Revisiting the vision of ripping the rotten fabric of our society

Last Monday’s two blogs on GPS #31 began by saying that overnight and throughout Monday I’d been contemplating the relevance of the open vision I had of the British Isles back in 2004 to our nations’ current chaotic situation, and began to blog about it. However, upon seeing what Veronika West and then, Yvonne Coombs, had just posted and that both relate to that vision but take it up another level, I realised their material should take precedence. So I republished those prophecies.

In August 2011, about the time I was being ‘nudged’ to start blogging, I emailed friends in connection with current news headlines: ‘World In Crisis: Markets Dive, Mobs burn London’; `Rule of the mob – Markets dive as panic spreads’ with links to renowned Bible teacher Lance Lambert’s prophecies of 2010 (far more serious phase of judgement commences, and follow-ups herehere and here on events), as well as an encouraging insight through Revd Dr Sharon Stone on reports of ‘the imminent collapse of society’!

I asked my recipients to consider those events’ relevance to the vision I had seven years earlier, which I recounted as follows:

‘Personally, I’m encouraged that this word (through Revd Dr Stone) confirms the gist of an open vision coming right at the start of the first worship session at a conference in St Albans, Hertfordshire, in October 2004.

‘About eight feet right in front of me I ‘saw’ a large map of Britain surrounded by the sea, as though painted on rotten sacking – like disposed, old coal sacks I`d see in my childhood. I had the strong impression of the Lord saying Britain is just like them; moreover that the fabric of our society is so rotten it could so easily tear apart. 

‘This ‘map’ then began to rip apart in the middle downward, from about the line of Hadrian’s Wall down the Pennine chain into the Midlands, and I sensed the Lord say, “I’m going to put the backbone back in Britain”. (I recalled the Pennines are known as the Spine of England.)

‘Then out of the tear emerged a very long rock, which I understood as meaning the Lord would restore our strong, spiritual backbone when we stand upon Him, The Rock.’

[Much later I noted, ‘Could the Lord be allowing increased persecutions here for the purpose of putting the spine back into Christians and making us stand up strongly?’… And Parliament has since been, and continues to be, thoroughly shaken and ripped open – do it to the media and elsewhere, Lord…Did you know that mounted, body-armoured police in Manchester interrogated a street preacher just because he was inviting people to an Easter service? Next, a hate-crimes unit visited him at home!!!]

‘It wasn’t so much the unexpected and unbidden nature of the event that startled me. It was because I thought I heard the Lord say that He would rip the nation apart as easily as an old sack because it’s rotten!! That troubled me greatly for I considered such to be contrary to His loving nature. 

‘But NT scriptures do speak of judgement and He gives many repeated warnings of such impending action (eg. as given this month through Lance Lambert). Yet, we must plead His remembrance of mercy and of Jesus’ sacrifice, through which comes the fullness of true blessing. All rather a profound mystery. Also, let’s not forget that the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD (Isaiah 11.2) were aspects of the Holy Spirit prophesied for the descendant of King David’s father Jesse: Jesus Christ.’

For the purposes of accountability and weighing I submitted the vision to the presiding pastor and his guest speaker, and later to our own church leader, but they blanked out!  Yet upon attending a prophecy school the next year at Bath where one of the courses was led by Dr Sharon Stone, I submitted it to her. Immediately, she agreed its validity and got her ‘masterclass’ interceding upon it!

When, in the mid-1990s, I first heard church leaders referring to prophecies it was said they’re to be held in a ‘pending tray’ because many years pass before they usually, if at all, come to fulfillment. With the ‘acceleration’ over the past decade, however, they have begun to manifest a lot more rapidly.

To summarise briefly, the state of our nation hasn’t improved but drastically deteriorated; that is, the fabric of our society has become increasingly rotten and too many politicians led the way in opening wide the doors for demonic infiltration, control and destruction by their willful rebellion against the Living Lord God and His Holy Word.

Since that vision we’ve witnessed the rapid erosion of Biblical standards of personal and public probity; mental, behavioural and spiritual perversion of right and wrong; the disintegration of freedom to believe, think, speak and act in a civilised manner and with every courtesy due our fellows, even in what were once the acme of all advanced societies – the universities.

