Vision of holy hailstones breaking the ‘White House’ – Veronika West

In the plethora of information to hand in the first week of February I noticed this dream published by Veronika but, although copy-pasted, it remained in my drafts folder perhaps overlooked in the sweeping tide of events.

Even so, it was and remains of particular relevance to some dubious, debatable details about the Biden administration at the White House that I wanted to blog about. I note its deep significance must have stirred Veronika because she re-published it yesterday but without any introduction.

In my humble opinion, it connects not only with the New Year’s Eve prophetic word of  Light, Camera, Action she brought, later to be mirrored by The Marshall Report’s Oops The Biden Show; is in Take 5, but also with current events and his administration’s demise.

Here’s His Kingdom Prophecy version:


After praying concerning a poignant dream I had a few nights ago, I felt The LORD leading me to share this dream this evening.

I will only share parts of the dream, for the purpose of prayer.

A few nights ago [January- February] I had a powerful dream where I found myself standing in a strange place in The Realm of The Spirit.

The atmosphere in the dream was heavy with demonic presence and oppression, but although I felt the darkness around about me, I was at total peace in the dream, as I knew I had been caught up by The LORD in the dream to be shown something  prophetically significant.

Now as I stood watching and waiting in this dream, suddenly I saw a massive Hourglass filled with sand, standing over the nation of America, and as I looked at the grains of sand falling within the Hourglass, I heard these Words in the dream, “The Sands of Time are in My Hand within this land.”

As I heard those Words, suddenly, I saw a dark Whirlwind beginning to form within the Hourglass, and as I looked at the great Whirlwind that was swirling within the Hourglass, suddenly I felt a tangible demonic power coming from within the dark Whirlwind, and I heard these Words, “A whirlwind of death and destruction comes to reap a harvest of souls.”

Now as those words echoed loudly in the dream, I saw the grains of Sand within the Hourglass begin to fall with greater acceleration. Then I heard these Words, “The dark whirlwind of destruction and death seeks to bring an acceleration within The Sands of Time for greater demonic domination and satanic reformation to the foundation of this nation.”

As I heard those Words, I found myself standing again in the dream, watching what looked like a great Sand Storm that was moving across the land, and as I looked at the Sand Storm blowing very powerfully and slowly across the nation, suddenly the strong winds of the Sand Storm began to disperse, until eventually the Sand Storm completely disappeared.

But then suddenly, I heard these Words“For as the dust begins to settle over the land, so all will be revealed and exposed!”

As I heard those Words, I found myself standing in front of what looked like ‘The White House’, but as I looked at the White House, I saw that the entire structure of the White House was made of thin fragile glass, and everything in the White House was visible.

Nothing was hidden or concealed! The entire White House — including the furnishings within the White House — was made of clear fragile glass.

Now as I looked again in the dream at this massive glass structure which was ‘The White House’, suddenly I heard these Words, ”Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones! Watch! For the fragile Glass House made of sand will fall and not stand!”

Now as I heard those Words, I saw Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the dream, sitting in the fragile Glass White House and they were surrounded by many people, and they were all discussing the future plans, strategies and tactics that were going to be implemented for governing and ruling over the nation in the days ahead.

As I listened to their conversations and as I watched their behaviour in the dream, I became aware that all those who were in the fragile Glass White House, were totally unaware that the structure that surrounded them was made of fragile glass, and that everything they were doing was being fully revealed and exposed for all to see.

Note: Now, as I was seeing these things in the dream it was made known to me by The Spirit that what I was seeing in the dream was how God saw everything.

I was being shown everything from God’s Perspective, for nothing can be concealed or hidden from His Sight, for even the darkness is light to him!

Back to the dream… I was then shown that those who were in the Glass White House, believed that they were safe and secure.

They were all oblivious to the vulnerability and the instability of the fragile Glass House that they were in, and they all believed that they were untouchable, that they were able to do and continue to do whatever they desired, without any consequences for their actions and their decisions, and that they had indeed succeeded in building and establishing for themselves a great and powerful house/ kingdom of their own making.

Now as I kept looking at the fragile Glass White House in the dream and all that was taking place, I saw that the White House was void of The Fear of God!

The rooms within the White House looked dim, as there was very little light. Then I saw that a thick veil of darkness seemed to be covering the eyes of all the people within the House.

As I looked at the veil upon their eyes, I heard these Words, ”Leave them alone. They are blind guides of the blind, and if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into the dark pit.”

As those Words swirled round about me in the dream, suddenly I saw Joe Biden walk up to a small table where he sat down and he began to sign pieces of paper.

