‘On-Cue’: USA reverts to days of lawless Wild West, BUT GOD… 1 ‘tares’

This is the post I began on Tuesday, then first thing Wednesday morning I checked the wheat and tares parable as told in 12th Anniversary: Endgame is now in play… So, the piece is now split into two contrasting parts per Matt 13 and Jesus’ action plan, with the ‘tares’ first as they’re the first to get ‘the chop’.  So here’s the headlines:

Further to Justice Clarence Thomas’ denunciation of the SCOTUS’ refusal to settle the dispute over November’s election, attorney Sidney Powell was lost for words over their dereliction of duty and utterly ignoring over 5,000 sworn affidavits of evidence. Many witnesses require security protection because of threats made against them and their families!!!

Sidney opened her conversation on the Erskine interview, as follows:

“From my perspective it looks like the complete breakdown of every institution of law enforcement and the rule of law that we have trusted in this country since its inception to protect the law and the citizens from abuses by the government…”

As shown above, The Gateway Pundit reports that, following their inaction from last week, the US Supreme Court rejected without comment or explanation lingering 2020 election challenges by Attorney Sidney Powell in Arizona and Wisconsin.

Also on Monday, Sidney released her opinion for the press on SCOTUS rulings:

THEREFORE, any reasonable person may conclude America has deliberately reverted to the 19th Century and is now reviving the lawless Wild West. In fact, my ‘equation’ of its national state-of-play is now rather longer:

Four years sedition + lies of Russiagate/Spygate + political, academia, industrial links with CCP + hundreds nationwide riots + ‘soft coup’ election fraud + media censorship + implosion of judicial, congressional, executive government = civil war OR martial law!

HOWEVER, such situations are those where only the Almighty, the God of Justice, can come to the rescue. Let’s recall the prophecy Lana Vawser brought on Fireworks Day, 5th November > “Justice is Mine” says the Lord.

YET whilst preparing this long-read, I get diverted with confirmation on what I’m about to blog, as told in 12th Anniversary: The Endgame Is Now In Play… and today our respected Canadian contact Maxine Phyllis offers these insights on tares in that post’s Fb version in response to ‘Tony’ asking “What do we do? Inform the tares?”…

“Go humble. The tares are destined to rise up and preen themselves in God’s face before going to their destruction. I once learned from the Lord that the tares are an entirely different species than the wheat. They can never transform themselves into Kingdom sons (Matthew 13) but will always only be able to mimic Kingdom sons, for the purpose of undermining them and draining away their resources. 

I respond, “Very interesting in view of darnel being toxic, as mentioned in my blog. AND is similar to how HS enables me to discern those who play devil’s advocate in the manner you describe…”

To which Maxine says, “I’ve seen it happen time and time again, and I believe we’re now seeing it on a global scale with prominent world leaders. The Holy Spirit shows me how some are merely trying to imitate others who went before and, if you watch long enough, you’ll see how it has the effect of undermining what the original leaders intended to happen.
“I also often hear from the Lord about it, that humility before Him is the key to escaping the effects of the tares. Always take the position of humility before God in the face of the tares, which is the same posture taken by ripe wheat before the Creator. When it becomes fully ripe it’s top-heavy, full of good grain, and naturally bows over which exposes the tares even further.”

In Part 2 we’ll look at the ‘wheat’…


It may be partisan but The Gateway Pundit brings news on election and FBI abuse (in chronological order):

1 thought on “‘On-Cue’: USA reverts to days of lawless Wild West, BUT GOD… 1 ‘tares’

  1. Richard,
    Lawless Wild West has returned to America. FBI seem to be worse than anyone.
    Your blog is my go to when I awake.
    Two huge quakes here in NZ this morning.
    Must have had premonition as didn’t get wink of sleep night before.
    We are nicknamed Godzone, if only.
    Praise the I AM.

    Liked by 1 person

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