie. preceding Clifford Hill’s editorial): Matt 6:32-3 “…But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His Kingdom and His righteousness (his way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given to you besides…”
  3. Sharon’s session was the first in a track on principles behind wealth creation for a nation, introducing it with: “This morning we’re at a fresh place in our covenant – everything old is being left behind as we move into a fresh phase of ‘more’.”  
  4. After having read Dr Hill’s and ProphecyTodayUK’s judgmental condemnation of other ministries at the Wembley Day of Prayer, my reaction was that it would be far more appropriate to direct it at the apostasy and support of satan’s agenda in Anglican and other churches, and calling on them to repent!  So it’s good he’s at last addressed an Anglican synod – BUT, did they repent??  He doesn’t say.

Observations upon Wembley Day of Prayer for Britain

In view of Revd Dr Clifford Hill’s critique of the Day of Prayer at Wembley Arena on 26th January, and expressions of concern I’ve received from several people, I’m grateful to Dave Chapman and his wife for responding over the weekend to my request for a brief report of their impressions from the event, especially for permitting a wider publication of their personal observations, thereby adding to comments at ProphecyTodayUK.:

‘Richard, greetings in Jesus name.

‘I have to be honest and say I was surprised to see Dr Hill there. He was introduced as an old friend by David Hathaway.

‘I suppose I have seen him – rightly or wrongly – as a Jeremiah type, as opposed to an Isaiah type over the years.  I’m sure it was good he was there. Clearly his endorsing the need for repentance was a fine one, though for me revival and repentance go hand in glove and each can follow the other!  One black Pastor even shared that his/their church baptised 5,810 people last year, has 100 coming to Christ every Sunday (in London!) and was asked by the Police what they were doing or giving these people in that they’re so drastically reducing crime!  He told them “We give them Jesus”!

‘I noted his remark on the day about the church in the 90’s falling about in laughter rather than repenting, in the morning.  But the state of the church in that era certainly needed a baptism, or refreshment, and bringing into new things which we were very happy to join in with, in fact we went to Toronto to find out whether this was God or not in October of 94.  We got in the river!

‘Personally, I found the Day to be the most significant gathering I have been in during my lifetime (incl 56 years born-again).  In trying to quantify why, I’d say it was because of the embracing of the prophetic by all of the participators as a normal part of their ministry, and the spiritual warfare that took place.  The latter mirrored the kind of approach we have been in whilst on some of our visits to Uganda.  They just go for it ’til breakthrough, passionately, and with great endurance!  It could be there were some there on the Day who would not want to be part of that next time!  But we shall want to be there if possible.

‘As for the asking forgiveness of white to black and vice versa, personally that is not one I see as the problem so much as the issue of culture difference, which he mentions. It’s one of behaviour, approach or practice, style, and not colour itself.  But hopefully the publicly and mutually given forgiveness worked something.

‘Of course, we have not replaced Israel and I wholeheartedly agree with him that Replacement Theology needs to be taken from the Body of Christ, root and branch.

‘Not sure why he had a go at the ‘NAR’ in this piece of his, and though it could easily be there are human weaknesses in practice in their make up, where the core of that is going, and what they stand for, in seeking transformation here on earth is definitely where we are at.  Perhaps it’s what is needed to do away with the lack of vision he sees in the British charismatic and pentecostal churches he refers to!

‘I would suggest though, this difference can be to do with an eschatological stance over at what stage ‘’the Kingdom of God” (already here in our lives) can come in its fullest form, and Christ’s rule is possible in the earth now.  Perhaps the one emphasis concentrates almost wholly on getting the church ready for the bridegroom (and their rapture), but the other on seeking to bring in Christ’s rule and reign now as a mighty ecclesia – like a John the Baptist preparatory ministry!  The first stance can miss the great revival harvest, and the latter can step into a wrong understanding of authority and practice!

‘Nevertheless, David Hathaway said his friend Clifford Hill said to him before he left the Day, “I’ve been waiting for this gathering for 50 years”!’

PS: Thank you too, to Rosemary Piercy for commenting today via Thursday’s post:

‘Richard, did you know that Clifford Hill and David Hathaway have had a constructive meeting in which many difficulties were cleared up? I can’t speak on what happened at Wembley, because I was not there, but I do see that the basic premise of Prophecy Today’s concerns – that we are unlikely to have any sort of revival unless it is preceded by repentance – is Biblical. Clifford Hill himself recently wrote that he felt we are on the cusp of something life-changing, but that we still need the focus on repentance which is really hammered home in both the new and the old testament. Bless you lots!’

Fulfilled Prophecies #39 & #40 – offence at Holy Spirit’s moving; from Mozambique to Mecca

The following word published as GPS#10 on 19 December 2017 is now republished because the situation it prophesies about has been repeated. Not only did that word confirm a vision received the same day 120 miles away, but also it spoke into a debate I’d been having in-depth over many days on a website purporting to cover prophecy!

In a Vision of Entrants to the Kingdom and Players in a Pigpen, Simon Braker of Leicester notes,

‘..It was at this point that I noticed there were other people in front of the door. Most of them ignored the Holy Spirit; others actually argued with Him when He directed them to a door to enter through. Still others were trying to climb up to the high doors but they would keep falling; each time they fell they became more and more bitter.

‘I then saw another group; they were shouting, ”You must only come through this door,” and not only did they try to force people through it, but they also tried to stop people going through the other doors the Holy Spirit was directing them to.

‘I could see that as a new door opened for a person it would sit upon the other open doors that person had, so each new door sat upon the others.

‘I then saw another group of people to the side of the door; they were all together rolling around in the mud in a pigpen. They were blind to their door for the mud covered their eyes; I could see many had been in the mud so long that they had begun to rot in the midst of it.

‘Upon the door I saw the words – THE REVELATION OF THE CHRIST AND HIS KINGDOM.’

That day in Kingston-upon-Thames, Brett Dewey writes in THOSE HOLDING ON TO OFFENCE WILL NOT ENTER INTO THE NEXT MOVE OF GOD’S SPIRIT:

‘During My time of fasting and praying in October (2017) I was given a dream. In my dream I was standing upon an old wall overlooking the ocean. I pointed out towards the ocean and began to prophesy:


‘Next thing I could see, there was a huge wave which was rolling in from the back. The wave came in and went half way up the beach. An old lady was on the beach and the water came to her feet. Even though she had wellington boots on she didn’t like the water being on her feet and walked off the beach.

‘I was again on the wall and looked out to the sea and began to prophesy “A WAVE IS COMING, A WAVE IS COMING”. Straight away a huge wave came in from the back.

‘This time the wave came right up to the beach and completely covered it. There was, however, a divider between the waters and right over the back on the right hand side, some distance from the shore, were a small group of people playing in the surf and having fun on their surf boards, enjoying the wave.

‘I then looked and I was standing by a teal green fence and it was like I was holding onto a fence. A woman who was standing on an old wall a little higher than the fence started trying to prophesy to me, but when I looked into her eyes she was of another Spirit not the Holy Spirit – so I called fire on her and she disappeared out my dream.

‘I then heard the Spirit of God speak saying:

“Those that are holding on to offence will not be able to enter in to the next wave of My Spirit.”

‘Also the woman prophesying that wasn’t of God presented herself as a Prophet, but was a woman who was a Christian; in offence she had been prophesying out of a divination spirit – as those in offence open the door to function from that Spirit when allowing it in – WATCH FOR THIS!

‘I first took the dream personally as a warning for me not to enter into offence – but later while attending a connect group in our Church, I felt led to release it – shortly after for the next few weeks I had fun walking out this word as that Spirit of Offence came through different vessels trying to find access to my life and calling, but never prevailed.

‘November’s 2017 Fire conference on the Saturday – I again saw this Spirit of Offence. I began asking the Lord what this was and had I offended him in any way – I began repenting – The Lord said that there would be many who would be offended because of Him. I felt a peace and a witness that what He was going to do in the next wave of glory would be offensive to many – especially people that had no room for GOD’S sovereignty in their mindsets.

‘I was also was reminded about the old woman, whom I believe represented an old Church, in my dream above – perhaps one set in religion, or tradition passed down – she didn’t like what the Spirit did and didn’t want to be in the water, which depending on the colour, represents the Spirit. She was stuck in tradition and legalism and hadn’t grasped the concepts of GOD’S enormous grace and sovereignty.

‘I also believe the Lord encourages us not to be offended if other churches despise you or are offended, because you let God’s work be done and His Spirit manifest in all his Glory in the midst of your meetings. Hold fast to what is true. This is what the next wave will bring.

‘Also I want to include that recently after releasing a word in our Church – KingsGate, Kingston – about turning the page and not being stuck on a page in the book of our life – as God has started your story and there was more – turn the page and keep walking – after I went and laid down before the Lord as His Presence became more manifest, again I saw this Spirit of Offence come out of a dark place – this time it was pinging back and forward looking for a place to land on the Church – I felt this was a prayer point and also it was an assignment from the enemy to abort us from enjoying the next wave of God’s glory which he has planned to be released in our meetings at a very large proportion.

‘I should have bound it when I saw it, but I just waited to hear more from the Lord about it.

‘Last of all I will record the vision I saw in the December One Voice prayer meeting in our church. During worship I was focusing on the Lord and watching for His Spirit – I saw myself in what was the top floor of an office building. I was sitting in a chair looking up with my eyes closed but could see all that was in the room.

