Israel’s PM points to New Testament – Obama does U-turn!

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Subject: Israel’s PM Points To New Testament — US President Does U-Turn on Israel

Dear Friends – I trust you will be able to read this update’s insightful links as and when time permits:

The above-headed events happened a week ago today, ie. on Wednesday 12th and the morrow, 13th May. Are they connected, can we detect the hand of God?

What happened? Separate newsagency headlines hint at a possible connection –



Israel’s Prime Minister:

Reuters reported a special session of the Knesset wherein PM Netanyahu responded to a heckler by drawing attention to the New Testament’s many references to the Jewish city of Jerusalem –  is intriguing reading.

[NB. One main area of Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement against Israel is the vehement Palestinian denial of any historic Jewish connection to Jerusalem or the Temple Mount!  Such nonsense is apparent from the remarks of PA’s chief negotiator to
Netanyahu’s reply, and who’d committed been ‘unbridled and offensive assaults’ upon rudely abusive to him during the reconvened talks. Debka Special report indicates the
the sterling character of PM Netanyahu.]

Netanyahu offered a comparison between the three Middle-Eastern religions’ scriptures. Reuters writes it was a lesson in comparative religion, but just maybe it could be regarded as implicit official recognition by Israel of the New Testament’s historical accuracy?

Perhaps the Lord may be moving the Jewish nation closer to the prophesied recognition of their true Messiah? Maybe quite soon, “they will look on Me whom they have pierced..”?? (Zechariah 12:10 – and maybe chapter 2’s awesome Word will soon be applied? It’s well-worth reading.

WOW-WOW pls excuse excitement but was about to hit ‘send’ but added this Zech2 bit’ – THEN in comes email advising of rhema word recvd upon awakening this morning> ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ – why? “because SOON AND VERY SOON THE KING OF KINGS WILL COME…” SO, it IS time for the Bride to be sure she’s getting ready!

United States’ President:

DEBKAfile’s published an ‘exclusive’ headed ‘Obama Turns a New Leaf on Israel’, saying this dashes Palestinian hopes for the imposition of his own solution upon Israel –
see here. He sent his top advisors with a sort of apology to leading American rabbis. Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel admitted they’d ‘screwed up’ support for Israel and promised they’d work to undo the damage. But shouldn’t Barack Obama himself apologise to the Israeli leaders he insulted?

NB.> This news is so astonishing it must have surprised even Debka analysts because it is diametrically different to their previous strong censure of Netanyahu made only days earlier, as issued in above-mentioned special report!!

Perhaps the Lord is opening Obama up to adopt a fresh perspective? Perhaps even a revelation of His Holy Word? Maybe the sight of what’s massively brewing in M.East has at last shocked some sense into him before it all blows sky high! Even the PA’s Abbas had gone to China on 1st May seeking its help to stop Iran striking Israel through terrorist proxies in Syria-Lebanon because many Palestinians would be killed in the anticipated missile barrage. Reports today indicate Russia is secretly training Iranian Republican Guards to use interceptor missiles as part of major arms deal with Iran, notwithstanding their PM’s promise to President Obama not to sell them!

I recall that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas was the first head of state Barack Obama contacted after his inauguration. Subsequently, commentators began to notice Obama’s extreme anti-Israel bias and support of the PA as though its agent rather than neutral honest broker; eg. his unprecedented bargaining on behalf of PA and insisting Israel bend, concede and obey – velvet glove on one hand – iron fist in the other. (Correct me if I’m mistaken but the PA has never reciprocated, nay cannot guarantee any such on their part.)

Recently, many concluded Obama’s true intent was regime change in Israel. Now, cynics say his Democrats have woken up to the loss of the ‘G-d Vote’ (believing Jewish and Christian voters) and all its treasure chest of dollars! [See here.]

(PS: it transpires Saudi King Abdullah has exerted pressure upon Obama soon after inauguration and extracted his promise to pressurise Israel into returning to pre-’67 status-quo, among other points!!  No wonder America is suffering the application of Biblical ‘terms & conditions’!)

A rapprochement had indeed become evident in early May when a senior advisor to Obama offered detailed clarifications to policy at the Anti-Defamation (ie. of Jewish people) League’s annual conference. At White House accredited journalist Bill Koenig opens his covering weekly Koenig’s Eye View:

“Ironically, no one has done more to accelerate the final-day events than secular Jews in their positions in Washington think-tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Brookings Institute and their influence on the State Department, the National Security Council and the White House.”

Bill then goes in-depth not only on details given to the ADL but also on those experts’ 2008 policy blueprint, itemising the failure of 5/6 of their key actions! His summary points out,
“In Genesis 12:3 (NKJV), the Lord says of Israel, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee.” It was not until the United States started agreeing with the Islamic world and aggressively insisting that the nation of Israel must bow to Islamic demands that terrorism began to take root against America.”

NB.> From his place at the ‘coalface’, our Christian analyst is of the firm opinion:

Never before have we had so many biblically significant events evolving at such a rapid pace (my emphasis)…it requires a major effort and assistance in an attempt to stay up with them (my emphasis). Only a small percentage of people in the church and a very small percentage of people in the public know of the seriousness of the times…”
(That’s you and me he’s referring to!)

Modern Jerusalem:

Although familiar with the Bible you may like some background to events. These recent items give a brief, solid overview:
(Incidentally, in 1922 Winston Churchill proposed using river Jordan as the Jewish homeland’s boundary but was ignored.)

> by a Christian confidante of several Israeli leaders

> a British Biblical author’s open letter to Israel’s PM

> from an influential American business professor and political commentator

Hope this information may encourage and refresh you in the Word.


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