More validations of the recent prophetic word

4th of 4 pre-blog emails – click here for previous and here for the prophecy.:

Dear Reader – further to my previous, yet more events seem to indicate the prophetic word to Lance Lambert on 18 April as being from the Lord.

£/Euro/US Finances

Immersed in the deluge of Polling Day’s reports one’s attention could easily miss mention of a massive dip on US stock market, which ‘baffled Wall Street’, and the White House even suspected sabotage (see attached from in-house Christian correspondent Bill Koenig)! And last weekend all European leaders’ attention was firmly fixed upon our dire financial situation.

Interesting to note that Greece, the foundational state of western civilization, is being hammered – could this be connected to the European and American rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob? ALSO, seven weeks ago America’s foundational states in New England had exceptionally severe storms with parts of Rhode Island & Massachusetts declared as disaster areas whilst the latter’s senator was talking to Israel’s enemy, Syria. AND in Washington, president Obama had not only insulted PM Netanyahu during his visit but also refused to recognise Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as its capital – contrary to the Lord’s foundational choice!

Gulf of Mexico Oil-Spill

In his latest weekly report Bill Koenig makes most intriguing comments upon BP’s historic role, viz:

  • “The Anglo-Persian oil company that became British Petroleum in 1954 pressured the League of Nations and the British government to back off on their commitment to the Balfour agreement; thus, Israel received a small percent of the land intended for it.
  • At the time of the Balfour Agreement (1917), the saying was “the sun never set on the British empire” because they had so much land worldwide. Today, the British have lost control of the same percentage of land that they had reneged on with Israel in the Balfour agreement.
  • The Exxon Valdez accident happened less than 48 hours after George H.W. Bush and James Baker opened talks with the Palestinians on March 22, 1989. The Valdez accident began late the night of March 23 with the first spill at 12:05 a.m. on March 24.
  • The Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico began on April 20 — at the very time Obama’s team was pressuring Israel to restart talks.
  • The two largest oil spills in U.S. history corresponded to U.S. actions on Israel’s covenant land. They have also caused America to forego more offshore exploration and become even more reliant on rogue nations for oil.

…Barack Obama may have to answer for the millions in campaign contributions he’s taken from the oil and gas giant [BP] over the years …”

Peace in Middle East?

‘Co-incidentally’ to Lance Lambert hearing from the Lord, on 18 April Iran’s president again voiced his implicit intentions of completing Hitler’s ‘final solution’:

“The Zionist regime is on its way to collapse. This regime is the main instigator of sedition and conflict in the region,” the Iranian president added. “This is the will of the regional nations that after 60 odd years, the root of this corrupt microbe and the main reason for insecurity in the region be pulled out … Its supporters and creators ought to stop backing it and allow the regional nations and the Palestinians to settle things with them…”

It’s worth noting, therefore, that the Icelandic volcano spread ashes over northern Europe during Holocaust Remembrance Week 11-18 April !!

Lastly, some brief astute thoughts of a secular expert on ‘peace’ talks –

Such Biblically relevant times! May the Lord bless you and keep you and yours…

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