For example, I knew a newly graduated historian whose mind is tightly shut against empirical evidence offered by older, more knowledgeable people on Brexit. He allowed one gentle rebuke on his blog, but not my brief corrections even though he subscribed here. (As I won’t tolerate bigotry I removed him.)

Just this week, my friend and ‘mature student’ Michael tells me his “being sandwiched between two major universities and attending a church full of university students has opened my eyes to quite how vicious anti-Christian prejudice has become both in university and in the media!”

And there’s the utterly reprehensible MP who’s completely lost his marbles by denouncing leading Brexiteers as ‘neo-Nazis’!  An appalling aberration, which shows how the spiritually oppressed lack intellectual acuity and credibility.

Yet far worse are those whom Jesus said it would be better for them to lose their lives than allow them to endanger and harm little children. I refer to officials who insist parents have no right to exclude their children from school classes on transsexuality.

Nevertheless, my open vision promises that, although society will severely split apart, the Rock of our Salvation will reappear during that self-destructive period.

What’s more, according to these extracts from last week’s prophetic visions the next phase will be that of our nation becoming a ‘gold signet ring’ on the Hand of God – as here:

(GPS #31.1 Veronika West) ‘I had a powerful dream 3 nights ago where I saw the the Nation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland being drawn up by the hand of God and as He took hold of the Nation it became as a GOLD RING, as I looked at the GOLD RING suddenly I saw the finger of God come forth from the heavens and the Gold Ring which was the Nation was put on His finger and I heard these words,


(GPS #31.2 Yvonne Coombs) ‘I ask the Lord how it will look if we are in unity of movement and I see a giant gold ring hovering over the Houses of Parliament. I see a blow-torch melting the gold from the ring as it drips over the building.


I felt to paint this image and I saw a sword thrusting into the river Thames.

I believe the gold ring is a wedding band, a covenant promise, so let us say “I DO!”
(Psalm 63)

7 thoughts on “Revisiting the vision of ripping the rotten fabric of our society

  1. Dear Richard

    Thank you for sharing this again, very hopeful. I take it you know the much older prophecy of the Orthodox Bishop Aristoculi ? Attached for completeness

    I also attached my own crafted Easter card for you but the message is the same. If you wish to share it please do. The words are taken from the Dozule Glorious

    Until there is all this “death” evident, then folks cannot be aware of their need of Salvation. The closed minds of the young though are troubling, esp that young History graduate. My tutors and teachers would have given him some strong research exercises to correct such prejudices!

    with love & prayer Elaine


  2. The picture of the “rotting fabric” also speaks to me of something that I saw along while back.

    I saw a white luminous globe, which represented the body of truth of God. I then saw a square, dark piece of cloth, “smaller than the globe” attempt to cover the globe of light. To cover the truth. But wherever the darkness (cloth) tried to cover .. it merely exposed a different part of truth as the cloth was not big enough to cover all. Almost like God playing peek-a-boo. For God is truth and God is light.

    But I noticed the nature of the cloth. It seemed to be made of (which is similar to fabric of nation) a Hessian type cloth, just like sacking. But when one touched it with the lightest touch, it would crumble, giving off a flurry of dust as it disintegrated where touched. I was shocked at the actual poverty of the material, the smallest effort caused considerable disintegration.

    I realised, the claims and strength of darkness is in reality weak, flimsy, decomposing and disintegrating, compared to the Light of the One, His truth and its manifestation. So I understood, that God, could and does cause/allow darkness (cloth) to chase (its tail) around the luminous globe, knowing, that its very effort would wear off another piece of him. Because darkness cannot and does not stand for truth, it is almost compelled to try to continue to cloak truths light. But it always ends up as a great cost to darkness, the greater the effort of darkness the greater the accumulative defeat and disintegration of itself is assured.

    To finish, I add the scripture that comes to mind. Eph 6;10-18 but his bit in particular …and having done everything, to stand firm. 14 Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth

    with the things in place that are in place … standing will produce the “required and expected result God intended”

    Whilst Satan’s kingdom, darkness and power is worn out like an age old rag, decreasing and disintegrating and is coming to its end … there is a continued INCREASE of The Lord God’s. There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace, On the throne of David and over his kingdom, To establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness From then on and for evermore. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will accomplish this.