‘Suddenly the whole roof lifted up off the floor and there were just open heavens – I had the feeling the Lord was removing restrictions – possibly the restrictions of man – we have perhaps put limitations on God – He removed the roof: there was no limit now – all restrictions man-made or otherwise being removed in Jesus name…’


In the original of this posting, I explain excitement in my spirit was not only because of what’s cited above, but also and more especially because the last part of Brett’s vision (about being in an office and seeing the heaven opened) relates directly to the dream of September 2011 wherein I watch and declare, “They’re setting up The Kingdom!”

That dream’s content amazingly coincided with what happened at the Revival Alliance meeting in Westminster, as reported in ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’. That ‘God-incidence’ propelled me into blogging within weeks.

If you read that email, please note the direct connection between the dream and what Bill Johnson had prophetically mused about that date being retrospectively regarded as the day when, from a Kingdom viewpoint, things started changing in Britain.

Consequently, I regarded both visions on 14th December 2017 as confirming the stance I’d taken disputing claims against modern moves of the Holy Spirit. I blogged on it when telling how EIGHT ‘God-incidents’ Validate Three Visions, just like pieces of an invisible jigsaw puzzle!!

In view of that and earlier intrusions from self-appointed heresy hunters I inserted a clarification in ‘An Introduction to Prophecy’, which is now a separate reference page Beware – A Word of Warning.

Fulfillment #39

Therefore, having that revelation in connection with Bill Johnson – and his associates in the Revival Alliance – as well as having attended dozens of their meetings, I disagree with Prophecy TodayUK’s opinion about other followers of Jesus Christ at Wembley Day of Prayer for the UK on 29th January – and in later articles on their site!

In fact, the next day a visitor here left five critical messages on posts about Heidi Baker drawing attention to and questioning her association with Bill. Presumably that person has never met those whom they criticise?

Having supported Prophecy Today UK’s relaunch online and kindly permitted to reprint several of Dr Clifford Hill articles, and had pleasant, satisfactory dealings with managing editor Frances Rabbitts, I’m most disappointed in their continued criticism of other non-perfect leaders. (Yes, I know there could be many improvements in their operations.)

I cannot recollect, however, anything prophetic or of the Holy Spirit being brought by the Reverend Doctor other than sound biblical teaching and application for our days. So I have to question whether or not he has the gift of prophecy? He does not function in the office of prophet and I do hope all their denigration of what Holy Spirit has been and is doing (eg. claiming it’s demonic kundalini spirit – from which I was delivered years ago!) hasn’t resulted in their committing the unforgivable sin!

According to the above word, those brethren are unwilling to recognise and will, therefore, be barred from entering into the next wave of Holy Spirit’s power and presence!

In my opinion, they’d be wise to avoid aiding and abetting the Accuser of the Brethren, thus giving succour to the enemy of our souls and hater of humanity.

Fulfillment #40

The first time I saw Heidi, the Lord gave me an open vision indicative of the anointing the Bakers carry. My email 8 years ago of Dutch Sheets speaking about A Third Great Awakening? recounts the details:

‘Dutch’s descriptions reminded me of a vision of holy fire sweeping up the eastern side of Africa from Mozambique (where Rolland and Heidi Baker have brought whole Muslim provinces to Jesus), up to Sudan and Egypt and then into the Arabian peninsula! Even so, the one who would usurp God’s throne will no doubt get stirred up. So we shall see…

‘[2012 Note: The vision came when I first saw Heidi addressing a conference in Toronto. Suddenly, it was as though I was in orbit over central Africa and saw tall flames leaping high into the atmosphere over the whole of Mozambique and which spread northwards. The Mediterranean coast sat on the curvature of the globe and I saw the flames go along it and across the Sinai peninsular (thus, into Arabia). Upon speaking to Rolland Baker a year or so later, he told me the vision is like that which their director Supresa Sithole had for Iris Ministries (in his early days with them).]

Therefore, we could say recent visits by evangelical leaders to Egypt, Jordan and the Middle-East, as well as President Trump’s personal envoys to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are taking that fire into those Muslim nations. Not to forget on 14th anniversary of 9/11 a lightning bolt struck a significant building in Mecca (read Kingdom-related Events Since Lightning Strike on Mecca’s Grand Mosque).

Personally and most importantly, I cannot forget the night Toronto’s John Arnott didn’t deliver his prepared message because, “I think the Lord wants to heal tonight!” Within minutes my dear wife, officially registered as ‘permanently disabled’, was fully enabled to leave her wheelchair behind – and returned other apparatus!!! (Testimony here)


PS. Yet another God-incidence – and whilst writing! It’s very encouraging because I’d intended blogging on what I had over the weekend on Ireland and EU. But after having noted a friend’s brief comment on Wembley prayer day and then receiving an unhappy email from a Facebook contact, I was simply going to copy GPS#10 – but then found myself carried away!

NOW, this may be hard to believe, but it’s true, as God and my wife are my witness..:

In finishing writing above, I took a phone call for Nina as she was chatting to our friend in the lounge. ‘R’ wanted to ask my opinion on a disturbing book she’s got, but Nina didn’t want to interrupt me as it’s my full blogging day before starting our long weekend.

So she asked ‘R’ to phone later and talk about its author: ‘Clifford Hill’ – not knowing he’s the very subject I’m writing about !!

Thus I’ve got a clear, God-incidental confirmation now’s the time to blog about him.

Further Reading:

Prophetic words on Britain and the EU’s demise cont’d

To continue on the double ‘coincidence’ of receiving a ‘joint message’ on the two themes on which I’d published a blog: first, the last night of the Proms – secondly, my recollection of the word received by one of those parties on the demise of the EU.:

News of expected stiff opposition to Brexit at the weekend’s summit of EU chieftains in Bratislava was ludicrous in view of national divisions and deep disquiet within the Union. In addition, there are several prophecies over many years about the Lord’s desire for Britain to get out of the EU whilst the going’s good. (See 16 prophecies listed here.)

In particular, I was minded of the very clear statement received by David Noakes last November and which some enthusiastic prophecy-buffs may have seized upon to the consternation of one of my cyber-friends.  Nevertheless, being addressed to “Nation of Britain” it’s highly relevant and the pertinent part reads:

“…Rather than rely on Me and my faithfulness to you, you chose, for worldly purposes, to join yourself to an institution which has denied my Name and refused to acknowledge Me in its councils. My fierce anger is upon that institution on account of its rebellion, its defiant rejection of me and its hardness of heart towards my ancient people Israel.

“I warn you now that the European institution will not repent, even though I bring disaster and destruction upon it. I urge you, O Britain still beloved by Me for the sake of your godly forefathers, come out of her, so that you may not be caught up in that same destruction, for I am even now arising in judgment to bring to nothing what she has sought to achieve. If you will separate yourself from her declared rejection of God, I will have mercy upon you and restore my hand of protection; and I will use you once again to bring light to many lost in the darkness which is now steadily increasing.

“Hear Me, O once godly nation and respond to my call, or you also will come to ruin in that same judgment of destruction. This is not my will for you, but you must choose the course which you will take. I urge you to respond to Me and choose life under my hand of discipline and protection, rather than death in the disaster which is even now coming upon Europe.” (UK/EU in/out #4: Prophetic Warning Urges “Come Out!”)

And so I was musing upon that theme and how current events will be affected by God’s plans and actions. Therefore, I was stunned to be updated only hours later!  Clifford Hill introduces the new message on what the Lord’s about to do in Britain and our need to be encouraged, whilst bringing expected disaster upon the EU, as follows.:

BRITAIN AT THE CROSSROADS (From A Prophetic Word To Britain)

C Hill 163835‘Today Britain is at the crossroads! We are a nation under judgement. We crossed a red line when we defied the God of Creation who made us in his own image – male and female – and we dared to redefine marriage, despising the beautiful love relationship that God intended for his people. Forty years ago we joined ourselves in a pact with European nations driven by humanist values and infiltrated by Satanists. They seek to live in unity and peace but are doomed to failure by their rejection of the Prince of Peace.

‘God has mercifully given to Britain the chance of deliverance from the marriage with the European Union and the opportunity to forge a new role in the world under his blessing. This could be a sign and powerful witness to the nations of the rewards that are open to all who seek a right relationship with God and are prepared to love and obey him.

‘There are many in Britain today who are fearful of the future because they lack understanding of the word of God and lack faith in the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many churchgoers who share that fear because they too have never really learned to recognise the word of the Lord as the sheep recognise the voice of their own Shepherd. But God is loving and merciful and he has a word for those who are anxious about the future since the vote to leave the EU. My friend and colleague David Noakes and I have worked together in the prophetic Ministry since the early 1980s. David received a word this week which I commend to all our readers.

‘Please read it prayerfully and weigh it carefully. I think it may bring you a blessing.’


“Beloved, you who are called by My Name, I want to say to you in these days, when there is confusion and turmoil and upheaval: Do not be alarmed or concerned, for I am fully in control. I have brought about these circumstances, and my adversary is full of rage, and would like to oppose and if possible, to undo, that which I have done.

“My word to you is that I have done a good work, but I call upon you who are faithful to stand firm and to persevere in prayer that the work which I have begun will proceed to the conclusion which I have purposed. The task is far from complete and it is not a time for complacency, so be vigilant and continue to pray that I will complete the work. It will not be a short or an easy battle, so have courage and do not be tempted to lose heart.

“Have gentle hearts towards those who are confused and upset and distressed. There are those who feel that the nation is being thrown into exile, and this is causing them to feel afraid and angry, but they do not know that it is I who have brought this about. But I say that this seeming exile is in order to preserve you. You in Britain are like the good figs who were taken into exile before judgment fell (Jeremiah 24).

“There will be great darkness and upheaval in the European institution; but I have done this in your nation at this time in order to preserve you.

