Latest on Exposures prophecy and 17 March Word (PPU #53)

You may have noticed in the previous post the Word of the Lord to Amanda Grace about this week’s events over the New York District Attorney’s proposed arrest and indictment of Donald Trump not only directly relates to what the Lord gave me about the parable of wheat and tares but also to my prophetical musing 7 years ago upon His exposing political corruption in UK, USA and EU.

Now comes news of documentary evidence of the truth at the root of this issue, over which deliberate falsehoods were erected as a strategy for furthering political purposes:

Note reference to ‘hiding hundreds [circa 600] pages of exculpatory evidence’ that can therefore exonerate President Trump but was kept secret!

‘God-incidental’ timing of Trump indictment and prophecies (PPU #52 & GPS #95.3)

NOW, back to last weekend’s news and my noting the most unusual announcement of someone learning that they will be arrested in a few days’ time!  We, the public, learned about it from Donald Trump himself not any police or security force or news media –  as  in my Weekend Newsmix 1: As America awakens has its ‘politburo’ taken the bait?.

To my mind there was an even weirder direct hint of its ‘coinciding’ with major sporting events not only in USA but also over here, viz: NCAA Wrestling Championship and Six Nations Rugby Championship. “OH WOTTA-COINCIDENCE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE POND”

The latter included BBC News’ hilarious ‘mix-up’ of a photo of Trump’s November ’22 conference and I included a screenshot of the standing ovation President Trump got at the NCAA. Here’s another from his close associate’s Telegram:

That event reminded me of the prophetic word Veronika West brought about the 2020 US presidential election three months beforehand (of which there’s been updates:):

A prophetic dream of President Trump’s wrestling match: part 1 – Veronika West

Part of her dream account of 28 August 2020 reads:

“..It was a fierce wrestling match — a wrestling match like one I have never seen or encountered this side of heaven.

It was a spiritual battle, a powerful spiritual contending was taking place in the realm of The Spirit.  As I watched aspects of this powerful wrestling match unfolding before me in the dream, I saw and was made to understand by The Spirit of Revelation that what I was seeing was two fold,

  • It was both a wrestling match for the destiny of a man (President Trump),
  • and a spiritual contending for the destiny of a nation, the very soul of a nation was being contented for, (The United States of America)!

As I continued to watch this wrestling match unfold before me in the dream, suddenly I heard the voice of President Trump call out during the intense battle, “I will not let you go unless you bless me and bless this nation!”

Veronika closes:

“..I heard these words, “My Covenant Promises shall be fulfilled.”

As I heard those words, I saw again President Trump and the man whom he was wrestling and suddenly the darkness that had surrounded President Trump lifted and a beautiful sunrise could be seem breaking forth on the horizon

Then I heard these words, “Trump will win — but he will walk with a limp!”

The dream ended…”

This week she reiterated the importance of this subsequent pre-election vision:

Trump in the Prison of God’s Will

“I saw Trump with his hands tied behind his back,  I heard The Spirit say, “In the prison of My Will, I have tied his hands, that I may change and transform his heart!”

On the 11th of September 2021, I was suddenly caught up in a powerful Vision, where I saw President Donald J. Trump standing on a high platform and a beautiful Red and Gold Throne was behind him.

A Gold Crown was sitting upon his head, but as looked at him, I saw that his hands were tied behind his back, and he seemed to struggling to get loose from the the cords that bound him…

..Now as I kept looking at him in the Vision, I could feel a deep frustration and aggravation rising in President Trump as he continued to try to free his hands from behind his back.

Then I saw a large table in front him, and his eyes seemed to be fixed on a pile of important governmental documents which urgently needed his attention. [Emphasis by RB]

But as I stayed watching, a deeper and deeper sense of desperation began to take hold of his heart and his mind, and I could feel his inner turmoil to be free and for his hands to be released.

Suddenly, I saw an Archangel of The LORD standing behind the Red and Gold Throne, and I saw that the Angel had been assigned to watch over President Trump, to ensure that his hands remained bound.

(This blew me away!)  But as I began to press in deeper, asking for The Holy Spirit to give me a greater Understanding and Revelation of what I was seeing unfold in the Vision, I saw the hand of The Father touch the shoulder of President Trump.

As soon as His Hand touched him, a peace came upon President Trump and he immediately stopped struggling to be free from the cords that bound him.

