EXPLOSIVE exposures of political rot in USA coming thick and fast! (PPU #63)

In the hurly-burly of highly relevant prophecy-related news I recommend the following for consideration and prayer, especially this real eye-opener video of prophecies coming to pass about the deep corruption of the Biden regime.

Listen from 16.00 minutes to an interview with Mick McCormick, a stenographer for Obama, testifying to criminal activity involving then VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’. Also, he claims the FBI refused to hear him!

Now for some screenshots of headlines:

5 thoughts on “EXPLOSIVE exposures of political rot in USA coming thick and fast! (PPU #63)

    • As with other American prophets Phil, I don’t keep regular tabs on them as time for watching is very limited. Reading prophecies words and visions is easier but Julie takes few weeks to publish hers and I find many of her followers are too extreme on Fbk.
      However I found a few days ago a team frequently post updates on Telegram, a few of which I’ve posted on my blog’s channel.

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