“Therefore, look up and be greatly encouraged, because out of this time of turmoil and upheaval will come great opportunity. Those of you who are committed to me I will uphold, I will protect, and I will send upon you a new outpouring of My Spirit, that you may speak My word in Spirit and in Truth; and My Spirit will bear witness to it and it shall bring forth fruit.

“I do not say that your whole nation will turn to Me, for that will not be the case; but beloved, I will bring multitudes into a valley of decision and many will turn to Me, for despite the apostasy which has gripped the nation, I have not failed to love the nation of Britain, and in My grace and mercy, I will continue to pour My love upon you, even though you have angered Me greatly.

“Take heart, be encouraged and look up. I will walk with you through the time of turmoil and upheaval. There will be those who will hate you for the testimony you will give, but I will cause many to repent and acknowledge that what you say is truth; for beloved, My people have been failed by many who now lead them, but I am come as the great Shepherd of the sheep. I want to recover My people and to gather many others into My sheepfold.

“Therefore be of good heart, and be afraid of nothing, for in the events of these times I am fully involved, and I will walk with you, every one of you, on every step of the uncharted path which lies ahead.

David Noakes 11th Sept 2016 


  • Jeremiah reference is most informative and I realised later that the EU’s strong anti-Israel stance is another reason for the Lord’s detestation of that institution.
  • Prophecies of the EU’s collapse aren’t the sole province of Christians but secular experts have predicted it too!  Eg. Alasdair Macleod, Why the EU is Doomed.

The Proms and prophecy on Britain and EU’s demise = a double ‘coincidence’!!

The post on Land of Hope and Glory Anthem should have been published last Monday but matters delayed it ’til Friday, yet I found it served to show the truth and reality of scripture:

O LORD, You have searched me and known me. You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought afar off. You comprehend (lit: ‘winnow’!) my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a word on my tongue (or pc!), but behold, O LORD, You know it altogether. You have hedged me behind and before and laid Your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high I cannot attain it. Where can I go from Your Spirit or where can I flee from Your Presence? (Psalm 139:1-6 NKJV) Selah!

Digital Globe with Hand by Watcharakun

MOREOVER, the moment I hit the ‘publish’ button an incoming email linked into almost identical wording and opinion!!  Mere coincidence or an awesome ‘God-incident’??

‘Disruption’ of Events?

  • Mon 12th intention to report on Last Night of Proms got waylaid by urgency of words on US presidential elections – and I got directed to rare, pertinent video of Trump.
  • + taking advantage of warm weather for outdoor work and other vital tasks make all online work intermittent;
  • + republishing couple of spiritual anniversary posts on due date;
  • + time to draft only bullet points on the Proms and not complete checking;
  • = Friday’s usual start of long weekend (cyber-silent). So ‘Proms’ item NOT posted!
Morning Coffee

Nero_6Unwinding over coffee and yummies with paper and crossword I laughed out loud at its front-page item – EU ploy to force UK rethink on Brexit. The strap-line reads – ‘The European Union elite seem to think the game is to make us change our minds’.

‘Senior figures in the EU believe that Britain will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations as tough as possible, The Telegraph understands. British officials are fighting to stop Europe adopting a no-compromise position in talks in the hope that the UK will change its mind about leaving the bloc...’. Other remarks show European Commission president Juncker likes insulting 17M voters’ intelligence.

Sheer folly!  I recall last November’s prophetic warning received by David Noakes (who’s known to us).

In mulling this over I recall a friend’s very recent vision regarding judgement on Parliament and wonder if this may be related to political consequences of trying to disrupt the Lord’s plans for New Britain, or even those of arrogantly changing His ordinance of marriage? We agreed it’s important to complete my final version about what happened to Nina and publish that mid-afternoon.

A Trip in a Time Machine

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunHad last Thursday been the usual full blogging day, subscribers would have got an email alert to that new post. The Lord, however, was at work with another writer and His hand brought that to my attention on-screen Friday!

Had it not been long-weekend offline and the actual post intruding into our time, it would have been followed by His astonishing confirmation.

So, let’s get in an imaginary time-machine and go back to when you may have read Holy Spirit Strikes During ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ Anthem.  Can you do that? Is it clear in your mind?

Open opening it you’d have read in the first paragraph that the anthem, ‘Traditionally featured with ‘Rule Britannia’ in the sensational climax to the Last Night of the Proms, was sung with exceptional gusto by a flag-waving public during the Proms 121st season.’

I’d hit the publish button at 15:30 hrs, logged off WordPress and was about to shut down my pc but checked incoming email ‘ping’ and saw it was the weekly update from Prophecy TodayUK. So I printed hard-copy to read at leisure – but the main feature STUNNED me!

As we’re in a time-machine, look at how A Prophetic Word for Britain, Clifford Hill’s joint message with David Noakes (issued at 15:04 hrs) opens:

‘I watched the Last Night of ‘The Proms’ last Saturday along with millions of other viewers and the vast open-air crowd in Hyde Park and similar gatherings in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Was it my imagination, or did anyone else detect an extra (Brexit?) fervency in the patriotism that flowed out of the Albert Hall in waves and resounded from the crowds across the road and other parts of the UK?… this year’s final night seemed to have an extra edge of enthusiasm. It was not just that a guest soloist, Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez (a foreigner!!), dressed in elaborate costume lustily sang’Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves’ but also the Finnish Conductor Sakari Oramo, (another foreigner!!) participated enthusiastically in singing ‘Jerusalem’.’

Sheer coincidence?  Regular readers will have occasionally noted how critical the timing of events can be for posts on certain matters, which strongly suggests their significance for some reason that’s ‘beyond our ken’.  Also, there’s a scriptural law of serendipity, as explained by prophecy teacher and mentor Revd Dr Sharon Stone (God-incidents).

So, in view of what I’d been reading earlier that day, I realised the importance of that word and trust you will visit PROPHECYTodayUK to consider it carefully too.

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Brexit Briefing 3 – Dr Clifford Hill: is God blessing Britain?

C Hill 163835Revd Dr Hill’s conclusion to this article in ProphecyTodayUK provides welcome encouragement to this blog’s daily reprinting of 2012 London Olympics 70 days’ ‘Keep Praying & Bless’:

What has happened to all the forecasts of doom and gloom that were heard in the run-up to the Referendum, predicting what would happen if Britain voted to leave the EU? George Osborne, who was then Chancellor of the Exchequer, even said that he would be forced to bring in an autumn budget with swingeing tax increases.

The Governor of the Bank of England hinted at a collapse of the British economy. The President of the IMF predicted dire consequences and even President Obama said that Britain would be last in the queue for trade deals with the USA. A whole army of world leaders conspired to scare the British people into voting to remain within the European Union.

Well, the British people demonstrated their independence! As an island people we have been used to standing alone. We have faced a hostile world many times in our history and we have not only survived but thrived. So what is happening today?

Certainly the pound has fallen in value which has affected British holidaymakers going overseas (although it has staged a partial revival in the past 24 hours), but apart from that there’s been little noticeable change. We have certainly not seen unemployment rising, house prices falling and the economy collapsing.

General Feel of Buoyancy

In fact, unemployment has fallen – at least the number of those claiming unemployment benefits has fallen. Share prices have risen and the market seems buoyant. Retail sales were up by 1.4% in July; house prices continued to rise; lots of tourists came taking advantage of the weaker pound. Even the weather was good through much of August and our Olympic athletes came home with pockets full of gold. So there’s been a general feel of buoyancy in the nation and hope for the future. The doom-mongers have been defeated – or so it would seem!

Most of the nation is slowly going back to work. The children will soon be going back to school. The MPs will be returning to Westminster. The ‘silly season’ for journalists will soon be over and the real issues in the nation will have to be faced. Of course, before we really get down to business we will have to live through the annual political circus of the ‘conference season’ and the media moguls can flex their muscles with the entertainment provided by the Corbyn/Smith contest in the Labour Party and the delights of division among their supporters.

No doubt unemployment will fall farther in the next few months as we recruit thousands of new employees into the Civil Service to deal with the complexities of disentangling our legal system from the European Union. We also need to recruit a small army of skilled trade negotiators and lawyers to deal with the trade arrangements and constitutional agreements in everything from leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Market to dealing with immigration and the multitude of foreigners living in Britain and Britons living in Europe.

Time of Unprecedented Change

But what is the real situation in the nation? Apart from all the constitutional and commercial complications, what can be said about Britain’s health? No, I’m not talking about the NHS, or the junior doctors’ strike and waiting times for operations. I’m concerned about the cultural and spiritual health of the nation in a time of significant upheaval.
What we are facing as a nation is unprecedented. We don’t know where we’re going or what the future holds and we have never been in such a position before.

During the 20th Century our fathers and grandfathers reluctantly fought two world wars to preserve our independence, democracy and concept of civilisation. As a nation they did not want to go to war but they saw no alternative. They did not know the future or the outcome but even in the darkest days they had confidence that what they were doing was right and that in the end righteousness would prevail – it was a matter of faith. They believed in the God of the Bible, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and they took a stand upon the conviction that the hardships they were enduring would be justified by the outcome, because God blesses those who take a stand for moral and spiritual righteousness.

Today, the majority of the nation does not share that faith. Only 43.8% of the nation regard themselves as Christian and 48.5% say they are non-believers – they have no faith in any kind of supernatural being – they are alone in the universe.1

The big question Christians have to face is whether or not the strength of our faith is sufficient to carry the nation. We know that Abraham pleaded with God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah and he was told that if he could find 10 righteous individuals God would spare the city. Jeremiah was told “Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find that one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city” (Jer 5:1). So clearly God does not wait for everyone in a city or nation to be righteous before he pours out his blessings.