Then I heard these Words,…”   [RB: POWERFULLY encouraging words follow that show the Lord is in control of the situation!!]


To recap this Prophecy Progress Update, here’s how the ‘Global Prophecy Signals’ or ‘God-incidences’ seem to have fallen into place in God’s Invisible Jigsaw:

  1. News of pending arrest and coincidental sporting events with wrong video
  2. Derek Johnson’s “NOTHING is a coincidence” and Doomsday ‘Order66’
  3. Veronika West’s prophetic vision of Trump’s own wrestling match
  4. Word From The Lord published 17th March by Amanda Grace “…

‘..And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, as the name of My son Jesus Christ moves and echoes across the nation, the opposition is yelling Indict Indict! As they yell Indict Indict it shall be an Indictment against them says the Lord and their true motives shall emerge and their true modus operandi shall come forth as they yell Indict with chains says the Lord, I the Lord thy God am the chain breaker for those who humbly and earnestly come unto Me says the Lord and bear the yoke of MY Kingdom says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, those who have sought to take from MY children, those who have sought to drain them of what I have blessed them with for their obedience, you shall stumble in your disobedience says the Lord, for your harvest has come up and many tares have intertwined around the wheat and you shall not have a plentiful harvest for taking from My children, for the wheat is sparse, and you shall be humbled and brought low for you shall not speak against MY servants MY SERVANTS who have served me while you have so rebelliously walked in sabotage, destruction, and willful slander in order to plow over and get your way says the Lord, however it shall not be your way BUT MY WAY AND I THE LORD SHALL DECIDE WHAT BECOMES OF YOU FOR YOU HAVE ATTEMPTED TO ROB MY CHILDREN AND TURNED A DEAF EAR TO ME WALKING AROUND IN YOUR KINGDOM OF PRIDE AND ENTITLEMENT THAT YOU HAVE BUILT, AND SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS, THAT KINGDOM OF YOURS BUILT ON SAND AND OFFENSE SHALL BEGIN TO BE TORN DOWN TODAY says the Lord…’

Thanks Jose and Mark for notification of such a mighty word that confirms my personal prayer for the situation based upon what I heard 15 years ago upon checking the wheat and tares parable – “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” – which led into my beginning to blog:

The Endgame is now in play

[Hand and Puzzle Pieces by Anusorn P. Nachol, courtesy]

MORE news fulfilling Elephants and Donkeys prophecies!

Readers who’ve followed my coverage of how Devolution Theory is playing out will recall the roles of Patel (Jon ) Patriot and Kash Patel:

To read the above’s closing item click upon this image:

KANEKOA HITS PAYDIRT: Recovered Text Message Should Lead to Joe Biden’s Impeachment and Hunter Biden’s Immediate Arrest

AND FOR UTTER INSANITY (also leading to impeachment?) – imaginary Commander-in-Chief ‘China Joe’ continues to shut down the military..LOL..

KEEP WATCH for covert military action going overt…!!

Biden Set to PURGE 27.5% of Army Who Aren’t Fully Vaccinated Against COVID with Non-FDA Approved Vaccine

Prophecy Progress Update 8 cont’d – a sad ending!

To continue our examining progress for the fulfillment of Veronka West’s vision relating to the ‘dolls’ resembling Joe Biden, we now consider news items relating to the second half of that section, which reads:

‘Now as I heard those words in the dream, suddenly I saw all the plastic actions-figures of Joe Biden being thrown into what looked like a large black storage bin, and on the side of the big black bin was a sign which read “TERTIARY RECYCLING”.

Then I heard these words, ”Watch! For what the enemy created for evil. I will Turn, Transform and Reform for good and for the advancement of My Kingdom!”

[Tertiary Recycling – Completely breaking down a product into molecules by a chemical process and then turning it into a completely new product,]

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The ‘Cornerstone’ and Georgia Guidestones and HG Wells ‘Men Like Gods’ – notes by Amanda Grace

My eyes were drawn, as though by unseen hand to make me read a notification of a new item from Leo Hohmann. Somehow I knew it had to be priority as it could be re-blogged quickly.  It reminded me of an article I’d dismissed as I live  in Britain – but now I dug out a buried print of what Amanda Grace had written on the Georgia Guidestones. Obviously, I knew it needed, and was inexplicably compelled to give it, very earliest attention for publication.

