Two-part vision of rotten roots beneath nations: Mercy is the Tap-Root – Veronika West

Last week Veronika received a vision in great depth, which reiterates previous ones as well as complementing my musing upon the Lord starting to expose rotten politics in UK, USA & EU – and that’s what He’s been doing since in 2016! 

It’s also appropriate with regard to this morning’s post on The Writing on the Wall and the Biden family and makes an important implicit reference to ‘the plumb-line’, about which I’d blogged an essential spiritual difference between Donald Trump and ‘China Joe’ Biden regarding pre-natal infanticide; one is strongly pro-life, the ‘puppet’ supports murder at full-term! (See Two President Prophecy coming to pass: Can the dis-United States of America be a trustworthy ally and keep its place as Global Leader?)

Here’s what she published in two parts on His Kingdom Prophecy on Thursday and Friday 2-3 December:


“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy is The Tap Root! I say again and again, Mercy is The Tap Root!”

America, last night I fell into a deep sleep and The LORD took me into a place — a realm and dimension of The Spirit — that I cannot begin to explain fully in words what I saw there, but it was a place in what felt like the deep underground systems of the Nations.

It was as if I was caught up in a world-wide web of roots. I was taken deep below ground, under the Nations of the earth.

Each Nation was shown to me as a tree, with its roots reaching far and wide. The root system of some Nations was so wide and so far reaching, that my eyes could not see its end from its beginning.

I saw thick and strong roots systems of some Nations that were tightly intertwined with other Nation’s of the earth.

I was shown deep rot in the root systems of some Nations, and I saw that these Nations were about to be uprooted and torn down.

The rot in these root systems gave off such a fowl stench that I could not breath. I was then shown what I can only describe as demonic worms that were feeding upon the roots systems of some of these Nations, and the far-reaching roots systems of these Nations were being literally eaten from within. Which made these nations weak and unstable and very vulnerable.

I cannot share more on this encounter yet, but suddenly I saw the root system of The Nation of America, and I saw that its roots were deep, thick and far reaching across many Nations.

But suddenly, I was shown The Tap Root of this Nation and I heard these Words,  ”Mercy, Mercy, Mercy is The Tap-Root! I say again and again, Mercy is The Tap Root.”

As I heard those Words, I saw the ground begin to shake violently and the whole Root System of the Nation began to vibrate, which caused what looked like a powerful ripple effect taking place across the other roots systems of other Nations.

Then suddenly, I was shown The Supreme Court of the USA [SCOTUS] and I heard these Words, ”For Mercy is The Tap Root! Mercy, Mercy, Mercy is The Tap Root.

Watch! For The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD shall shake and shift the root systems of the Nations of the earth.

The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD shall awaken nations to their true identity and Kingdom Destiny.

Listen for the blood of the unborn cries out day and night before My Courts and the blood of the innocent is on the hands of the wicked.

See — for their sin and their iniquity has opened the door to a spirit of death and destruction and the cankerworms shall eat their roots and a great fall shall soon take place!”

Then suddenly I heard a rumbling sound coming from deep within the ground, and a loud and thundering roar of The Lion of Judah came up from deep within the ground and the sound of the Lion’s roar shook the roots systems of the Nations of the earth.

Suddenly, I saw powerful earthquakes beginning to take place, deep underground, and as this began to take place, I saw massive volcanoes suddenly bursting forth above the ground over some Nations, as fires were being stirred up deep underground.

Then I heard these Words, ”Watch, as a greater shaking now takes place! Watch, for at the sound of the roar of The Lion of Judah, the roots systems of the Nations of the earth shall be violently shaken.

For now, a divine dismantling of demonic and satanic strongholds is being uprooted and torn down.

Watch, as My Hand of Justice now moves to expose and uncover the deep rot in the roots systems of many Nations.

Watch, as the axe of My Judgment now falls upon the root systems of Nations that have aligned themselves with an Antichrist spirit and a Globalist Agenda.

Watch, as the power of My Seven Spirits now moves to take Covenant Nations back to the foundations on which they were built!”

So on waking this morning after this encounter, The LORD took me back to this powerful Word I received and shared on 14th August 2021 on HKP. The Tap Root and The 7:7 Earthquake“  It too speaks of The Tap-Root.  Please read prayerfully.

“Watch! For I say to you, The Tap-Root… The Tap-Root, for My Eye is now upon the life source of the root system of the tree!”

A Prophetic Word now coming to pass! 

So yesterday I received an alert from a very reliable source whom I know who is involved in the monitoring of significant earthquakes around the world. He told me of an Earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter Scale took place yesterday in Antarctica….(continue reading this posting of 14 August)

+ + +


Mercy, Mercy, Mercy is the Tap-Root. The Death of Marcus Lamb is a Powerful Prophetic Sign for the Hour

So I prayed and asked The LORD if I could share another part of what I was shown in my recent encounter, “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy is The Tap-Root!” and The LORD has given me liberty… for the purpose of prayer!

Now as I found myself standing in this place, this realm and dimension of The Spirit where I was shown the underground Roots Systems of the Nations of the Earth, just before I heard The Spirit speak of “Mercy, Mercy being the Tap-Root” and the thundering sound of the roar of The Lion of Judah that shook the roots of all Nations, I was suddenly shown above ground and I was given sight to see the Green Leaves of the Great Tree of The Nation of America.

