UK prophet confirms ‘word’ heard on End-times shakings!

When a friend asked my opinion of the transcript below, I was pleasantly surprised  to find that pastor Christopher Wickland confirms two personal prominent prophetic items, as shared in my Footnote below.

First however, let’s recall the importance of precedence of authority in the Holy Spirit gifting of prophecy, as follows:

  1. Bible End-times Prophecies
  2. Modern, contemporary prophecy
  3. Opinion, comment and discussion.

The following auto-generated transcript (hence continuous text) copied into Facebook, is kindly provided by Susie Pope to Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival and I’ve added a few sub-heads for ease-of-reference.

Note that this is a lengthy conversational presentation rather formal discourse.


“My name is Pastor Chris Wickland and I want to share with you some visions and dreams the Lord has given me a long time ago that I’ve never shared publicly with anybody but I feel now is the time to do so and it’s pertaining to things regarding the End of the Age which is not quite yet, but we’ll be soon and I’ll I’ll unpack that and explain that. So today’s date is the 15th of February 2023.

Now as you know back last year towards the end of July I had a prophecy called the shifting seasons and in that word it said that spiritually we were going to go from a from the summertime into Autumn time and uh with that would come some shakings etc etc and this spiritual Autumn would last for a period of around about 15 to 20 years and in this period of time we will see the church move into great Revival but there will be great shaking to the Nations and there’ll be great shaking in this nation of three specific things the economy the government or the political land of this country and also the church and you know with the things like we’ve seen lately with the church of England we’re seeing that shaking quite clearly coming about and last night I was going for a walk with my wife and I just felt impressed by the memory of a lot of these visions that God had shown me that actually we are fast approaching these things and I need to start sharing them.


I’m going to put this as a for now as a once off video which I’m going to put out here I’m not going to heavily promote this if you find this and you watch this you can make of it as what you will some of you it will frighten you some of you I don’t know what it will do but I hope it is it is quite a serious it is serious word because we are heading into serious days and the church needs to understand that things unfortunately are not going to keep not going to go back to normal they’re not going to get better they’re going to get worse and worse, but in the time of great tumult will come the greatest of all revivals now again some people will take umbrage with that but please let me explain some of these visions and we’ll sort of work our way through it so here we go then so one of the dreams that I had about 20 years ago. I was in this dream an angel came to me and he gave me this book and it had the Seal of the Alpha and the Omega on it and of course no one could break this seal I couldn’t break it but the angel could he had the authority to break it and he broke the seal and as he opened the seal he opened it up and there I saw what would bring in the age of winter upon the earth now what’s interesting about that is as I prophesied last year about this changing seasons going to Autumn as I’ve thought about this the other day it was like oh my gosh God has already revealed to me what the spiritual winter is going to look like and what’s going to actually be the sign that will usher in the winter the sign that that was shown in this book that was open was a large well large-ish meteorite hit the earth it landed in the jungle somewhere and it got national International press it didn’t cause a lot of major damage but it but it was certainly newsworthy on an international scale now at this moment in time there are loads of fireballs flying across the sky it’s just YouTube it just do a search for Fireballs in the sky they’re everywhere but the specific sign that the angel told me in this stream was that when the world would come to a spiritual winter was when one of these would hit the grounds and uh and then not just one but a series of them as well and so when that happens then a spiritual winter would cover the Earth and it would be a time of great spiritual cold it’s not literal cold but a spiritual cold and evil will be permitted to come to its fullness.