Blessings for Faith

Is God blessing Britain today through the many thousands of Christians who prayed for a vote to leave the EU? They believed that God wanted Britain to separate from the un-godly and unrighteous institutions of the European Union and to find a new relationship with our European neighbours through which God would demonstrate the blessings of righteousness and faith.

The Prophet Malachi faced a similar situation in Israel when he was told that if the people put their trust in the Lord and behaved in righteousness, God would not only bless them, but use them to evangelise their neighbours. He said,“‘Test me in this,’ says the Lord Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land, says the Lord Almighty'” (Mal 3:10-12).

If all those who prayed (and voted) for Brexit would now seek to live in right relationships with God and their neighbours, sharing their faith and concentrating their prayers upon seeking God’s blessing upon the nation, the promise given to Malachi could become true for Britain. The British people, who have long been a thorn in the flesh of the EU, would then become a blessing to Europe!

Continued in Will God’s Blessing Continue? >>


1 British Social Attitudes survey, published May 2016. See also coverage by The Guardian. The proportion declaring no religion peaked in 2009 at 51% and has since been falling, reports Inspire Magazine.


[Published with permission of Frances Rabbitts, managing editor of ProphecyTodayUK]

Monday newsmix: UK re-awakening and more Muslims looking to Jesus

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunAfter a short break on the coast followed by a weekend course on living in Holy Spirit’s anointing, I trawled through my in-tray and was very pleased with the following good news. Both items are related to visionary and prophetical words, the first comes from our county town, and the second from the wider Middle-East.

Can These Bones Live?

Dr Clifford Hill reacts as follows to what happened during the Pentecost celebrations:

“If anyone thought that Christianity was dying in the traditional churches of Britain, what happened in Winchester Cathedral last week would have shattered their illusions!”

He reports the ancient, hallowed building and grounds were packed out at that evening’s celebration. This was the culmination of nine days of prayer events for the evangelisation of Britain, as invited by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The Pentecost weekend itself culminated in six ‘Beacon events’ with video links to Canterbury Cathedral where the Archbishop, Justin Welby, gave a message based upon the Lord’s prayer, which he said was “reassuring enough to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas!”

Read Clifford’s full report here, which closes with his asking,

“Was this a sign that something special is beginning to happen in the old denominational churches? Will the spiritual life of the nation be transformed by a new generation embracing the gospel in their own culture as the Holy Spirit breathes new life into the unchanging message of salvation and “Jesus is Lord!” is once again heard on the lips of children and young people?”

In my humble opinion, “Yes it is a sign” and my initial thought was of the prophetic promise heard at Ffald-y-Brenin retreat centre, as blogged two years ago in Resurrection Coming to the Anglican Church.:

‘The usual morning liturgical prayer time got overshadowed by the Lord, who reminded them of the raising of Lazarus. They were told He’s going to call the Anglican Church out of its grave and bring it back to life!’

Of all the words published in this blog this may be exceptional because it was the first to be severely criticised, as related in this post about our later visit to Ffald-y-Brenin.  Also, this latest event reflects what others have observed of an increasing number returning to the Anglican fold and other churches – yet without denominational divisions as in bygone eras. And, of course, readers of this blog are aware of many prophetic words about a new era in the Church and move of God in the UK; eg, brought by Heidi Baker (with updates).

Intense Persecution Brings Harvest of Muslims

The exciting news continues of many Muslims seriously doubting their faith and looking and turning to Jesus in reaction to it being returned to its original barbaric practices. As blogged about Iran and a significant warning in Mecca (here and here respectively), as well as other posts, this is personally encouraging in view of a vision I had in 1992 on the fall of Islam (see this email).

Another morning email Is There Any Good News From the Mid-East? alerted me to Joel Rosenberg’s latest post, in which his friend Tom Doyle answers,

“Yes, despite intense prosecution we’re also seeing a great harvest of Muslims turning to Christ.”

After providing several wonderful examples, especially of those martyred on a beach in Libya to the shock of the world, Tom asks why is it that Muslims are now coming to faith in Christ in significant numbers? His answer:

One of the reasons is that Islamic terrorists are killing violently for their faith, while followers of Jesus are dying peacefully for their faith. Muslims are watching the violence and it has soured them towards their religion. It has also opened them up to the possibility that there may be something to this Jesus after all. They see hate in Radical Islam and love among the Jesus followers, even as they are taken to be executed. What a contrast.

“Yes, Christians are being persecuted openly in the Middle East. But they are standing strong, and this has served to spread the gospel even more rapidly. In a world of bad news, that is very good news.”

Indeed it is. And as noted in Good News: Christian Revival in N Africa, the Cartheginian early Church author Tertullian observed the same and formulated the famous dictum:

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

[Credit: Hand Pressing News Icon by Watcharakun, courtesy of]

UK/EU in/out #1: Referendum and Remnant’s opportunity

First published on 22nd April and re-posted with the kind permission of the managing editor of ProphecyTodayUK.(click title for original):


The Government’s propaganda may put people off, or it may deceive them – just as the nation was deceived in the 1975 EU Referendum.

C Hill 163835British people dislike bullies. We have a strong sense of fair play and on big issues we like to weigh the evidence and make up our own minds. We are an island people and we value our independence. We do not like being bullied. This is why the huge pressure being put upon the electorate by the Government and their overseas friends, international leaders, big business corporations and bankers may prove to be counter-productive.

The Government promised to help the undecided by publishing the facts. Instead, they have spent £9 million on a blatant piece of propaganda trying to persuade us to stay in the European Union. The front page title of the booklet gives the game away. It says nothing about a presentation of the facts. Its title is “Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK”. It then states “The UK has secured a special status in the reformed EU”.

We should surely be entitled to ask, what ‘special status’? And in what way is the EU ‘reformed’? Are the British people once again being deceived by lies from powerful politicians – as we were 40 years ago?

More Deception?

What is happening today looks very similar to how we were tricked into entered the European Union. Ted Heath, the Prime Minister who did the original deal in 1973, readily admitted before he died that he had lied to Parliament and to the British people because he knew that we were not simply joining a trading group but that the intention was always to work towards the formation of a United States of Europe in which we would all lose our sovereign identity.1

This fact was deliberately kept hidden from the British public when we voted at the 1975 referendum on whether or not we should stay in the ‘European Economic Community’ (‘Common Market’) as it was then described. In those days it was largely a trading group with nine member states, whereas today the EU is a very different beast, with 28 members in a tightly regulated organisation bound by treaties, such as Maastricht and Lisbon, and controlled by an unelected Commission backed by an enormous bureaucracy, with institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice exercising enormous power over our own parliament and legal courts.

When the Maastricht Treaty was being negotiated there were attempts by churches to get some reference to the Judaeo-Christian heritage of Europe but this was strongly resisted by secular humanists, who prevailed.2 The resultant European Union is not only deliberately a godless – in fact, God-denying – organisation, but it is also systemically corrupt, as demonstrated by the fact that it has not been able to persuade the auditors to endorse its accounts for at least the past five years.3 In this country, if a company were in that situation they would not only be prosecuted but they would not be allowed to continue in business.

Miracles in the Past

So how should Christians decide on such an important issue? We surely have to recognise the moral and spiritual battle for the soul of Britain that is involved in the present referendum debate. Christians need to know what God is saying to us, not least by looking at the recent history of Britain in a biblical context. This enables us to understand the purposes of God and what he requires of a nation with a strong Judaeo-Christian heritage such as Britain’s.

There are still many people in the older generation who remember that God worked a miracle at Dunkirk in 1940, saving our army from annihilation and giving us victory in the Battle of Britain in the skies. Even Churchill acknowledged in Parliament that it Dunkirk was a “miracle of deliverance”.4 Those were days when the whole nation turned to prayer.

It was also at a time of national prayer that Hitler took the irrational decision not to invade Britain. It is now recognised that if the German invasion had taken place in 1940 nothing could have stopped them conquering Britain. Dad’s Army would no doubt have fought valiantly but German Panzer tanks would have been rolling down Whitehall within days.

When a nation puts its destiny in the hands of God it can expect miracles to happen. It has happened in the past and it can happen again today – if there is a sufficiently strong believing remnant in the country.

Opportunity for the Remnant

Of course we know that as a nation we have spurned our spiritual heritage: we have passed many ungodly laws and we no longer deserve to be called a Christian nation. But there is undoubtedly a strong remnant of believers in the older generation and there are many indications of young people coming to faith in Jesus – possibly in reaction to the mess their unbelieving parents have made of the nation. It is the middle generation who are missing in many churches up and down the country today.

Believing Christians know that as a nation we deserve judgement but we also know the love and mercy of God who has given a solemn promise, “If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned” (Jer 18:7).

The Referendum debate is bringing believing Christians to prayer throughout the country. Many prayer meetings are organised for this weekend, St George’s Day, 23 April, and many more are planned between now and 23 June. These prayer meetings give us a chance to seek the Lord and know what he is saying to the nation so that we can pray in line with God’s will and vote accordingly.

Word on the EU, 2015

We have already nailed our colours to the mast in this magazine but we know many Christians who are still undecided. We respect their integrity and we therefore encourage them to join other Christians in prayer where they can spend time spreading the whole issue before the Lord who will surely answer in clarity.

Alongside this article we are printing a prophecy from David Noakes that has already been widely circulated. I was with him when he received this prophecy towards the end of last year. David and I have been close friends and colleagues since the early days of the old printed magazine, Prophecy Today.

