God-struck by the double-immediacy of Verse of Day and Tim Sheets video on new Pentecost

“WOWEE – Just listened to first 5 mins and Tim confirms TWO things on my mind before he even begins on angels!!  And it includes Verse for Today and what I’d been recalling on healing!”

Thus I remarked Wednesday morning on Chris Moyler’s Telegram as a quick reply to his encouraging introduction 24 hours earlier to the video shown below. Very rarely do I watch any, especially l-o-n-g videos but hoped to be able somehow to carve out an hour eventually on this occasion….

That was before we went out for Tuesday and it went out of the window until much later – but still not possible…. I recalled a Whats App chat a fortnight ago on the Outpouring in Kentucky and my link to Dutch Sheet’s prophecy encountering an objection about him and the Toronto Blessing. So, I recounted Nina’s wonderful healing 18 years ago and posed this teaser: “So it begs a couple of questions: Do you think I’m mistaken..doesn’t God heal?

Upon awaking Wednesday I momentarily wondered, in all honesty could the other chap be right and we be wrong?

NEXT, I checked Bible Gateway on my phone and up springs this immediate definitely direct answer in its closing line:

Being up earlier than anticipated before our scheduled visits I then recalled Chris’ video and had 10 minutes to dip in and play at very fast speed only to be astonished by Tim’s opening remarks in the first minutes (auto-transcript with tight formatting)::

“I had a dream of while we were in service just worshiping, or while preaching, no-one laying hands on people – they just started getting healed, and even in the archived sermons, as people were listening they were getting healed. I had this dream three times and I wanted to again say this week: even though no-one may be specifically
praying for healing, we’re just worshiping and ministering to the Lord or preaching, you can still be healed – because one of the..it’s like a headline in these three dreams –  these people are healed in the glory, they are healed in the presence of the Lord and this is going to increase services, not just here but in other places there’s going to just be healing spontaneously manifest….”
Next, Tim proceeds to mention Pentecost, which I’d been stressing during our recent breakfast meetings in studying Dr Luke’s Gospel account and the beginning of Acts and knowing in my ‘knower’ there’s a strong revival of a new Pentecost ahead of us…
“…I’m contending for that now today. I want to read the parable of the Prodigal Son again but from a different translation and I’ll do that in just a moment. There’s something in the words Jesus used when he was telling that story that you find in the original language, the original Greek text, and I feel very prompted to talk about that today. It was something that would affect his disciples from Pentecost through the rest of their entire Ministry lives. My heart just leaped inside of me when I saw this. God’s word so alive, just one word can just quicken things. There’s a wind of Holy Spirit on that amazing parable of the prodigal son it’s like it’s being freshly told to us – it’s prophesying I believe into our moment right NOW – it’s prophesying a phase of our Kingdom’s movement right now in THIS era…”

On introducing this recording Chris Moyler writes (14 March):

Beloved Friends,
As the storm clouds of these difficult days continue to swirl around us, and our political leaders disappoint us greatly by their stubborn resistance against truthful dialogue, the LORD is Revealing his carefully laid plans to bring his GLORY to the earth.

Of special note is the revelation concerning the role that the heavenly host, the angel armies of Heaven, are playing, and will increasingly play, in bringing God’s glory and God’s Reign.

Currently we are surrounded by a multitude of voices, that are bringing all kinds of messages. Some are v good, but some are v bad.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that we critically discern who, and who is not, speaking the truth.

Tim Sheets, the brother of Dutch Sheets, is increasingly attracting my attention. He carries a very special revelation about the angels, and about the way in which they are now breaking through the demonic Second Heaven that surrounds the earth, enabling God’s righteous rule to be established.

This recent video is an hour long, but does not disappoint.

16:00. Tim has been carrying this revelation for 20 years now. It came to him during a time of waiting on God, as the congregation that he was leading fell apart!

16:00. But THIS YEAR something is shifting!
What I heard decades ago is NOW LAUNCHING!!!

God bless you all richly!
We are living in amazing and glorious days, as the Kingdom of God unfolds as never before in history- including Acts 2.

That time of the birthing of the church was glorious and vitally important. But what is now coming will FAR outshine those wonderful days!!


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