Prophets Speak, 27 April to 2 May —

Dear Friends, Did you know the global pandemic was clearly prophesied about in 2019, and God is still speaking very clearly to prophetic ministries around the world? It’s time that we hear and understand what is happening in our world and therefore… I want to invite you to THE PROPHETS SPEAK, a 6 night online FREE…

via THE PROPHETS SPEAK 27 April – 2 May 2020 —

6 thoughts on “Prophets Speak, 27 April to 2 May —

  1. Hi Richard
    Just a thought.
    This site makes this statement…
    “Did you know the global pandemic was clearly prophesied about in 2019”
    Do you think that’s true? I love the prophetic and I’m not knocking anyone. Just wondered what you thought? And putting it out there for others?


    • As part of my interest in the science of prophecy, last Fall I collected all the prophecies from to see if any would be fulfilled in the next year. Only 1 of almost 1000 prophecies mentioned anything about disease. None mentioned a plague, which is surprising since plagues are described in at least 10 verses of the Book of Revelation. Even if there were prophecies from earlier or later in the year that predicted a plague, the selection from 2 months in the Fall showed that was not a major theme. What can we conclude? Let’s be scientific about this. A plague is caused by an infectious virus being transmitted through the population. If the infection gets out of control it only reflects the human failure to manage it wisely and with compassion for the disadvantaged.

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      • Appreciate your work in this JAC yet, as previously mentioned in direct contact, I don’t think statistical sampling methodology is sufficient for spiritual matters. You didn’t answer my question about why pick only two months in the whole spectrum of a years’ calendar, 1/60th of a decade and 1/114th of this Millennium!

        In selecting only those two months of 2019 you missed April and December when very specific prophecies of plague were brought – not to mention about a dozen other pandemic-related prophecies – all as recorded on this blog.

        The rapidly increasing volume of prophetic words and visions over recent years is a huge population to analyse and monitor over many years for any indication of fulfillment. Pre-Millennium they were expected to take many years but now many are happening faster (See

        Please be free to scrutinise my catalogue of over 170 examples of prophecies that have come to pass or for which there are indications of fulfillment – especially two dozen being subsequently mirrored in the national press or media! Go to >


        • Thank you for your reply Richard. This was not a very scientific inquiry I’ll admit, but the month should not matter as long as it was chosen randomly, unless you expect prophecies for the next year to appear only in April and December. What would be important is the sample size, which would depend on the expected frequency of relevant prophecies. Your blog is looking for the 30 signs of the Second Coming, and so we could try to define a hypothesis around that. But all this is beside the point I was trying to make.

          We already have the prophecies from the Revelation of St John, who told us there will be plagues; and he was right, there have been plagues for the last 2000 years. Were any of these plagues followed by the Second Coming? People thought so. The Ingmar Bergman film The Seventh Seal is the story of this.

          The point is to look at a plague (or pandemic) with open eyes. Is Covid 19 a sign from God that Judgment Day is near? It is not a sign from God, it is a virus; but it causes a judgment; and the judgment is that despite our knowledge, we have failed to manage it. (This way of interpreting prophecy is new to me, which I call “ortho” analysis of prophecy. It studies what people think a prophecy means, and how this makes them behave, and for some reason this means the prophecy is fulfilled in an unexpected way. The first example was the expectation that the Messiah would lead a military war against the Romans, but instead Jesus was crucified, and He resurrected to fight a spiritual war.)

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    • Thanks for asking Graham. I’m not the only one who’s interested in verifying these claims, ‘JAC’ in this thread for one, as well as whether or not this pandemic was sent by the Lord. So I’ll be interested to hear what’s claimed and would direct you to the link in the next post with its first page’s list of Pandemic-Related prophecies, to which I’m about to post another!


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