We have shared a platform at hundreds of meetings over the years and I have heard him prophesy many times, but I have never heard him bring a word that is as directional as this. In publishing it today, please understand that we are not saying that this is a direct word from the Lord. We offer it in love and humility to our fellow believers for weighing and testing, and we offer it as part of the process of seeking the word of the Lord for Britain today.


  1. Eg. Quote from PRO/FCO 30/789, Sub-committee of official committee on monetary aspects of UK entry to EEC, 1970. The Heath Government’s positive response: PRO/CAB 164/771, Informal talks with the European Commission and the exchange of views with member countries during the negotiation period, 1970.
  2. Eg. Anderson, MJ. Ungodly Ways: The Dark Side of the European Union. CRISIS Magazine, 1 June 2003.
  3. Waterfield, B and Dominiczak, P. EU auditors refuse to sign off more than £100billion of its own spending. The Telegraph, 4 November 2014.
  4. Speech to the House of Commons, 4 June 1940. Transcript available via The Churchill Society.

The most momentous world-changing events in 2,000 years? (#1)

In his ProphecyTodayUK editorial ‘Turning The World Upside-Down’ Clifford Hill writes,

“We live in momentous times! Everything is  being shaken …everything is changing at an ever-increasing speed! …Every day something new happens that causes us to change our thinking and re-assess what we had considered immutable, unchangeable, everlasting.”

The reverend doctor has in mind one of the events I alluded to as the 6th world-changing spiritual trend of 2016, additional to those Rick Joyner noticed (here). Both events indicate a significant trend of great Biblical and prophetical importance. One was drawn to  my attention over the recent New Year, but let’s consider Clifford Hill’s editorial first.

He refers to a statement made a couple of months ago by “a group of 25 Orthodox rabbis that attracted very little attention in the media but which may prove to be an event that changes the course of world history (emphasis added).

CJCUCInstrumental in this event is the Centre for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation. The CJCUC demonstrated its deep committment to dialogue and theological exchange since 2008 when it invited Christians to come and study the Hebrew Bible. In Who We Are reference is made to Christendom’s ungodly antagonism (which arose out of Jewish authorities’ persecution of early believers):

‘For the nearly 2,000 years of Jewish exile prior to the establishment of the Jewish State, persecution, pogrom and even bloodshed muted any possibility of dialogue, turning us into sworn enemies instead of national partners.

But a sea change has occurred during these last several decades. Christians are sincerely trumpeting the call that G-d remains faithful to His initial covenant with Israel, and that the Biblical prophecy is continually being fulfilled through the people of Israel living in its covenanted land. Even the most desperate of times, during this last period, when Israel was forsaken by many of the Diaspora Jews, Christians continued to visit the Holy Land and comfort Zion and her people with prayer, offerings and sincere fellowship. This new reality is one of the great miracles of our times and calls for our faiths to foster friendship and mutual support.’ (Emphases RB)

Published on 3 December 2015 the Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity is entitled, ‘To Do the Will of Our Father in Heaven:  Toward a Partnership between Jews and Christians’, which opens as follows:

‘After nearly two millennia of mutual hostility and alienation, we Orthodox Rabbis who lead communities, institutions and seminaries in Israel, the United States and Europe recognize the historic opportunity now before us. We seek to do the will of our Father in Heaven by accepting the hand offered to us by our Christian brothers and sisters…’

It makes for highly informative reading and should be read by all Christians. In recognising that the Church of Rome’s ‘official teachings on Judaism have changed fundamentally and irrevocably’, the Statement declares:

‘Now that the Catholic Church has acknowledged the eternal Covenant between G-d and Israel, we Jews can acknowledge the ongoing constructive validity of Christianity as our partner in world redemption, without any fear that this will be exploited for missionary purposes. As stated by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel’s Bilateral Commission with the Holy See under the leadership of Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, “We are no longer enemies, but unequivocal partners in articulating the essential moral values for the survival and welfare of humanity”. Neither of us can achieve G-d’s mission in this world alone.’

[I flag the lack of relevance such a ‘dual covenant’ has for the Messianic movement.]


C Hill 163835Clifford Hill notes one of the Statement’s key points is in the Orthodox acknowledgement that Jesus upheld the centrality of the Torah, which was the original bone of contention brought against the Apostles by false witnesses (Acts 6:13-14). Clifford writes,

“In the Gospels there are many occasions when Jesus disputed with the Pharisees concerning their interpretation and practice of the Torah, but he always upheld the Torah as the unchangeable word of God. In the Statement from the Orthodox rabbis this is acknowledged in a momentous passage that unties 2,000 years of misunderstanding between Jews and Christians. The Statement affirms a declaration by 18th Century German rabbi Jacob Emden:

‘Jesus brought a double goodness to the world. On the one hand he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically, and not one of our sages spoke out more emphatically concerning the immutability of the Torah. On the other hand he removed idols from the nations’.


The Statement now bears over 60 rabbi’s signatures and Clifford points out (emphases added),

This is surely a notable miracle and could signal a turning point in the history of Jewish-Christian relations, as prophesied by the Apostle Paul in a letter to Christians in Ephesus. He said that the purpose of Jesus was to destroy the barrier between Jews and Gentiles. “His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace” (Eph 2.15).

CJCUC’s Academic Director endorses Dr Hill’s opinion by saying,

“This proclamation’s breakthrough is that influential Orthodox Rabbis across all centers of Jewish life have finally acknowledged that…Christianity and Judaism have much in common spiritually and practically. Given our toxic history, this is unprecedented in Orthodoxy.”

Another significant passage is on Jew’s and Christian’s ‘common covenantal mission to perfect the world under the sovereignty of the Almighty’. In the summary of Christian doctrine delivered in his letter to the church in Rome, St Paul saw a future when barriers between Gentiles and Jews would be broken and they’d powerfully be used by God in a spiritual unity of ‘One New Man’. This wouldn’t happen ‘until the full number of the Gentiles has come in’ (Rom 11:25), which Jesus prophesied will be when Jerusalem ceased being trampled upon by Gentiles (Luke 21:24).


Clifford makes no bones about the falsity and damage done by this accursed theology in providing grounds for the Holocaust. And so this Statement from Orthodox rabbis brings a great opportunity for the Church:

“This is an historic time for Christians throughout the world to call upon church leaders to respond to this statement from Orthodox rabbis by humbly apologising for the false theology we have propagated for centuries. We should also be humbly confessing before God that we have dared to teach that he is not a covenant-keeping God who would never ever break his promises.”  (Emphasis added)

He concludes by pointing out to Protestants that,

“Now is the time, while God is shaking the whole world, for Christians to recognise our responsibility for so many of the tragedies of history and to reach out in love and humility to our Jewish brothers and sisters. The Catholic Church has done this: surely Protestant Church leaders should do the same – reaching out in the name of Jesus the Jewish Messiah.”

Read Clifford’s full editorial > Turning the World Upside-Down.

The Statement has not been without reaction within Judaism and which has been given a most informative answer – read about the controversy here and  CJCUC’s perspective here.


Clifford’s call reiterates that of Dr Jurgen Buhler, Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, in his excellent exposition published in March 2015.

Jurgen writes in The Coming ‘Israel Reformation’ in The Church on ‘a major paradigm shift’ concerning Israel is taking place for Israel, and for the Church. He uses scripture to outline how the Church should relate to the Jewish people and the state of Israel, as under these topics:

  • remember your pagan past
  • acknowledge the Hebrew roots of your faith
  • appreciate the irrevocable calling over Israel
  • recognise your spiritual debt to Israel
  • expect the restoration of Israel.

Jurgen concludes,

‘In the New Testament, the Apostles affirm the enduring calling over Israel and strongly establish the hope of Israel’s restoration. This is demonstrated in the last question they posed to Jesus before his ascension: “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” (Acts 1:6) Paul also conveys this hope to the church in Rome: “For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” (Romans 11:15) In other words, he maintains that the greatest calling and blessings still lays ahead for Israel. This means every church should embrace a theology of hope regarding Israel and support her full restoration.’

Next, we’ll look at the New Year’s news I received about an Orthodox priest speaking up for Jesus!…continue reading here.

[#1,000 – as here]

Introducing ‘Prophecy Today UK’ – A tribute to Lance Lambert

C Hill 163835This blog has referred to and posted articles by Rev Dr Clifford Hill and I’m pleased to inform readers that Prophecy Today, the magazine published in the UK under his direction from 1985 to 2006, is now ‘reborn’ online.

Prophecy Today grew to the largest UK readership of any Christian magazine and became an iconic publication renowned for boldly declaring the word of God.

Trumpet_Graphic_-_BlueThe purpose of Prophecy Today UK is to convey the unchanging word of God for our times to the people of God, and through them to the nations of the world. The magazine’s original logo appears to the right and I invite you to get to learn about the digital version by clicking on the logo. The link tells of the magazine’s origin in 1985 and of an unusual  meeting in 1986 to seek insight from the Lord at a retreat on Mt Carmel. From there, with six other ministry leaders, Clifford attended an international gathering in Jerusalem of over forty ministries from around the world that the magazine had convened.

The word of the Lord received at Carmel and declared in Jerusalem was that God was about to begin a great shaking of the nations based upon the prophecies of Haggai 2 and Hebrews 12 (read these exceptional reports in full). The rest is history – and daily news!

I would encourage you not to browse but to dig deeply into this work undertaken by a small team of volunteers, one paid staff member and the prayers of many wonderful supporters!  There is not subscription charge as they want to make Prophecy Today UK available to absolutely everyone. Therefore, they rely on kind donations to support the ministry.



In Memoriam – click to read

I’ve been privileged and greatly blessed to have heard Lance Lambert teach on several occasions. His biblical and historical erudition was immense and I was thus overawed to learn eventually that, later in the same year I’d been stunned by a revelation on the fall of Islam, he too referred to its eventual demise. (All Hail The Lamb refers.)