(WHEAT & TARES Matt 13:36-43)

Remember Jesus in his Parables of the wheat and the tares we see we see both the tares and the wheat come to the fullness of maturity and so in this time of spiritual winter evil will come to the fullness of maturity and it will be that winter that I personally believe that will usher in the rule of the Antichrist now some of you go I don’t believe any of that nonsense saying that’s not you know I’m not into any of that that’s fine but I’m putting this out here out on record now so when these things come to pass and I believe they will and you see them hopefully you will remember this and maybe it will wake you up to realize that maybe just possibly there really will be an antichrist now one of the dreams that God gave me along time ago as well was he showed me uh this this graph and at the bottom of the graph there were dates but they were fudged out and then he showed me this curve that start was just like flat-lined really and then it slowly started to go up and up and up and up and up and it went straight up and when it reached this top part here had over the over the top of it with these words saying the Golden Age of the church but that only lasted for a moment for a while and then it just suddenly just dropped to zero that was gone and that is when the spiritual winter happens we are in spiritual Autumn now and you’re going to see God start to move and move more and more what’s happening in Asbury at the moment in Kentucky that that Revival that’s going on out there that’s going to become the norm they’re going to be these pockets of fire excuse me they’re going to be these pockets of fire everywhere where Revival is going to break out until eventually it becomes a wildfire that will just consume the world and that’s going to become the norm so what we’re seeing in Asbury and various other places that we’re hearing about this is the beginning of that incremental curve starting to go up as we head fast towards the Golden Age of the church and I must say these things are going to happen quick very quick you must not be taken unawares by this we are moving into a time now where things are accelerating and accelerating quick quicker than they’ve ever done before so you’re going to see God move quicker than ever before and you’re going to see evil increase quicker than you’ve ever seen before so where am I yes so you know it says in the Book of Joel uh I will pour out my spirit upon All Flesh before the great and terrible day of the Lord and so you know spiritually and scripturally I believe that towards the end of the age we will see a Revival like the world has never seen a history has never seen before as we are fasting approach as we fast approach the end of days um now one of the dreams that I had many years ago which I’ve never shared with uh well I’ve shared only with a few people it was the rise of the Antichrist again some of you don’t believe in any of that so just take it with a pinch of salt but put it on the back burner and maybe come back to it when these things start to come to pass I don’t know and in this stream I saw the United Nations and around the United Nations in the middle of this table there was all these world leaders in the middle of this table was one known as the Man of Peace but he was anything but the man of Peace he was actually behind all the wars and the things that were going on in the world which were causing all manner of troubles but nobody knew it was him because he was the man of Peace but he was the one that was instigating all the trouble that was going on in the world and these nations he was the key was the leader uh I believe there was he was the there was like 10 key Nations and he and then I well not ten but he was it looked like around about eight key nations were there and so and he was number eight when he was leading them I think it was about that which again fulfills I believe what’s written in the Book of Revelation about the set the eighth horn ruling the seventh horn the seven horns and all that kind of stuff so he was this leader so they only had a small amount of people around him about seven people but he was instrumental in bringing great trouble upon the Earth but he was known as the man of Peace So nobody knew what he was really like but in the dream I saw quite clearly this was a very very evil and dangerous man using politics to manipulate the world stage if you like for his agenda and then in this room was this huge statue a bronze statue of this creature that was like this and it had these huge Claws and these massive fangs and it was this big bronze creature and it was a beast and he brought this Beast to life and this Beast was sent out to ravage and destroy the Nations uh and I and when I saw this creature I I was an absolute Terror and I’m not trying to instill fear into people I’m just replaying what I saw I was an absolute Terror because I knew the power that this Beast was given to ravage the Nations and then the dream kind of moved on um and showed me other scenes and there were there were I mean some of this stuff’s a bit weird but one of one of the scenes was a political uh situation where there was a some famous Arab leader um and he randomly got struck by lightning and it killed him um and there was it was on Sky News that he was in state or something like that and then where his house was suddenly a UFO appeared and it hovered over his house and it stayed there for three day and three nights and Sky News was was uh you know on the ticker tape but Sky News was watching it and all the other new stations around the world are broadcasting it but I remember specifically Sky News saying we now know that extraterrestrial life Is For Real I need to say right now that things like UFOs flying sources all that kind of stuff so all part of my testimony people have listened to my testimony from witchcraft to Christ I mentioned about the whole UFO phenomena in that testimony it is a deceiving lie of the enemy now it says uh I think in Romans it says in the end times man will be given over to a massed illusion and I think in part this delusion of space loving peace brothers and all that kind of stuff is just a load of nonsense it’s a deception from the devil and so in this dream whether that’s whether the dream was just showing me uh a metaphor or whether that will really happen I don’t know but this whole thing about UFOs and all that kind of stuff you need to pay special attention to that especially with what’s going on in the news at the moment with the shooting down of those air balloons and other things that they don’t know what they’re shooting down in this stream as well now this is the bit that worries me in this dream bear in mind I had this dream 25 years ago I saw technology which didn’t exist then so I saw Christians being hunted down by these small machines that had propellers on them and cameras that were hunting people I didn’t know technology like that existed back then I’d never seen such a thing but I now recognize it a drone technology today uh and they you know Christians were in hiding and all sorts of stuff as the Antichrist was hunting them down I appreciate some of the stuff that I’m saying to you here may be frightening for you but you must understand this I not for now but this is for the future and God has showed me in my Ministry I’ll go through three clear distinct phases the first one which is I’m at now which is I’m just a local pastor the second one where I’m a Joseph where I am to help the help uh people through the time of Financial and spiritual famine that we’re coming into as well with the world and then my third part of my Ministry was when I was an old man and I was going out to the nation warning them that the end of dayswas fast approaching so when is this stuff going to be well as I said when we have the opening of that seal the Alpha and the Omega and the angels showed me when that one of those Fireballs hit the earth and it was and it hit the jungle somewhere and it made an international news that was the sign when we went from Autumn into winter but like the shifting of Seasons we don’t just go from Autumn straight to Winter that you see as Autumn wane’s then you see the winter already beginning so to speak and you will see these things start to cross over in time so I think we’ve got a 15 20 year opportunity where there’ll be great shaking don’t get me wrong great shakings coming to the world and it’s not not going to go away because it’s going to lead up to th spiritual winter where the rise of the Antichrist I believe and then in that period of the winter I mean I don’t know if that’s another 10 or 20 year period before it even gets to what we would call the Great Tribulation all that kind of stuff I don’t know so I’m not giving you any timeline not giving you any dates but I am saying I would say approximately personally I’ll put it out there and I might get into a lot of trouble for this but personally I think we have 40 years left that’s that’s what I think now no one can say the time or the day or the hour I get that but we do know the seasons and we do know that yeah the spiritual season I think personally before we see really the End of the Age we’ve got 20 years to the end of the spiritual Autumn and then we have probably 10-20 years to the end of the age and I suspect it might not be that long because well everything’s increasing so I don’t know but


