Vision of God’s storm over Washington D.C. – Chris G Bennett

Noteworthy that Chris received this over the weekend when many more Americans were waking up to the severe state of affairs in their nation!  His vision reminds me of a vivid dream 50 years ago, when living in the enemy camp, of the vast cloud in which I ‘knew’ is hidden the Almighty. I was struck by a real fear of God – so am appending pertinent screenshots:


I was just preparing for bed last night, when I heard The LORD say, “Hang on a minute, I have something to show you.”

I don’t ever need a second invitation from Him, so I gave Him my attention. I had been fretting a bit during the day, because I hadn’t heard much from Him lately, but a friend had said to “just be still and worship Him — He’s probably taking you deeper.”

So, I sat on my bed just gently praising His Name, when suddenly I became aware of a huge dark, almost black, storm cloud approaching.

It billowed high into the sky, overshadowing everything in its path. I could hear banging and crashing thunder, and I could see huge bolts of lightning flashing and striking somewhere.

I watched as the storm came above a city, which I knew in my spirit was Washington DC, and darkness came over the city.

I saw several lightning bolts hit The White House. People were pouring out of buildings — running, as if for their lives.

“What’s going on, LORD?” I asked.

“God’s going on!” I seemed to hear in my spirit. “Elohim, The LORD God of Israel, is acting!”

“The war in the heavenlies is spilling over into the earth!”

The earth shook!

The storm died down a little, and it became lighter. As the gloom lifted, I could see that DC was in a mess.

The White House was damaged, along with many other buildings. There were troops everywhere, and they seemed to have taken charge of controlling the area.

There was subsidence all around revealing a tunnel network running under the entire city. I heard a broadcast announcing Martial Law in Washington DC, and several other places.

Arrests were being announced and many surprising names were given. Some people tried to take the law into their own hands, but this was soon stopped by the troops.

Law and order seemed to be restored slowly, although there were pockets of stubborn resistance.

The news media was in unapologetic hyperdrive with ‘speakers’ screaming panic to a public who were dazed and scared although this didn’t last very long, but it added to the general disturbance.

Night turned slowly to day and everything settled down to a jittery peace. The main, the only question being asked was, “Is this Trump returning? If not, who is it?”

The answer was silence as the Vision closed.

So I guess we are to draw our own conclusions.

Chris G. Bennett


US election’s NOT over – the numbers don’t add up! (#1. Societal equation)

Just completed in double-Quick time to schedule for > 17:17…

5 thoughts on “Vision of God’s storm over Washington D.C. – Chris G Bennett

  1. Richard: This vision of Washington, DC by Chris Bennett is perfect timing. It really bears witness with my spirit.

    According to this video (17 seconds), four people are in critical condition from a lightning strike at Lafayette Park near the White House; the lightning strike happened today:

    In August 2022, there was a lightning strike near the White House that hit four people:

    The White House is cursed. Washington, DC is cursed. The land vomits.

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