One of Seven Prophetic Messages he brought featured in a series of four emails to my friends and church leaders about prophecies quickly being fulfilled in 2010. (A Serious Phase of Judgement and Shaking of Superpowers refers.) The last of these, More validations of the recent prophetic word, is a very good lead-in to what I’m about to publish on the Greece/Euro crisis!

I am very pleasantly surprised, therefore, to learn through reading Prophecy Today UK of the close friendship between Lance Lambert and Clifford Hill, whose tribute cannot be recommended highly enough.

Clifford Hill’s A Tribute to Lance Lambert, 1931-2015 includes a fascinating account of a prophetic warning of a likely surprise attack upon Israel in 1984 – and of most unexpected protection!

Fulfilled prophecy #2 – diversity and Islam in the UK

News of 22 years-old dream & prophetic words of last 2 months being fulfilled

Western EuropeWith this year’s huge increase in persecution and atrocities committed by Muslims against Christians, I’d often wondered if my dramatic dream about the fall of Islam that stunned me in early 1992 would actually materialise. But I thought the violence would defeat its purpose because ordinary, moderate Muslims should be disgusted and appalled by what’s being done in the name of their religion. Also, because it all portrays the reality of its founder’s purpose.

Thus, its adherents would become so disillusioned they would seek radical change, as  happened for Communism (which was my understanding of the dream). So I concluded it may happen sometime soon. I now learn that’s indeed happening, as recounted in the following Comments Paper from Dr Clifford Hill.

Dr Hill also authenticates some of the content of the prophetic words brought in the last few weeks by Cindy Jacobs and Heidi Baker, namely:

“United Kingdom, red, yellow, brown, black and white, dancing upon injustice, releasing the Glory of God to the streets. God has brought the Nigerians and the people from West Indies, …some people say the complexion of the nation has changed”, but the Lord says, “I have caused it to be the colour I have always wanted it to be in my people coming together as one, for love has no colour says the Lord”. (Cindy Jacobs)

“…the other faiths, the other religions, they’re going to take notice when the Christians come together in radical love – a cross-stream, they won’t care what they’re called, they won’t care…” (Heidi Baker)


C Hill 163835On Advent Sunday this year M and I had the great joy of going back to the East End of London. We were speaking at the morning service of a Church just a few hundred yards from the street where we lived and raised our three children back in the 1970s. But how different it is today from the time we lived there! There are very few local white people in the area around our old house and more than half of those who live there now are Asian Muslims.

Looking Back
We were glad to see that the congregation approaching some 200 in the church reflects the local population among whom there were no more than about 10 or 12 local white people. They represented every region of the world with the worship leaders being a mixture of African, Caribbean and Asian. When we lived there we saw the first handful of Asians arrive and now they are in the majority and their culture dominates the High Street. We remembered appointing the first member of our team to take responsibility for work among the Asians and we used to say that the ‘Overseas Mission Field’ had become the ‘Home Mission Field’.

Embracing Change
We had a vision in those days of Christians not only welcoming the newcomers but sharing their faith and leading them to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Of course, we had no idea that the number of incomers would be so large and so rapid that in 40 years it would be hard to find a local white family living in our neighbourhood. But the church where we were speaking has not only survived the changing population, but embraced it by becoming a fully multi-ethnic congregation. They have committed Christians in each of the ethnic groups who are evangelising among their own people.

Who Are True Muslims?
Throughout the past year we have been speaking at meetings all over the country with a basic message about the great shaking of the nations that is now taking place. The message we took to Newham was that God is now shaking Islam. The shaking began with the Arab Spring in Egypt and other countries of North Africa and the Middle East. But the rise of the Islamic State in Syria and Northern Iraq has produced a level of atrocities that has shocked the civilised world and rocked the confidence of Islamic leaders and millions of ordinary Muslims. It is the claim of the ISIS fighters to be the true followers of Muhammad in pursuing their policy of violent conquest and coercion that has shaken ordinary Muslims who think that Islam is a religion of peace.

Visions of Jesus
Advent is the season of light and life and liberation. The message that God is turning the light upon Islam was received with great joy. We related reports of hundreds of Muslims in Egypt and many other countries having revelations of Jesus at the same time as they hear terrible reports of atrocities from the Islamic State which are causing them to question the spirit behind Islam.

Muslim Harvest
Many of the church were able to confirm that their friends and neighbours in East London are beginning to question their faith and are open to Christians telling them about Jesus. A number in the congregation used to be Muslims before giving their lives to Christ. Together we rejoiced that the ‘Muslim Harvest’ has begun and the church was making preparations for using the Christmas season to reach out to the Muslim population to tell them the true story of Jesus coming into the world to reconcile sinful human beings to God our Loving Father. For the Christians in East London Christmas has become the season of Harvest – Harvest for the Kingdom!

Further Reading:

Battle Stations!!



Another admonition from Dr Clifford Hill for Christians to weigh, consider and pray.

It is noteworthy that Wendy Alec’s A Vision for Great Britain refers to the Lord saying, “I am raising up…a mighty army of My people who will gird themselves up for battle”.:

National Crisis

The Prime Minister recalled Parliament to deal with a national crisis as the Islamic State advances towards Baghdad, beheading and slaughtering innocent civilians who do not accept their version of Islam. But is bombing the right answer to these fanatics?

We are already a nation under judgement since the passing of the ‘Same-Sex Marriage Bill’ last year in a pathetic attempt to redefine marriage which is part of God’s act of creation. You cannot tamper with God’s laws without bringing judgement upon the nation.

God may be using these Islamists as the “Rod of his Anger” to bring judgement on our godless society. It is this possibility that greatly disturbs me and causes me to cry out to the Lord for help and guidance. God has sent many warning signs which have all been ignored by both church and state.


For more than a year now I have been hearing warnings of severe judgement. We got
very close to the total breakup of the United Kingdom through the Scottish Referendum
where a ‘Yes’ vote would have resulted in the crumbling of the social foundations of the

God responded to the vast amount of prayer from faithful believers calling for mercy in the midst of judgement.  But instead of coming before God with prayers of thanksgiving our political leaders recalled Parliament and simply engaged in human arguments of how to face the enemy which may bring violence to our shores and destabilise the whole of the Middle East and lead to a Third World War which would bring untold disaster to the whole world. They do not understand the spiritual nature of the war we are facing. Why did none of them – not even the Archbishop of Canterbury – call for prayer?

Blind Leaders

Are all of our national leaders in both church and state so utterly blind that they cannot see that we are on the very brink of disaster? The Chancellor of the Exchequer has warned that the economy of the nation is still increasing the national debt every day that takes us closer to bankruptcy. The day of reckoning will surely come – he knows that! And so do most of our politicians! But they dare not say so! They go on with measures simply designed to postpone the day of reckoning which will surely come unless there is a total change of policy. So what should we do?

The answer is “Repent and believe!”, which is the message that both John the Baptist and Jesus took to Israel. The leaders of Israel did not heed the message and disaster followed. his is what will happen to Britain if we do not heed the call to repentance for the mess we have made in the nation by flouting the word of God!

When the Babylonian army was attacking Jerusalem God spoke to the Prophet Jeremiah, “This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: I am about to fulfil my words against this city through disaster, not prosperity” (Jeremiah 39.16). God is saying a similar word to Britain today. Like the King of Babylon we have also been “weighed in the balance and found wanting” (Daniel 5.27). The only thing that can save this nation today is to turn to the Lord in repentance and call upon him for help

Silent Church

Why do we not hear the word of the Lord from the church in this time of national crisis?
Our church leaders are like those in Isaiah’s day who were blind to the things that were
happening around them and they were said to be like “mute dogs who could not bark!”
(Isaiah 56.10). So they were unable to give warning of danger.

That is the pathetic state to which the church in Britain has fallen. They are still saying “Peace, Peace” when God is saying “There is no peace!” The enemy is at the door! Mobilise the believers to intercede for the nation!

The Last Call!

Judgement day for Britain is close. But there is still time to cry out to God for mercy and
warn all those who still call themselves Christians, however nominal, to turn to the Lord
in prayer on behalf of the nation.

The word of the Lord to Jeremiah applies to our nation today, “This is what the Lord says: look! I am preparing a disaster for you and devising a plan against you. So turn from your evil ways, each one of you, and reform your ways and your actions” (Jeremiah 18.11). This may be the last call.

Dr Clifford Hill,

Issachar Comments Papers – expounding biblical concepts on the world scene today. October 2014 Issachar Ministries

Call to pray for the UK – part 1

IC Hill 163835n last week’s follow-up to his warning of a ‘Judgement Day for Britain’ because of deception over Scotland’s voting, Dr Clifford Hill strongly urges our deep caution against falling back into old ways, and to be fully alert to the activity of a spirit of division. He believes this may be the last opportunity for the church to overcome that ungodly spirit by a spirit of love and concern one for another, as written below:


I have a picture of Christians in churches across the land giving thanks to God for hearing their prayers, and politicians in Westminster dancing for joy, because they believe the nation has been saved from the social and economic devastation of the breakup of the United Kingdom.

This is what the Lord says to the people of the United Kingdom who are rejoicing that the people of Scotland have saved the Union by voting ‘No’ in the Referendum. Do not think that you are now safe to do as you like and return to your old ways. The word given to the Prophet Jeremiah at a critical point in the history of Israel is relevant to Britain today:

“Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury, burn incense to Baal and follow other gods you have not known, and then come and stand before me in this house, which bears my Name, and say, ‘We are safe’ – safe to do all these detestable things? Has this house, which bears my name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching! declares the Lord.” (Jeremiah 7.9–11).

