Netanyahu vs. Marr – Bibi’s geopolitical master class on ‘Beeb’ tv

One of Britain’s outstanding journalists, Melanie Phillips, blogs in her Going Wherever the Evidence Leads,

‘Whatever you think about Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, this is a master class in how to present the case, not just for Israel but for rational western policy on the manifold and gathering threats to the world within the Middle East – of which the overwhelming threat by far is posed by Iran. Watch how he calmly copes with the usual boiler-plate prejudices about the Palestinians and then makes the points that so badly need to be made to a British audience – such as pointing out that Israel has helped save many British lives. Not a fact that the British often hear.’

In gently correcting the Bigoted Brainwashing Corporation Andrew Marr’s ignorance, Bibi rebuffs his arrogance with full-some answers – definitely well-worth watching!

Read also Melanie’s BBC Today’s Disgraceful Balfour Travesty and upon which BBC Watch goes to town in demonstrating BBC Radio 4 Today’s contemptible inaccuracies; eg. ‘(Introducing the) first of those items…co-presenter Mishal Husain repeated a practice seen time and time again in BBC coverage of this story (see ‘related articles’ below). Her inaccurate paraphrasing of the Balfour Declaration concealed from audiences the fact that the document specifically referred to the “civil and religious rights” of non-Jewish communities…’

Thus, we have further evidence of the BBC’s gross unreliability as a source of historical and current data, comment and opinion.

2 thoughts on “Netanyahu vs. Marr – Bibi’s geopolitical master class on ‘Beeb’ tv

  1. Dear Richard, I look very regularly at your ‘blog!’ I regularly like it!

    I do not know if you could do anything about it but from time to time I wish to post a comment-always favourable ‘- to Dr June Sheltrown Reinke or Veronika West ?!

    ‘His Kingdom Prophecy’ have this ‘comment’ section and ‘always’ I find it impossible to use. “Error” is always the result I read.

    For one thing there is always this ‘line ‘drawn through the letters which is for me impossible to replicate or copy. If it is necessary to use this system to ‘comment’ can not a simpler, user friendly format be introduced ? I am not on Twitter, Facebook whatever ! I do not wish to ‘go there!’

    I am writing this because I suspect you may know who to approach. Surely there are others who share my frustrations ? Anyway, please keep up your v valuable, very fine work.

    My v best wishes , Love Philip Mannington


    • Many thanks for your kind appreciation Philip and have forwarded your request to someone who may be able to help. Have divulged your email address (as shown in WordPress admin info) in hope of your being contacted direct. On most sites sharing facility there’s a ‘More’ button or else big plus sign that allows for many other facilities than Fb and twitter and usually there’s one for ordinary email.


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