Holy Spirit in action: 3 more ‘double-portions’ validate and fulfill Veronika’s prophetic word (GPS #59.3)

Don’t you love how Holy Spirit works in and through us to encourage one another in Jesus? It’s so immensely encouraging AND for the second day running the first thing on my blog’s unread comments is a reader’s remarkable account, as below, and just like happened yesterday (as blogged), brings news that directly plugs into whatever I’ve been or am working on.

So the brief word Veronika brought mid-week a fortnight ago gets validated yet again – like yesterday when Tim Shey confirmed my musing upon scripture and what I’m soon to post!

(Note my intro to Prophetic Visions-words Shared by Veronika West – 5: Double Doses of God-incidents, “Yet again dear Veronika hits the target with this yesterday and after blogging this morning on Time I can confirm its bulls-eye accuracy! AND I hadn’t realised until a friend drew it to my attention when I’d finished…“)

This morning ‘Seeing Like The Eagle’ (who blogs at EagleSight) comments upon The Remnant is Awakening at the same time we were reading a specific meditation:

“Thanks for this Richard. I received a word during a prayer vigil this week and the Lord referred to His remnant. I was pondering on why He had said that “His remnant” so your post is very timely. ”

I reply, “So marvellous and appreciate your sharing, and just like happened to me yesterday (as blogged). In our morning reading a few minutes ago we read about Holy Spirit in us doing such coordination” and close the comment.

BUT I keep getting ‘digs in my ribs’. So I add, “Wow again, as I recall not planning to blog anything about that topic but then I saw the posting and, being on WordPress is so quick and easy to share, I realised it’s just right. Hence my covering, introductory remarks.”

Here’s the reading I read out aloud at that time (and tomorrow’s is apposite too):

Extract from Sanctuary – Moments In His Presence:

THERE’S YET ANOTHER DOUBLE HEREIN…Author David’s notation of today as ’64’ is mathematically the multiplication of a number twice, that is, 8 x 8 ! (Eight is number of new beginning, or a new cycle of 7.)

The timing of David’s excellent teaching on walking in the Holy Spirit in connection with the word Veronika brings is yet another God-incidence that reinforces an answer Holy Spirit had given me to a double-dose of distraction opposition I was encountering in that week. In that first post linked above I write under sub-head ‘DOUBLE-PORTIONS‘:

  1. ‘The timing of her revisiting 8 Nov’20 vision and another, as in previous post.
  2. ‘Two emails from readers on health issues prompted my adding PS, to Veronika’s on the enemy’s circumscribed power, as reminder of our identity and authority.
  3. ‘Two comments, one on this blog and the other on a friend’s Fakebook, as polite critiques of source content of some of my postings.

‘The latter comment was a recognised distraction tactic from a ‘learned’ critic known to us. It was the second time this happened when blogging on content-sensitive items in order to steal my time. When such opposition comes, together with increased temporary physical indisposition, then I’m well-assured I’m bang-on-course in serving the Lord with whatever’s on-hand.’

Quite reasonably (yet unreasonably in firing a triple salvo), one critic queried my role as watchman because of lack of checking of source material. My brief reply referred to (a sheer necessity of time-saving) being ‘nudged by Holy Spirit’, to which he proceeded to dispute on the grounds that five named Christian teachers and ‘other giants’ would challenge my claim! Such giants are not a Big as My Father and His Book, yet the critic went into a protracted discussion – and on my valuable Thursday! I concluded by linking to that day’s blog as an example of how Holy Spirit leads with Veronika’s double-portion word and thanked him for his contribution.

IN response my brotherly critic offered to help me get a more rounded perspective of the above blog’s 3rd example: “There is another way of looking at this – is it possible that the coincidence of a word of caution, at the same time as you think another thing, is a word to make you pause and consider rather than a confirmation of what you were actually thinking? Why chose the word which agrees with you as the right one rather than the one that disagrees?”

I noted it, YET our heavenly Father was fully aware of all this and THAT VERY DAY brought yet another double-portion to confirm the veracity of my claims, as follows:

1st > Email from Neil Mackereth noting “Another “God-incidence” re parallels with Veronika’s blog” and attaching his paper ‘Know Your Enemy’, which I scheduled for Friday as Wow-Wotta-Wednesday: Know Our Enemy’s Strategy.

2nd > Email from Wanda Alger Standing As A Watchman In All The Contradiction, which I schedule for publication that Sunday.

SO, since my first posting of Veronika’s above prophecy screenshot and 3 examples of double-portions, 3 more have occurred, thereby validating and fulfilling that word!

Praise and thank you Lord.

Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net

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