And as I watched him signing all these different pieces of paper, I heard him say these words, “These laws will become the stones that will rebuild and reform the foundation of this nation….”

As he said those words, I heard these Words again, “Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones! Watch! For the Fragile Glass House made of sand will fall and not stand!”

As I heard those Words for a second time, suddenly I felt the ground beneath my feet begin to shake and tremble, and then I heard these Words in the dream, ”Brace! Brace, for an earthquake is coming!”

But as those Words came to me in the dream, The spirit of The LORD quickened this verse to me,

“….and everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it….” Matthew 7:26-27.

As that verse seemed to penetrate my inner most being in the dream, suddenly I saw the sky above the fragile Glass White House begin to turn black as heavy rain clouds began to form over the land, and I heard these Words, “It’s time to go up, for there is a sound of the abundance of rain!”

As I heard those Words, suddenly the massive Hourglass appeared before me again in the dream, and as I looked at the sand within the Hourglass, I saw that the grains of sand within the Hourglass looked as if they were suspended in time — as if ‘time with the Hourglass had suddenly, stopped’.

But as I looked at the grains of sands within the Hourglass — which now seemed to stand still — I heard these Words, “For The Sands of Time are in My Hand in this land. Watch! For the Hail Stones of Heaven shall fall like rain upon the Glass White House made of sand — for it will fall, and not stand!”

As I heard those Words in the dream, I watched as, yet again, another Whirlwind began to form within the Hourglass, a Whirlwind of Radiant Light which began to swirl round and round with great power.

The Whirlwind of Light moved within the Hourglass, and as I kept watching the Whirlwind of Radiant Light, I heard these Words, “The Whirlwind of Awe and Wonder now stirs up The Sands ofTtime that will bring a Divine Reversal to the satanic agenda that sought to accelerate the plans of death and destruction in the land!”

As I heard those Words, I saw massive Hailstones begin to fall like rain upon the fragile Glass White House made of sand, that stood in the land, and I watched in the dream, as the White House made of glass, was completely dismantled and utterly destroyed. Nothing was left standing!

As I woke up from the dream, I immediately began to pray and write down all I had just seen and heard.


Now as I have prayed and meditated over parts of this dream, I believe the dream reveals that there is a powerful satanic agenda in this hour, to bring forth the One World Order before its time. Satan desires to effect the time and seasons.

The main assignment of the enemy, I believe, is to disrupt, derail and destroy the coming Revival and Harvest that is now getting ready to be birthed in the nation(s).

The enemy is seeking in this hour, to alter and accelerate the time for the purpose of bringing forth destruction and death into this nation(s).

But, as I was shown clearly in the dream, I believe that if we will continue to stand and pray, we ‘will see Heaven move and manifest in a mighty and miraculous way.

I believe, not only will we see The Hand of God move to stop this satanic acceleration of time from taking place, but there can be a Divine Reversal to the destructive plans and purposes of the enemy, that have already begun to take hold over the nation!

This kingdom of darkness that the enemy is endeavouring to build and establish in the nation in this hour, certainly gives the illusion of great power and strength. This can be very intimidating and overwhelming if we are not securely anchored to The Rock of our Salvation!

We are seeing many hearts failing for fear and hopelessness, as they see Satan using many willing vessels in this hour, trying to rebuild and reform the very foundations of this great nation.

These satanic attacks have been relentless and have been strategically working to undermine the bedrock of Truth, Freedom and Righteousness that the nation has been founded upon.

This is not a time to shrink back or retreat into caves, but the ekklesia must arise and take her place with boldness and courage on the battlefield, for the destiny of the nations.

The Bride of Christ must now advance, to push back the powers of darkness that threaten to steal the birthright of the nations!

Let us Declare that: “The Hail Stones of Heaven will begin to fall like rain and that the fragile Glass House made of sand will fall and not stand!”

Please, as you pray over this dream, and as you ask The Holy Spirit to give you a witness, would you then share with others for the purpose of Prayer and Intercession?

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West, 7th February 2021

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    • Yes there’s lots Daphne but time constraints as well as personal prophecy preclude my covering them at present. For a directory of ministries go to this site’s menu and see my paper on The State of the Prophetic in UK within About Prophecy hub. It includes British Isles Council of Prophets. Also, on Facebook go to Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival.
      Sorry, but device doesn’t enable me to provide links to them.


  1. Pomarie Richard,
    Just as I was reading about rain falling on the White House by V.W. There was a heavy downpour here as if confirming it.
    Praise the I AM.


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