There is a spirit of division that has been driving the nation for 40 years bringing divorce to millions of marriages and untold suffering. It has brought Britain to the very brink of disaster. But that spirit is still active in the nation and will bring division to every region of the country unless the institutionalised injustices of the past are dealt with.

The great debate that began in Scotland will encompass the whole United Kingdom and will bring division in every region and every community unless a new spirit of love and concern for each other replaces the spirit of division and divorce. The commandment of Jesus to his disciples was to love one another as he has loved us.

This is the opportunity for Christians to be creatively involved in changing the direction of the nation away from greed and corruption and self-centred interest to caring for one another. It may be the last opportunity for the church in Britain.

Dr Clifford Hill

Issachar Ministries – see also URGENT CALL TO PRAYER: BATTLE STATIONS!

Today’s Scottish Vote – beware of deception

In his News for September Rev Dr Clifford Hill issues a deeply felt warning about today’s voting in Scotland.

C Hill 163835It has been circulating privately for intercession but may also be read on Issachar Ministries website. It just so happens that its opening, prime scripture also featured in what we heard this morning in a video on effective prayer from Anne Graham Lotz in Jerusalem. In view of this, I’m posting Dr Hill’s call for your prayerful consideration:


A spirit of deception is sweeping across Scotland that threatens to bring disaster, not only upon the people of Scotland, but upon the whole United Kingdom.

The first phone call Monica and I received on returning home from a three-day prayer retreat last week was from one of our Prayer Partners up in the Highlands of Scotland who said she has been repeatedly receiving a word from the Lord both in sleep and when she is awake – the word is the writing on the wall seen by Belshazzar –

“MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPARSIN” – “Your days are numbered; you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians” (Daniel 5:25-26).

This tied in completely with the words of warning I had been given from Ezekiel 33 that if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people he will be held accountable.

This is the word of the Lord to the people of Britain today,

“As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways!” (Ezekiel 33.11).

God has been warning our nation for 40 years that he would shake all nations and that Britain was facing disaster unless there was repentance and turning. He has sent many signs and prophetic words which have been ignored.

In 1980 I published a book, Towards the Dawn, saying that all the pillars of society in Britain would crumble unless there was repentance and turning. Today, we are on the brink of catastrophe: the pillars of society are crumbling – the family, the economy, the church – all are being shaken as corruption and abuse are exposed; the bankers, the politicians, the police, the social services, the journalists, and the celebrities.

Now the nation is on the edge of disaster – if Scotland votes “Yes” on 18 September the people of Scotland will pull down the whole house around them. They have got good cause for wanting to be free from rule by Westminster but if they vote for independence all the main institutions of society will collapse. In the lifetime of many still living, Great Britain has lost her Empire, the Commonwealth is crumbling and now the very existence of the United Kingdom is threatened.

In 1911 the Mother Barbara Prophecy foretold the great shaking of the nations that is now taking place. “Not one country will be without trial but do not be frightened of anything you will hear. An evil will shortly take Russia and wherever this evil comes, rivers of blood will flow… In the last days Germany will be divided in two. France will just be nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Britain will lose her Empire and all her colonies and will come to almost total ruin, but will be saved by praying women. America will feed the world but will finally collapse….” (more information here).

Last year Britain crossed a red line in passing a law to re-define marriage which is part of God’s creation and judgement became inevitable. But amazingly God still loves this nation! He is promising that if the faithful remnant will intercede before him now, total disaster can still be averted. The Lord is calling his watchmen to blow the trumpet and intercede on behalf of the nation. The time is short to mobilise the prayers of the faithful, but it can be done. Pray now most urgently that the United Kingdom does not collapse with all the ensuing chaos which will follow.

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

[Author of over 30 wide-ranging books, journals, studies and audio resources, including some written jointly with his wife, Rev Dr Clifford Hill MA BD PhD is a sociologist and theologian. His pastoral ministry has been in inner-city areas of London, a long ministry in the East End, Senior Lectureship in Sociology of Religion in London University as well as founding one of the largest urban mission organisations in Britain, and Prophetic Word Ministries. This had an extensive international ministry from 1982 to 2005 with its flagship magazine Prophecy Today.]

A New Season: A New Message…

When Rev Dr Clifford and Monica Hill visited Israel in 1986 he was drawn to what God had spoken to the prophet Haggai,

“In a little while I will once shake more shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land. I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory…” [Hagg 2:6-7]

Since then, “I’ve just had to go on warning and warning of the coming ‘great shaking’.”.  Also, Clifford began to understand something of prophet Jeremiah’s complaint about his mission bringing insult and reproach.

C Hill 163835Author of over 30 wide-ranging books, journals, studies and audio resources, including some written jointly with his wife, Rev Dr Clifford Hill MA BD PhD is a sociologist and theologian. His pastoral ministry has been in inner-city areas of London, a long ministry in the East End, Senior Lectureship in Sociology of Religion in London University as well as founding one of the largest urban mission organisations in Britain, and Prophetic Word Ministries. This had an extensive international ministry from 1982 to 2005 with its flagship magazine Prophecy Today.

The ‘action arm’ of their ministry is Issachar Ministries UK, which ‘seeks to be a people who understand the times, listen to the Lord and know what should be done’. It is now recognised as a national ministry having influence throughout the nation, as well as in  Parliament, and with Christians who want to explore their faith more deeply. Clifford was closely involved with ‘Listening to Jesus in the Palace of Westminster’ (click for report), as announced here. The latest news and reports of their work may be read here.

In Issachar Comments Paper for Winter 2012, Clifford announced.:

The Lord has been speaking to me for some time about a ‘new season’ and a ‘new message’. I’ve been growing in excitement but I’ve not dared to say anything to anyone (apart from Monica) in case it’s just been my imagination, because for 25 years I’ve carried the same message and I have longed for a new message. In fact I have quite literally cried before the Lord time after time to relieve me of the burden of this message and give me a fresh mandate. But every time the Lord has saidMy grace is sufficient for you”.

The full text of this exciting and encouraging message about the new work that God is doing amidst on-going national and international ‘shaking’ deserves very careful study(continue reading here). Also, I’d encourage interested readers to visit their website for more about the Hill’s activities, and even support them or subscribe to regular updates.

It is interesting to realise that Clifford was not alone in hearing the Lord speaking about bringing a new season. Many other prophetical voices have confirmed this; for example, Rev John Kilpatrick’s message A season change, Dr Sharon Stone’s on new season of the increasing glory of God, as well as over a dozen others since 2011, as reported in ‘Prophecies for a ‘new era for the Church’.

The promise and excitement keep mounting….

Prophecies on ‘a new era for the Church’ – part 2

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comContinued from Part 1, wherein I wrote Gillan Scott’s remark of God’s outsiders pointing to a new era in the church’ may possibly be connected to relatively recent prophetic words that God is about do something very new. I humbly submit for consideration a review of prophetic words published on this blog and which would support that claim.: [Updated Aug 2013]

1. “What God has in mind for His people this year is beyond anything we can even imagine. We serve an Epic God…What God has in mind for the nations of the world is epic in every sense of the world.” (Nathan Morris, 6 Jan 2011)

2. “For I would know that My people would hear My voice, that I am setting the stage for that which I have foretold in My Word and it will quickly and swiftly come to pass…For the day is coming, it is even at the door, when I shall begin to judge My church. I will begin to touch My people in a way they have never known before for I will show them My glory”, says the Lord.” (Nathan Morris, 19 Jan 2012)

3. This word has two thrusts: ‘A Ripening Season’ and ‘Divine Intervention to Receive a Kingdom Which Cannot Be Shaken’ and speaks of an increased global shaking during which ”God’s hand will be upon his people in a new way”. (Dr Stone, 25 Jan 2012)

4. “I’ve been here many, many times and you can sense something beginning to change. You’re entering a new day, a new eraand a new Kingdom era. So it’s really awesome to be with you.”(Chuck Pierce, 26 Jan 2012)

5. “We can get stuck in old familiar ways and find we don’t know how to handle the new. We set our size according to our ‘container’ but God wants us to move into the FAR bigger – but we don’t have a long time to adapt! Ask God to help us do it. Revelation 10:5-6 applies: “No more delay” (Dr Sharon Stone, 18 Jun 2012)

6. “He’s making His plans…His eyes are on Europe – He’s going to set the captives free…And it’s going to start in Britain…” (Julie Meyer, 17-20 October 2012)

7. “I saw aspects of this in vision form. I saw how God was going to move across your nation and it was wave after wave after wave.It will be sustained and the fire will never go out. Revivals have come and gone but this is not revival, this is reformation and it is a different thing.” (Neville Johnson, 31 October 2012)

8. An awesome word Dr Sharon Stone received about the meaning of Hurricane Sandy, as delivered on 3 November 2012. Note especially the reference to rewriting history(!) :

“And the Lord kept saying that this hurricane and these winds are ‘a punctuation’ – not  just in the US but a punctuation in the world. Now a type of punctuation means that it draws the line, and it brings a separation and there is an alteration after that, and this is what the Lord said; He says,what the Lord said; He says,

“These are re-arranging winds and they’re changing the course of nations.”

“…This is a “re-arranging winds and a changing of the course of nations” and the Lord spoke this, and forgive me as I’m going to read some of this because I want to get the words right. The Lord said:

“The Old World’s time has cycled around again to become a New World to rewrite history; no longer a Constantine conversion that advances religion without Christ. Hidden winds of change have been developing on the inside of My people and they are now blowing change into the world. The western New World, particularly the USA, will enter accelerated crisis-shaking to hasten their journey to learn that I am their true resource and I am their defender. The USA has been a champion of freedom for much of the oppressed world, but you cannot represent freedom without representing Me, Jesus, Who is the provider and Who can bring sustainable protection to the nation.