I’m just putting that out there I’ve had dreams where Iran and I believe China and I believe Russia not so sure about Russia I didn’t really see it in the dreams but I’m assuming it’s her um where China and Iran basically somehow triggers a World War I saw a dream where America did something I don’t know what it was that America did but it caused a big uproar amongst the Arabs and uh and then from that I believe then that’s what’s triggered the war where Iran got heavily involved and then that let that spill out into a war there’s a big war I’ve had dreams about a war in Europe which is I believe now already began and that whole thing with Russia and Ukraine I don’t think it’s going to go away I just think it’s going to get escalate and get worse and then I’ve seen dreams where China and America start hitting it off in a bad way with each other and obviously we’ve got those drones I mean those air balloons that have been flying over with those so-called satellite technology um and the reason why I’m sharing this now is because these things are happening this has never happened before but in my dreams I saw that that the tensions between China uh and America and America with Russia really got very bad and um and then eventually I saw I saw China do something that she didn’t want to do but she had to do it because she kind of had no choice but it was an act of War nevertheless and that was she dumped the dollar you see China buys up a lot of American debt I believe and the dollar reserves all that kind of stuff I don’t really quite understand what it is how that works but China’s got a lot invested in the dollar well China dropped the dollar and it just wiped out America economically she yo know she’s strong militarily but it’s just wiped her out and I believe you know we’re going to see a massive shift of superpowers coming as well and uh and so I see what’s going on in Europe starting to spill out and it’s going to get escalate and escalating things with America and China are not going to get better we are heading for War uh on a massive scale it might take a while for these things to unpack and unfold but this is where we’re heading for now again Christians might get frightened by all of this but Brothers and Sisters Jesus said you know there’ll be wars and rumours of wars and earthquakes and all these things but these are merely the beginning of birth pangs uh and it says and he said but do not be afraid we are commanded not to be afraid because you know our life here is transitory we are here to serve God and to serve his purposes and his kingdom and so we need to get our hearts right before God that if we’re in a place of fear now I appreciate most of people listening to this will be like this this is not nice to hear I appreciate that and it isn’t nice to hear and I don’t like saying it but I feel like I have to say it because God is I believe God’s revealed these things to me and to those that have followed my Minister over the years you will know that many of the things that God has shown me do come to pass so I got a good track record that doesn’t mean I’m infallible but it means that you know when I speak I generally believe that it’s because God’s told me to speak and I do believe this is what the holy spirit is telling me to share with people at this time now as I say I’m not going to promote this video I’ just gonna put it out on YouTube and if people share and promote it that’s up to them because I don’t want this this video to be like click bait you know where it’s like you know it’s titled visions of the end of the world you know so it gets lots of hits I mean I will title it for that but not because I want to get it’s not click bait because it’s true and I want this to be a marker and an indicator and I believe that as times unfold God will give me more details uh towards these days on more specifics about all of this stuff  So I believe that we’re going to see more conflict with China and America is going to do something that’s going to trigger something that’s going to cause uproar with the Muslims and Iran’s going to get involved in this somehow and many years ago God showed me that when this happens a great fear will come especially over this nation now I don’t know if this is for now or if this is for the time of winter but a great fear came over the nation because you had a hidden Army that didn’t dress I army clothes because these were everyday Muslims that were so angry and incensed by what had happened that they basically were causing all kinds of trouble in this nation um and people were in Terror of them and the church will suffer mild persecution for them I didn’t see massive persecution but I did see that I did see persecution of that there is no doubt uh come from Muslims as well but and so we had this terrible terrible situation in our nation where there’s potential war going on and we’ve got we’ve got an inner Army in our own country not all Muslims were doing this but there were Muslims that were that were attacking people and all kinds of things so it put the country into a place of great of great fear and great Terror another dream that God showed me which again is pertaining to the very end of days.