First I saw the roots and then the leaves. Now as I looked at the Green Leaves, the Face of a Lamb appeared before me and suddenly I heard these Words, ”See, for I given this Nation a sign.

Yes! A sign in the passing of My anointed Shepherd Marcus Lamb. A sign that My Glory shall crown this Nation once again and My Glory shall cover the nakedness of My Sheep, that new Life and Liberty shall be on the lips of My Shepherds once again, and with an unbridled boldness they shall speak and no longer be silent.

For I AM breaking off the bits that have sought control and direct them, and the Anointing and Authority of The Blood of The Lamb shall be upon their hands, for the working of Signs, Wonders and Miracles, for the Green Leaves of this Tree shall be for the healing of the Nations of the Earth!”

After hearing those words The Spirit of The LORD took me again deep below the ground to where I could see the Root System of the Nation, and suddenly I heard The Spirit say, “For The Blood of The Lamb shall cover the inequity of the shed blood of the innocent, for My great Mercy, Mercy, Mercy shall triumph over Judgment!”

Then I was shown The Tap-Root of the Nation, and I saw that The Tap-Root was the main source of the Life of the Great Tree, and I saw that the life-source contained within The Tap-Root of the Tree was moving and pulsating throughout the whole Tree — the roots, the trunk — the many branches, the leaves and into the fruit.

And then suddenly, I heard the loud and thundering sound coming up from deep within the ground, and the sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah shook the roots system of the Great Tree and the sound rippled across the roots systems of all Nations, causing a great shaking and shifting of Nations!

Marcus Lamb 1957-2021

His passing was shown to me as a sign — that The Glory of The LORD will crown the Nation once again and the Shepherds will be released in greater power and authority in the days ahead.

Now upon waking and reflecting on this powerful encounter, what struck me greatly among many things I saw and was given liberty to see and hear, I was amazed that I was shown the passing of Marcus Lamb from Daystar Television.

It was also a sign of the Leaves of the Tree is for the of the Nations of the Earth.

Saints, I do not believe it was a mere coincidence, but rather by Divine Design and by Divine Appointment that God would allow this much-loved Shepherd, Marcus Lamb, to endure the effects of Covid, which became a catalyst for the complications he suffered, which ultimately led to his heavenly graduation.

This beloved son and Shepherd was chosen by God to be a Prophetic Sign for the hour, that it is the Power of The Shed Blood of The Lamb / Leaves of The Tree, that will be for the healing of the Nations of the earth!

I Prophesy He is revealing Himself as The Lion and The Lamb in this hour!

Friends, as I continued to contemplate these great mysteries in my heart, The Spirit of Revelation quickened to me a powerful Vision I had: “The T•R•U•M•P Tree and The Seven Spirit Whirlwind.

Suddenly I remembered what I saw concerning the Leaves and the Face of The Lamb… and suddenly it was as if all the pieces of a puzzle came together… and truly as I ran back to the Vision I was astounded to see and to re-read what I was shown then and how it was now being shown to me again.

But this time, making reference to the Prophetic Timing of the passing of Marcus Lamb as a sign of what God is doing in the midst of The Nations!

Please take time to read this powerful Vision and how it relates to what I have shared above and how it reveals the heart of the Father in this hour…

And Quote;

Mercy: The Green Leaves of the Tree

Then suddenly as I looked up again, my eyes were drawn to the Green Leaves on the Oak Tree and I saw that while there were Green Leaves on the Branches, they looked sparse and there were areas on the Tree where the Branches had no leaves.

Many of the Branches looked bare and exposed. Then suddenly I saw the numbers  222 begin to swirl round about me in the Dream and The Spirit of Revelation spoke to me saying, “Watch! For the curse shall be reversed and the power of the My Seven Spirit Whirlwind shall blow upon the Tree to Revive, Restore and Reform.

Watch! For My Glory shall now return and shall cover the Tree once again, for My Mercy, Mercy, Mercy shall trump Judgement and the Leaves of the Tree shall be for the healing of the nations.”


Mercy: The Face of the Lamb seen in the Leaves: His Shepherds/Pastors

But then my eyes were suddenly drawn up to the Leaves on the Branches of the Oak Tree and as I looked at the Leaves, I saw a vibrant colour of green coming forth from the mighty Whirlwind and the Strong Winds began to blow upon the Leaves of the Tree and suddenly the face of ‘a Lamb appeared before me from within the Leaves of the Tree.

Then I heard these words, “Watch! For My Crowning Glory shall return to the Tree to cover the nakedness of My Sheep, and new life and liberty shall be on the lips of My Shepherds/Pastors and they shall speak boldly and without restraint.

They shall have the Anointing and the Authority of The Blood of The Lamb upon their hands for the working of Signs, Wonders and Miracles, and the Green Leaves shall be for healing of the Nations.”

As I heard those Words, my eyes were drawn again to the Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones, and as I looked again at the precious stones, I saw the Word, ”Mercy” written upon them.

Please see link to the HKP March 19, 2021 Word;

“The Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones… The T•R•U•M•P Tree… The Seven Spirit Whirlwind and a New Kingdom Reformation Movement being birthed on the Earth!”

The T•R•U•M•P Tree and The Seven Spirit Whirlwind

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

The 3rd Part of this posting provides an Interpretation of this Vision.

[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy]

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