“The Lord says,

“Parts of these winds that are blowing, part of these winds that are bringing a re-arranging, are blowing away what has confused nations of their identity.

“We’re not the only nation that has been in an identity crisis. I believe that many of our nations have had skewed identity and the Lord is saying this; He says,

“I will bring you out of what you have designed by your own thinking and by your own hands that I may redesign it by My thoughts and My plans.”


9. “The coming days will bring greater dimensions of darkness in the world; yet our hope is for the appearing of God’s weighty Presence…” opens A New Day Dawning, the title of Paul Keith Davis’ E-Newsletter for December 2012.

10. “God is planning something so BIG even the devil can’t stop it!” (Revd John Kilpatrick, 6 January 2013)

11. 2013 is going to be a glorious year for the true Church – see the Kingdom of God in greater measure and glory – release into reformation and restoration – moving into a historic season to be known as ‘Days of Wonder’ (UK Prophetic Council, 7 Jan 2013)

12. “We’re at a new level of time…this season is when the world and Church will see what it means to be a Christian as our faith goes on trial – God is watching to see how we respond and stand – This is the season for the Church to be demonstrated in the world like it’s never been seen before!” (Dr Sharon Stone, 2 Feb 2013)

13. The Lord told me in a vision, “I am about to visit your generation, but what is going to precede the ark of the covenant are those three anointings: Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun.” (Paul Keith Davis, February 2013)

14. “Behold I do a new thing” in email of 14th March that started this topical thread.


15. “The ACPE felt this coming year would be one of great contrasts and polarity.  In a sense, we are entering a new era. Things cannot be done in the same way they have in the past season. The new era – a ‘But now’ season…” (Word of the Lord for 2013, via Cindy Jacobs of Generals International January  2013)

16.  “Glory can come when we spend time in the manifest presence of Jesus. But we are in a season unlike anything I’ve ever lived in before, one where His glory is more readily available to us than at any time I’ve ever seen. And we’re seeing more of His glory being poured out, we’re hearing of more encounters with the Presence of the Lord …” (Dr Sharon Stone 6 April 2013)

17. “…Holy Spirit brought it to my memory right there in the stillness of my bedroom…and the Lord said, “Tell My people I have brought about a season change.” (Rev John Kilpatrick 7 April 2013)

18. “The Lord has been speaking to me for some time about a ‘new season’ and a ‘new message’. I’ve been growing in excitement but I’ve not dared to say anything to anyone in case it’s just been my imagination…” (Dr Clifford Hill; posted 25 April 2013)

NB: many more words subsequently logged at A New Era for the Church.

Further update re. free speech

ASA Adjudication in complaint about the Coalition For Marriage

This morning blogger Archbishop Cranmer announced that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled on four counts against complaints that the Coalition’s press advert featuring married couples is offensive.  He provides the judgement report in its entirety but questions its closing ‘No further action required’ comment.

The complaint cited his blog amongst four displays of the supposedly offensive advert, which now heads his post. As I wrote here yesterday, His Grace has been tenaciously investigating the issue from another aspect.  He has now received a reply to his enquiry of the ASA and which,

His Grace finds this disingenuous, if not deceitful. Is the ASA really saying, in the 21st century, that they have no means of knowing what a document contained prior to an update? If amendments are made by means of paper forms, there will be an audit trail. If they are carried out online, there will be electronic footprints. If changes are made by email correspondence, these are easily traceable. It is, frankly, inconceivable that the ASA do not know what Lord Smith’s declarations were prior to May 2012, not least because he himself must know what changes he made. Unless, of course, they have something to hide…

The problems starting to beset ASA are hardly suprising for let’s not forget the shaking that was prophesied for this year in accordance with the following scripture.:

“Yet once more I shake not only the earth but also the heaven.” (Heb 13:26 NKJV)

To understand what the Lord means and the reason behind it see Hebrews 13:25-29 .  For the prophecies see A Promise of Revival by Dr Clifford Hill and Dr Sharon Stone    A Ripening Season.  It is also implicit in what Nathan Morris received after New Year – see An important word for 2012 .

May the Lord reveal more to you.

Update on review of Clearing the Ground

In the 3rd part of his review of this Parliamentary report, Gillan Scott looks at turning the tide against the myth of secular neutrality.

His sterling summation may assist Church leadership in understanding how legal issues may or may not be changing, and what can be done in the meantime. Just a few snippets, to whet your appetite and I’d like to emphasise elements of his concluding paragraph:

Re. the courts

Given the levels of religious illiteracy in government and other public bodies highlighted earlier in the report, reservations were made about the capacity of the courts to take an active role in deciding what is or is not reasonable in relation to the accommodation or manifestation of belief. In particular concern was raised in relation to the courts lack of acknowledgment of the orthodox Christian belief that marriage should be between on man and one woman….

Attention was then turned to the problems relating to relationships between local authorities and churches or Christian organisations…Following recent high profile court cases regarding the religious beliefs of those wishing to foster or adopt, there is now some confusion about the place of religious people as prospective foster parents and adopters. Local authorities lack guidance as to how they should work with people with religious beliefs.

Re. tolerance

The report believes that the bar has been set too low as to what constitutes ‘insulting behaviour’. As it stands, judgment is based on the subjective feelings of the person who has been offended. This application of the law has in several cases led to an undue restriction of the freedom of expression.

Re. ignorance

The final part of this section considers the ignorance and deep-seated lack of understanding about the nature and outworking of religious belief in government, the courts, local authorities and the media. The report finds that there is an urgent need for better coordination of government policy in relation to religious belief. Currently the way that the human rights, legal, and community aspects of religion and belief are handled is too complicated.


The final recommendation of the need to bring religious awareness and education into government presents a challenge to faith groups. This is extremely unlikely to happen without the proactive support and work of faith groups. If the Church and Christian organisations wake up to this need and begin to coordinate and develop a strategy to deal with it, then the benefits to society could be considerable. It is a big challenge, but one that needs to be seriously addressed with a good deal of urgency.

At present I’m seeking the Lord’s perspective on all this but realise it may relate to the word given through Bill Johnson about 1st Sept 2011 being “the day things changed in the UK”  (the Inquiry started in August 2011).

Also today, I picked up on the word given in Clifford Hill’s Feb 2012 Newsletter.

Let us mull over these matters…

Is England at a crossroads?

Visiting intercessor and Bible teacher Chuck Pierce claimed, “England is on the verge, (which is) like being at a crossroads”.  If so, how are we individually and collectively to proceed?

In that posting I posed a rhetorical question to consider the kind of choice we could take when faced with four suggested – and quite likely – destinations. It depends on where we really want to go, does it not?  But as personally observed in Death or Destiny? we really need to make the right choice – and do you and I have the wisdom to do so?

On the face of it we could be considering a geographical matter, where a map will help, but this is a matter of morality which forms the basis of all our values as a nation.

Therefore, to consider Chuck’s claim seriously and make a sound decision that enables us to take the right route to arrive at the best destination, then it’s sensible to get good advice. So let’s dig out my trusty handbook, the Best Instruction Before Leaving Earth! 

Checking its index for ‘roads’ and ’paths’ I find a poetic plea from the shepherd-king David for deliverance and forgiveness, as recorded at Psalm 25. Let’s dip in:

(verse4) Show me your ways O Lord; teach me your paths. (5) Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation…(10) All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth to those who keep His covenant and testimonies…[full text here, NKJV]

Also, consider renowned Psalm 23:

The Lord is my shepherd…(3) He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. (4) Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me…[full text here, NIV]

And what did God say to his prophet Jeremiah when admonishing the stubborn Israelites who refused to obey and follow Him:

This is what the LORD says, Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said ‘We will not walk in it’…Therefore, hear, O nations; observe, O witnesses what will happen to them…”  (Jer 6 .15-18 NIV)

After the prophetically instructive lesson God gave Jeremiah at a potter’s house, He said:

“…Yet my people have forgotten me, they burn incense to worthless idols, which made them stumble in their ways and in ancient paths. They made them walk in bypaths and on roads not built up…” (a highway – NKJV) (Jer 18.15 NIV)

Wow, are these not clear recommendations which way England and Britain should go?

Could there be a lesson in the recent capsizing of the largest Italian cruise liner, Costa Concordia?  Wonderfully, almost all survived but it should not have happened!

In Revelation TV’s Outlook for 2012, Rev Clifford Hill remarked that the event is a true ‘sign’ that the world needs to understand – a very public one through which God may speak and get a point across.  Jesus understood and used this Biblical definition of a sign in, for example, the fate of workers killed by a falling tower. Public opinion thought it had happened because they’d seriously sinned against God (Luke 13.1-5) but:

I tell you ‘No’, Jesus replied,But unless you all repent you will all likewise perish.

In January 2012, thousands were under the care of a professionally qualified team which decided to steer everyone off course on an officer’s personal whim. They headed off the authorised safe route and completely ignored the perils with disastrous results.

Isn’t that like our captains of state?  Like our captains of finance, of business, of media and other opinion shapers? Like the liner’s unwise captain they hear and let themselves get directed by the loudest voices!  We’re all too familiar with who they are in our nation – the most dangerous being those who insist that ‘right is wrong and wrong is right’, with the deliberate aim of perverting our Judeo-Christian heritage and values.

We need to stand and speak for Jesus Christ and as He would have us make our voices heard!

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