Nov 2011 TV Debate – Has the Church replaced Israel?

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Friends – If you have satellite TV you may want to watch this debate on Revelation TV (sky 581, Freesat 692) on WED 9.11.11 at 9pm gmt.

For the motion will be Anglican vicar Dr Stephen Sizer arguing that Christian Zionism has no Biblical foundation or historical precedent, even playing a dangerous role in politics of M-East. (He’s gained a questionable stance in being vociferously pro-Palestinian claims and anti-Israel.)

Against the motion will be Dr Calvin Smith, Principal of King’s Evangelical Divinity School. His stance may be gained from Stuart James’ Church posting on Friday, Messianic Alarm

That very day I came across two other items directly related to this topic:

1. A posting on politically forthright blog Harry’s Place referred to Nick Clegg standing against an Islamist student body, FOSIS. This well researched post indicates doubts over Size’s integrity.

2 That evening came Bill Koenig’s weekly report from the White House, and which included his resounding denunciation of An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists published by Just Peace-making Initiative. After reprinting portions of the letter he concludes:

Koenig’s perspective: These men are totally clueless and dangerous. They say there has been theft of Palestinian land? Open the Bible, guys. And study your history — what so-called sovereign “Palestinian land” was ever stolen? Human rights? What about Christian rights in country after country in the Middle East? What about the wars of self-defence forced on Israel over the years? What about Israel’s right to live in the Holy Land with peace and security?

This position is becoming more and more prevalent in liberal Christian seminaries and within the leadership of the replacement theology church organizations.It is ominous and must be confronted boldly.

Rather than accept those intense remarks at face value I carefully checked the full content of that letter as an exercise in being open-minded. Its authors make an apparently honest rationale in their approach to fellow Christians: but in quoting scripture (especially Genesis) they twist its meaning completely to their biased viewpoint – not only was the letter riddled with error but it also reminded me of how Satan did the same when tempting Jesus! So are these replacement theoreticians simply Satan’s sad stooges??

Could the increasing frequency of this issue indicate the Lord is testing who’s really worthy of being his bride and thus clearing out his house?

The times are rapidly changing, are they not?

The Lord bless you and keep you

2 thoughts on “Nov 2011 TV Debate – Has the Church replaced Israel?

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