  3. As I looked at Veronika West article concerning the signet ring … She said “as I looked at the GOLD RING, suddenly I saw the finger of God come forth from the heavens and the Gold Ring which was the Nation was put on His finger and I heard these words”.

    In a partner prophecy by Yvonne Coombs … she too was given a picture of a ring over Parliament … saying “I believe the gold ring is a wedding band, a covenant promise, so let us say “I DO!”

    Back in 2001, the Lord gave me a “storm warning”. He spoke of things that would occur years ahead, and one watched certain marked things emerge as events. But he saw His church, His bride as a Ring on His finger.

    There were a number of characteristics concerning it. But in light of what has been written recently by others. I want to share what He showed … Us as His ring, ON His finger, in and through all that has transpired and those transpiring now. It is a picture of a nation, it is a picture of a wife, a bride.

    But it is about where You and Me are personally situated and what that means and brings to us in this hour, for EACH one and our loved ones.

    The Ring; The Lord of the Rings (2001 updated 2019)

    But I would say to you that generally speaking it is wonderful to have God doing great things, a healing, a testimony, a deliverance and seeing him move in his miraculous ways. Also how we wish these moments would be more often and more continuous – it’s great when times and things go well and go right – glory to him then. But equally, there are times when things do not go well, glory to him then also.

    In fact they often go in reverse, go wrong, things which could have gone in this direction go that way, things which should have succeeded do not. Effort on our behalf that should bring reward and success doesn’t. It seems to fail, to fall and its energies dissipate like mist and fall like dust. Apparent Blessings no longer happen and life seems to have you by the neck and the question we ask is – is God still in this thing? is God still with me? is God still for me?

    Sometimes we may feel as if we believe, other times it is clear we do not. So on the one hand it may be unwise to think that bad things should or will not happen to you – this is untrue – in this world you will have trouble – but fear not for I am with you and I have overcome the world. It may also be equally untrue to say that because bad things happen, God is not in it or with it. Some of you, may be facing trouble and problems now, some of you perhaps not, but sometimes we need to be prepared.
     Take for instance the FISHERMAN UPON THE SEAS – who goes out to fish in his boat to catch a catch, – does he go without first checking the weather? or without having the right vessel and right clothes? his oilskins! – He, if he’s wise, needs advance preparation or knowledge. – EVEN then – we can sometimes be caught unaware – but Gods word says – I do not want you to be unaware – and even a good weather forecast throws up the sudden unexpected storm that when caught up in it may go on for days and sometimes for weeks.

    With this in mind this is what I believe Father wants to bring to you

    In another sense as stated in the book(s) (The Lord of the Rings) and film(s), there was ONE ring that would bind and unite them all. You are his one ring.

    In the bible the number 7 is thought of as the number of perfection. As I continued to think, verses in the book of Revelation came to mind. Revelation 1:9–20. READ – Here it speaks of the 7 churches and the 7 golden lamp stands and of the Lord Himself; His face was like the sun, shining in all its brilliance. In verse 20 it says, spoken of by the Lord Jesus “the mystery of the 7 stars that you saw in my right hand and of the 7 golden lamp stands is this. The seven stars are the angels of the 7 churches and the seven lamp stands are the seven churches”.
    This is how I related it to the story of the Lord of the Rings. This is how I relate to today, even 2019.

    To me the seven churches represented the perfect church, perfected in Jesus. This in their total was his one church, the sum of the perfect whole. These seven churches mirrored the seven rings that existed in the book and film and that Jesus had an aspect of the church, where? Jesus had this there, IN HIS HAND. v16;v20 In His right hand He held seven stars – for in his hand he had 7 stars, which the word says, were 7 angels. I feel the angels, represent things that are SPIRITUAL – and these are held, and held in PERFECT SPIRITUAL BALANCE in Jesus’ hand. In other words things pertaining to the church, to you, to me, to us all, were and still are, held securely in HIS hand.

    Not only are you IN his hand, but you are ALSO on HIS finger. He wears YOU his church, AS THE ONE RING, – AS would A Husband wear upon his wedding finger. You see LOVE is the one ring that binds them all, the ONE RING of love combining them all. The nation Israel considered an engagement AS ALREADY WED.

