Prophecy Progress Report – Trump-Biden poker game (publ’d 8 Nov ’20)

Last weekend I noted news indicative of possible progress on the fulfillment of the dream Veronika West was blessed with of seeing Donald Trump and Joe Biden playing poker, as told in His Kingdom Prophecy on 8 Nov 2020.

I’ve blogged about this on a few occasions but let’s look at the relevant closing part of this dream:

  • Then Biden puts down his cards and the people behind him start to yell and say, “Yes, we have victory in this game!”
  • Meanwhile Trump’s admin are still praying. Then Trump does something very strange and starts to take off his watch. Then he throws it into the middle of the table.
  • The watch has the word ‘Triumph’ on it — It is a ‘Triumph Watch’.
  • As the watch hits the pile of gold, Trump lays his cards out on the table and I hear the words, “Full House!”
  • Immediately, Biden stands up and starts to shout and curse.
  • Trump then embraces the pile of gold, and as the watch rolls down the pile he puts it back on his wrist and says to his administration, “It’s time!”
  • Then the administration help Trump gather in the mountain of gold coins to their side of the table and scoop them up.

Here are the news items from The Gateway Pundit and posted within 10 minutes of each other, as shared on my Facebook:

Read in full at >

Read in full at >

Read in full at >


Read in full by clicking here.

SO, could Donald Trump be about to call “FULL HOUSE – TIME!”?

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