Coincidences, or real acts of God?

2nd of 4 pre-blog emails – click here for previous and here for the prophecy.:
Friends – does the sudden burst from an Icelandic volcano that’s been bubbling quietly for some weeks indicate God is trying to get our attention?
Why just happen when an area of high pressure is conveniently placed south of that island so that winds get circulated directly to our island 1000 miles away?
Could the following facts point to divine intention?
Headline 6pm BBC News Wed 14 April – UK scientists create embryos formed from man and TWO women! I realised that directly breaks one of God’s ordinances; so will He respond? [Details at link 1 below – and CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship provides incisive comments, his blog’s penultimate para is especially pertinent; see 2.]
Another 6pm headline – UK Watchdog bans Israel’s tourism advert showing the Wailing Wall, ‘because the ad implied the part of East Jerusalem featured in the image was part of the state of Israel’ [3]. In other words, the ASA is following the European and American dictats of denying the city to the descendents of its ancient Jewish citizens [4].
The VERY NEXT day all airports in Britain and northern Europe are closed down, 150,000 of our tourists stranded abroad and hundreds of thousands stuck here or overseas unable to travel through Europe!! Days of upheaval and consequential huge financial losses were to follow – a foretaste of the Tribulation? Perhaps the Lord is applying the Isaiah 25 prophetic scenario (see espec v5)?
(Recent posts on John McTernan’s Insights blog refer to this teacher’s carefully chronicled analysis over two decades of natural upheavals and associated political events that may indicate a Biblically significant connection.)
May the Lord open up His scriptures to our minds…

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