Join others taking a stand against anti-Christian government body


Voice for Justice UK is a Christian organisation working to highlight issues of concern to Christians in the United Kingdom. News of their latest stand came in the email copied below, and all links quoted therein are available at the foot of this post. CEO of Voice for Justice UK Lynda Rose reports (emphases mine):

“Commissioners of a new government commissioned group, whose task is to study extremism and report back to the Government, hold Christophobic and hostile views that will alarm Christians throughout the country. Bible-believing Christians who are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage are seen as “menacing”, even bracketed alongside terrorist groups like ISIS and the Taliban, while being part of “less progressive religious communities…

“We have members of a Commission with very divisive and dangerous views about Bible-believing Christians. If you are pro-life or pro-traditional marriage, you are effectively seen as backward and not properly integrated into British society. This Commission is meant to study what extremism is, and, in due course, advise the Government on new policies that deals with extremism. This includes the need for new powers. But given how three of its Commissioners see Christians, including the Lead Commissioner, we can expect the Commission’s findings to promote Christophobia.”

She adds: “Christian freedoms are already under serious threat and the influence of these Commissioners is likely to further smear all law-abiding Christians in the UK. Peddling hostility for Christian beliefs that are integral to Christian teaching is a recipe for disaster. These Commissioners must resign immediately.”

So I hope it won’t offend any reader but, if you too are outraged about such anti-Christ bias in the selection of the Counter Extremism Commissioners, please consider signing Voice for Justice’s petition and share this direct or via links shown below with those who share our concern. Please read and act upon the VfJ UK’s email:


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