I was on a train when this happened and I fell into what is like a trance-like state now people go trance that sounds dodgy read the book of Acts Peter fell into a trance and saw the Sheep fall down he also thought he was having a trance when an angel let him out of prison okay so I am using biblical language I’m not being new age or weird and I was on the train and I fell into a trance now in this trance I was I was walking down the city street and I looked up to the Sun and the sun had gone up peculiar colour had gone greeny Bluey colour and then um there was this Almighty explosion that came from the sun the sun didn’t explode but this huge Roar of explosion came from the sun and it just it just ricocheted right throughout the city and the whole ground heaved and pulsated with the sound of this shock and people were running and screaming and pandemonium was going on and then I immediately woke up and God showed me some of the signs that are coming onto the Earth again in Matthew 24 it talks about the signs of the earth about how the Seas and everything will be literally be going crazy and Peep man will be will faint with fear at the things that are coming upon the Earth so there will be there will be signs on the earth politically that will bring great shaking there’ll be signs on the earth of war and there’ll be signs in the heavens an signs in the in natural things as well with things going on in the natural world that just beg a believe uh and also signs in the heavens where I said where I saw things coming out of the sky and impacting the Earth and that was the sign of the end the Beginning of the End of the Age the spiritual winter that will be released on the Earth so that’s it really I wanted to share that not because I want to instill Terror into everybody because I wanted to share those thing so that you can bookmark this video maybe come back to it as these things start to unravel and unfold and in the light of where things are going and things are going there very quickly felt it was the time to share but I want to encourage us that in the meantime before we come into spiritual winter and remember there’s still going to be that crossover as well it’s not just going to be about when that Comet or what asteroid whatever it is hits the Earth then these things will happen I believe you’re going to see a crossover but when that when that that thing hits the Earth that will be and there’ll be several of them and that will be a key indicator that we have now entered into spiritual winter which will then lead up to the rise of the Antichrist and the very end of the world but in the meantime watch the news carefully and not necessarily the norma media they’ll tell you what’s going on in respect to wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes and all that but watch the alternative media in respect to what’s going on in the Christian world you are going to see pockets of Reviva start all over the place and that’ going to become the new Norm one after another after another after another after another and it’s going to start small and then get bigger and then bigger and then bigger until eventually the world is on a wild excuse me on a wildfire for Jesus and many many many people will get saved and the church will explode in growth beyond anything you can understand or ever even imagine oh and it’s going to be so tough for so many people because of the growth is going to be enormous but you know what that’s a problem we’ll get to when we get to it but be encouraged Church be blesse forewarned his forearms we can see these things are coming but I want to encourage you that it will be the worst of times but the best of times yes terrible things are coming and you’re going to see great shaking coming over the next two years in this nation of Great Britain oh it’s going to get hot with uh with shakings in our government shakings uh in in our economy and shakings within the church but whilst all that’s going on fires and pockets of Revival are going to spread and grow throughout the land and the church will be divided it will go from woke and awake it will be Darkness and Light there’s no more gray you won’t be able to hide if you’re a Christian that’s trying to you know keep under the radar you won’t have the choice to do that anymore there’s n room for gray the days of gray are gone I’m afraid as Henry Ford said you can have any car you like as long as it’s black so what are you going to be you can either be black or you can be white I strongly recommend you move to the light and be in the light as Christ is in the light amen so there you go please prayerfully consider these words put them on the back shelf and uh and as these things come about maybe re-r watch this video from time to time and I do believe these Visions are from God these are not things I’ve just made up these are these things I’ve been sat on for a very long time and I believe they’re important they’re important to share now because of the days in which we’re in and the signs and the Wonders that are coming upon the Earth in the heavens and on the Earth and well these are very interesting days these are probably for many of us the most interesting days this Earth will ever see.