    Corinthians and Ephesians talks about the Holy Spirit as being given as an earnest, a guarantee, a deposit of what is fully and finally to come and it is often spoken of the Spirit been given, as a sign and symbol of an engagement that has already taken place through our new birth in Christ. We have been engaged to Christ as his fully intended bride. And his Spirit if you like is His engagement ring to the church for the wedding that is about to come,

    He has you IN His hand – And He has you ON His finger.

    He does not hold you as a juggler might, when balancing and throwing balls up in the air with the one hand, and catching you in the same. In order to cause the audience to see how daring He is and how He can have you gasping at his dexterity, with the thought that perchance He might drop you.

    No, He has you held within the BALANCE of BOTH his hands, exercising control for you and does not play with you as one would a toy. And because this picture is also of the bride that is yet fully to be. You can be sure that in order to fully and finally bring you to your wedding place, that you are not just in His hand or on his finger, but constantly ON HIS MIND  – and the reason for that, is that you are constantly IN HIS SIGHT – as sure as that ring is constantly on HIS finger, so are you constantly in his sight. Why, for he constantly sees his Spirit, his deposit in and on you, guaranteeing you, marking you – as his bride and he wears you and it with pride – in the same way that THE wedding ring he sees upon HIS finger, marks you as his bride.
    Why are you constantly on his mind and constantly in his sight?
     Because…. you are constantly in his hands and constantly on his finger
    And because you are constantly in his hands and constantly on his finger
    You are also therefore, as are ALL THINGS, – constantly IN HIS CONTROL, despite what is going on with you or around you, whether within the church or out of it. Control and balance may be beyond our scope, it is not beyond His.
    This vision and prophecy we have just read about were given to the apostle John in the book of Revelation- and were given him on the island of Patmos, in what were bleak and hard times, in times of trial, difficulty and unrest. – He personally was experiencing forced hardship in the islands mines -. Despite this and IN THIS the Lord Jesus Himself appeared to John and gave him some of the most wonderful, awesome and encouraging revelations. Just as he did to his namesake John, the Baptist, who when locked up in prison, at the day of execution – DOUBTED – because things had gone wrong and perhaps not gone according to what he had expected – and asked via messenger if HE JESUS was REALLY the one or had JOHN made a mistake and should he expect another.

    John was in prison because he had done the right thing in exposing the adultery in the ruling governments family  – we too, can doubt like him, if things go wrong especially when we do the right thing“

    In Luke 7:22-23…these were Christ’s words to him -.”Replying to his, doubt, to Johns concern -, Go back and report to John, what you have seen and heard. The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised and the good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me. – No he had not made a mistake
    In the light of what is going on with you, in the light of all that is going on around you – or all that is amiss or awry with your life or the world or the church. – look at (back then) Madrid, Iraq or Israel or the two Tsunamis**– God is in control of both it and you – and is concerned enough about you to take time and come to you with a message, – a word that affirms you, strengthens you, warns and encourages you to see that the kingdom STILL WILL and is continuing ON despite evidence seemingly to the contrary and that you are personally not forgotten.

    There has not been a mistake, there has not been a fumble, YOU, the ball have not been dropped, nor you, the ring lost. Nor for present times, was the desire for Brexit a mistake or that we misunderstood the desire in Gods voice, for it to be so.

    Nor amidst the turmoil, the glare or the stares forgotten, nor is He dazzled nor blinded, for HIS IS THE FACE shining like the sun in all its brilliance, the blinding brilliance of His all great love – in the unrest, in the fire and in the trial is one seen…. like the Son of Man – shining on you and with you, even through, beyond and above the fiery flames of the, this particular ( Brexit and beyond ) furnace. – and how great is the Shining One when He appears. His feet like yours are positioned with you, standing in the same fire, the same heated ground, the same trials that you are standing in.
    Want more convincing. Ok. For you he says, “one more then”.

    Gollum, you know was a creature that had walked many different paths, not all of them bad, but some were and his pursuits, particularly after the ring, had led him to the depths of torture and of dismay.

