Update on ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy: no State Of The Union speech?

Thank you Tim Shey for commenting with a copy of Cesare’s remark of last night:

‘Biden is the first President (?) in US modern history who hasn’t still held the State of the Union address. Since 1933, every President had held that speech by February. Meanwhile, Trump spoke yesterday. It looks like there are two Presidents, but only one is really in charge.’

For  some background read his analysis of Trump’s most brilliant trap against the NWO for I heard about Cesare in connection with reporting upon ‘Italy-gate’ investigations.

PS. see next Update for more confirmations of this news.

PPS: latest per Fox News 16 March

13 thoughts on “Update on ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy: no State Of The Union speech?

    • ACE and thanks for the reminder Alex of that historical controversy. In fact, many RC’s regard the current Francis as ‘Anti-Pope’ and refer to him by his surname. Therefore, there’s nothing absurd in Kim Clement’s prophetical description for it’s NOT without precedent!


  1. Here are a couple more posts from Cesare Sacchetti:

    Sacchetti writes: “Trump is demolishing the deep state under the puppet Biden administration. Basically, Trump is using his enemies to fulfill his goal and defeat the globalist cabal. Trump is beyond Sun Tzu.”

    It looks like the Book of Esther and Haman hanging from his own gallows revisited. The Lord is in control and President Trump is absolutely brilliant.

    I love Sacchetti’s quote: “Trump is beyond Sun Tzu”. Sun Tzu, of course, wrote the classic THE ART OF WAR. I read half of THE ART OF WAR a number of years ago. Halfway through, the Lord told me to stop reading Sun Tzu’s book. I asked the Lord, Why? (because it is an excellent read). The Lord told me, “The man who obeys the Lord defeats Sun Tzu every time.”

    Praise the Lord! Sun Tzu was a great military strategist, but the Lord can run circles around Sun Tzu any time He wants to. Glory to God in the Highest!

    Trust and obey.

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  3. Richard: Here is the latest post from Cesare Sacchetti on GAB:

    “When Mark Meadows said that Trump is meeting with his “cabinet members” was not by chance. Those words were pronounced on purpose to let us understand that America is divided in this historical moment between two Presidents. As Kim Clement predicted several years ago, the United States is now living a diarchy, something unprecedented in its history. Donald Trump didn’t surrender in January. He just gave the illusion to the deep state to accept the fraud but it was in that moment that he delivered the power to the military. Now we’re approching the final phase of the battle between the New World Order and Trump and the patriots. Day after day, the electoral coup is being exposed. The mainstream media is terrified by Mike Lindell’s event and Dominion is suing Newsmax out of fear.

    “The proofs of the fraud are too big to be hidden. This is the final part of the plan. In this phase, members of the cabal such as Cuomo, Soros’ henchman and Bill Gates are being exposed. Trump’s return is at hand. It’s a battle over the soul of America and the world. It’s a battle between the New World Order and the patriots. It’s a battle, as Archbishop Viganò said, between God and Satan. Only by remembering that we are in middle of a spiritual battle, we can win. We’re not fighting only ‘against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places’.”


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