Is US military about to act? PLUS confirmation of prophetic insight on ‘maSk’ and ‘maRk’ of the beast!

Come with me through this sequence of possibly prophetical ‘nudges’ that won’t go away since yesterday. First, upon spotting this item published the previous day, my immediate reaction was to think is the American military going to put a stop to this sort of tom-foolery? Maybe, they’re going to have to put a stop to it by deposing the puppet president and re-installing President 45?

This introductory article to World Net Daily’s Whistleblower Magazine begins:

‘Of all the institutions of the federal government that leftwing elites have infiltrated and corrupted – from public education to the judiciary to, most recently, the Justice Department, FBI and intelligence agencies – one all-important organization has remained relatively unscathed: The United States military. But that is in danger of radically changing under the Biden administration.

‘In just the brief period since Joe Biden’s January inauguration, his administration’s radical expansion of perverse Obama-era initiatives is resulting in what amounts to an assault on the American military’s readiness to fight wars and defeat enemies. All in the name of social justice, equity, anti-racism, radical diversity, inclusion, transgender rights, and of course, rooting out legions of “racists” and “white supremacists” that supposedly inhabit the armed forces of the United States.’

Here’s one of “the bizarre and transformative policies the Biden administration has already set in motion” that WND has investigated in depth (emphases mine):

‘In March, Team Biden hired Richard Torres-Estrada to head the U.S. Special Operations Command’s “office of diversity and inclusion.” SOCOM oversees the Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and all other Special Operations components of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps that lead America’s counter-terrorism and unconventional warfare operations. What exactly qualified Torres-Estrada – whose most recent job was as an equal-employment opportunity officer for the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority – to occupy an important position over America’s most elite fighting forces?

‘It turns out that in June 2020 Torres-Estrada explicitly compared President Donald J. Trump to Adolf Hitler, posting on Facebook side-by-side photos of America’s 45th president and history’s most reviled genocidal monster, each holding a Bible.

11 thoughts on “Is US military about to act? PLUS confirmation of prophetic insight on ‘maSk’ and ‘maRk’ of the beast!

  1. Morena Richard,
    It took me a while to recover from Robin Bullock’s message.
    I felt I was on holy ground.
    He must have inherited the mantle of Kim Clement.
    What he said about Obama rings true, even the secular world has cottoned on,
    But it’s good to get it backed up from scripture.
    Praise the I AM

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  2. Hi Richard and all,
    I have a genuine question for you. This is not meant in any negative way, just a genuine desire to know. I used to come here to this site to find out what was going on prophetically for the UK but it seems more and more that this has become a site for American prophecy and matters American. I have many American friends and love the USA but I want to know if this is intentional, natural progression of the site or godly direction. If the direction has changed, are you able to recommend any sites that focus on the UK prophetically please? Many thanks and blessings Caroline

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    • Just a comment Caroline. The spiritual battle seems to be raging in the US and no doubt is coming to a head, which is why the prophets are receiving their messages. The US is a world leader where it goes we follow usually. Britain Im sure will get it’s turn as it did with Brexit.

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      • I see what you are saying Alex but my understanding was that this site was originally for what God was saying to his church in the UK (the US has the Elijah list for US matters although sometime there are other countries). If I have misunderstood the remit of Richard’s Watch (Richard, can you confirm please?) then this is totally my error. Do you happen to know, Alex, if there is a site that deals with British Isles specific prophecy? As my desire is to pray for the British isles that is my interest. I do take your point about USA being a world leader though.

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        • Just noticed you’re chatting with my kiwi cyber-buddy and have now inserted link in my reply to the Starks BICP website. You may like to watch Emma’s daily (?) Fbk broadcast. David and her’s team, have been most prodigious over the years and I’m surprised you’ve not heard of Glasgow Prophetic Centre.


        • Caroline I think it is good you have asked for info and now you have got it from Richard. We sometimes don’t hear about a site till someone recommends it.
          I do a bit of writing myself and I know about time constraints. It’s like troops in battle, they are redirected to the hot spots.
          I have found I have been redirected from one country to another.
          It’s sometimes hard because we know all of it is important , if God is moving..
          And sometimes it is easier to stick with the familiar, but the Holy Spirit will not be put in a box. I feel that last sentence had the anointing.
          Praise the I AM.

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    • Hello Caroline and appreciate your asking – and your appreciation!
      The change in focus came through a combination of major events and tight time-constraints (only Thursdays are fully geared to un-blogging my brain before our long-weekend) along with application of two personal prophetic words from a friend who now leads Catch The Fire Farnborough. He saw my scatter-gun approach becoming laser-like and rather than running ‘all around the walls’ to watch and alert as much as possible, I’d focus upon very specific activities.

      You may have missed the paper I produced at the request of the then President of the Baptist Union but is linked in this site’s ‘About Prophecy’ hub. So click on

      You’ll find a UK directory in its section 9 and if you copy-paste the names into search facility then you should find websites, most of which are on Fbk too. Also, Section 7 has link to British Isles Council of Prophets.

      Hope this helps


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