    Perhaps we may feel we have been where he is. Gollum perhaps is a picture of man in his utter despair – and such was his fixation and obsession, actually called the ring “his precious”. – This is precisely what he our God and Father calls you

    “ Isa.43: 4…Precious, Precious and honoured are you in my sight and I love you, you and all the Gollum’s are precious to him… hear these words, they are written especially from him to you…as he looks towards you his ONE RING, secured and secure on His own finger -. You, – you are my precious, precious ones, – you are the ones I most seek after. You are in my hands, you are on my finger, you are constantly on my mind, for you, my ring, are constantly in my sight, and you are constantly in my control. Precious and honoured are you in my sight and I love you.
    To round it off – after receiving this ( back then)( and even now) and pondering over it, asking God, to confirm his word and wondering like many do, did I really hear right (Brexit included and all that is to unfold) – this incident I’m about to describe to you happened a day or two after, being given the go ahead to share it with you. I work(ed) full time in a Youth Centre as a Youth Worker.

    One morning around 8; I arrive and meet with J our head cleaner before work. She says to me – “Have you seen my new ring! – would you like a look!” – OK, let’s see it then – so she takes this gold ring off her finger – it was her own wedding band and she hands it to me. On the outside, it had little footprints, imprints of bare feet, indented into the gold – like the ones in the footsteps poem, walking right around the outside of the ring, encircling it from start to finish, – wonderful I said, – “Look on the inside” she said – and there inside the ring, there were words engraved, – not the whole footsteps poem but some of the key words. Wonderful to look at – but the words clearly had a start and a finish so that you could recognise the start of the message inside.

    The first words that started the engraving were.  “MY PRECIOUS CHILD” – well how wonderful – what a way to confirm his word, prepared for me BEFORE I had asked for it – If it was prepared for me  – it was and IS prepared for you, for such as time as this.
    With it I heard him say these words concerning the footsteps around the circumference of the ring – he said – MY WALK WITH YOU IS CONTINUOUS AND COMPLETE, THERE IS NO PART OF YOUR WALK OR CIRCUMFERENCE OF YOUR LIFE THAT IS NOT REACHED, and COVERED OR INCLUDED.

      It was then that he reminded me that he had said sometime whilst I was preparing this for you – YOU ARE ENGRAVED upon the PALMS OF MY HANDS – I HEAR HIM SAY AGAIN, YOU ARE ENGRAVED UPON THE PALMS OF MY HANDS – if you think of the cross BOTH hands were nailed securing for us freedom and control with God .

    With these words he gave me a sense of his continuing presence with me – and he gave me a picture – of J our cleaner and Jesus Himself. A man and a woman – I saw J extend her LEFT hand to him – the wedding hand – and Christ carefully took her hand into his RIGHT hand – like a bride presenting a hand to her groom, just like a wife to her husband, allowing him to take her by the hand – with these images came the words –

    YOU NEED ONLY LET ME TAKE HOLD OF YOUR HAND TO ALLOW ME TO REMIND YOU OF MY CONSTANT COMPANIONSHIP, MY CONSTANT LOVE AND MY CONSTANT CARE – So every time I see J, I am reminded of his love and constant companionship to me, like wise – can you see – he extends his hand to thee
    Over the days God brought to me his prepared words and THESE words today that God has brought to you were prepared for you – because he clearly loves you, He dearly cares for you and he wants you to know it, He wants you to hear it and He want’s you to believe it – and to stretch out your hand to Him for He has and now is stretching His hand out to you… whatever the uncertainty, whatever the doubt
    My precious; my precious child, you are my precious ones; you are the ones I most seek after. I have you in my hands, you, I have you on my finger, it is you that I constantly think about, you are constantly on My mind – it is you who are constantly in my sight, you, It is you I constantly look at and see. You are constantly in my control. Precious and honoured are you in my sight and I love you.

    As I post this again many years ago, only this time on another site…I hear the word…The FELLOWSHIP of the Ring. Fellowship…the fellowship of Christ’s suffering

    For it is we who are the circumcision, we who worship by the Spirit of God, who glory in Christ Jesus, and who put no confidence in the flesh – As we put on this His ring by faith, it assists in the taking off of the flesh – as we consider the help, love and confidence of his support and care, in the midst of all that is going on and about to flame real.

    Philippians 3 : 4 -13 Please read

    John the Baptist, the apostle John, Paul and Jesus of Nazareth…the FELLOWSHIP of the RING… you are in GOOD company and in THE Company.

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    • Thank you so very much for taking time to share this personally precious and deep insight Dave. Imho it warrants a separate re-posting soon after Resurrection Day so that as many visitors and readers here may pause and reflect in depth on such loving wisdom.


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