God bless you.”

  1. Christopher confirms what the Lord had utterly ‘God-smacked’ me in 2008 when I opened my Bible to check the parable of wheat and tares: ‘This is ALL about to be fulfilled!” Soon afterwards I emailed friends The End-game Is Now In Play and began writing regularly, and a couple of years later launched this blog.
  2. Never before have I heard anyone else share a similar vision and understanding of UFOs that I gained from my dream encounter/visitation from Jesus in 1989 – now known as UEPs ‘Unexplained Aerial Phenomena’. I recall reading that the renowned ‘ufologist’ J. Allen Hynek eventually concluded that they are a demonic manifestations!
  3. He also confirms what I heard about Covid-19 on 24th March 2020.
  4. As for ‘shakings’ the Lord dropped Hebrews 12 onto me at a home group meeting about 25 yeas ago, but none of the leaders were able to take it on-board:
    Hear the Heavenly Voice

    25 See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, 26 whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, Yet once more I [k]shake not only the earth, but also heaven.” 27 Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.

2 thoughts on “UK prophet confirms ‘word’ heard on End-times shakings!

  1. Hello Richard, Very interesting post. In trying to correlate this word too many others that are being given these days I am led to believe that the graph referred to and the vertical rise in the graph followed by a drop to zero would/could only be explained by the removal of the Church. Such a removal would accomplish a significant and eventually complete darkening of the spiritual state of the world. I doubt it would be like a light switch as there are many laws on the books that are based on GOD’s principles so it might take a little time to abolish those laws. A removal of the Church would also help explain the change in world power as the US still has a sizable born again Christian population. The loss of that would decimate both business and military power. That would also further embolden China. Regarding Christians being hunted down after what I believe is the removal of the Church may be explained by what some believe is a period of time after the Rapture where there can still be salvation albeit at the cost of one’s earthly life. Just some thoughts regarding my understanding at this point in time. Always subject to change however. Mark Jenson

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