Unusually being evening, I could do that. After the draft was done I found the reason for urgency – but STOP!  I must delay timing of publication; NOT now but in 12 hours! Why?


LOL! NO such thing as coincidence!  It was an unusual paper and left me a somewhat uneasy! However, as I was checking her gifting I wanted to know which prophecies may have come to pass, or be in process of fulfillment.

Amanda opens these ruminations with a focus upon outbreaks of various infections and quotes two words from the Lord, the second of which IS HIGHLY APPOSITE. I can cite extracts only so click the title to read in full – all emphases below are mine:

An Outbreak, the Guidestones and Men Like Gods…How All This Relates Now -June 28th 2021 

‘April 8 2021 Word of The Lord:

An outbreak of an antiquated infection shall emerge and shall point to a sinister plot says the Lord of Hosts.’

May 24 2021 Word of The Lord:

I the Lord God am going to take their cornerstone, I am going to knock it out of joint, says the Lord of Hosts. For the Cornerstone of the plans of the wicked is compromised down to those who constructed such a wicked foundation for a plan that has manipulated, constricted, and IMPLANTED Fear into the nations says the Lord of Hosts.

The IMPLANTS the molecular code and construct, the molecular chain shall be dissected more and more and the secrets of not only the wicked and corrupt, but drug companies, health organizations, billionaire backers and secret scientists that are within labs within a lab, a heavily guarded area that is removed, separated from the rest of the lab, there shall be more than one exposed, says the Lord of Hosts this day

So this is how this portion of the word relates to things happening in the past few days..’ [ie. June-July 2021]

Page 4: ‘…There is experimentation going on using the public as control groups to see which IS going to be the most destructive and effective to their purposes…

This now takes us to the Georgia Guidestones. Continue reading

Press photo fulfills prophecy on England’s leadership

Almost dropped my morning coffee when opening editorial pages of today’s Telegraph broadsheet (a second time over coffee this week regarding this matter):

OH-WOTTA-COINCIDENCE – note the caption to Bloomberg photo:

In case you may have missed it, here’s my PS to the word Jo Robinson brought on The Battle for Britain re the PM and Monday evening’s Vote of Confidence (colour of text retained, emphases mine):

PS. I’m reminded of part of the Word of 6 May published by Amanda Grace:

“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, tick-tock Big Ben London’s clock, just watch says the Lord as deals are made and ammunition in many ways exchanged what happens with the leadership in England says the Lord, for the time has come for a renewing of My Spirit and My Word in England for tyranny is at their doorstep knocking. DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR FOR IT WILL BE THE FALL OF MUCH IN YOUR NATION IF YOU DO.”

Thus, this extraordinary ‘God-incidence’ validates the Word Amanda received:


The Battle for Britain from the Lord’s view – Jo Robinson

Only minutes ago after getting seated with mug of coffee at my desk and opening up browser and logging into WordPress and Facebook, I cannot fail to notice this brand-new item in Prophetic Releasers for the UK from Jo Robinson. Thank you Jo for sharing and kindly allowing publication of this word and intercession request:

I trust these screenshots will prove legible but if not, click here to read original post.

PS. I’m reminded of part of the Word of 6 May published by Amanda Grace

“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, tick-tock Big Ben London’s clock, just watch says the Lord as deals are made and ammunition in many ways exchanged what happens with the leadership in England says the Lord, for the time has come for a renewing of My Spirit and My Word in England for tyranny is at their doorstep knocking. DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR FOR IT WILL BE THE FALL OF MUCH IN YOUR NATION IF YOU DO.”

US Democrat’s House of Cards Collapsing: 7 – Clinton & Kerry practised sedition against sitting POTUS Donald Trump – Amanda Grace prophecy re. Carter secrets

Quick screenshots for readers’ information but without source links in view of unscheduled opportunity to publish this poignant news of emerging truth…



Regarding the word to Amanda Grace; President Jimmy Carter failed to defend the Shah of Persia when overthrown by a Shiite Ayatollah who spread terrorist revolution across the Middle-East. Their theocratic goal is to liberate Jerusalem and destroy Israel, plus develop nuclear weapons!

Now, further to my earlier posts monitoring Obama and Kerry in that connection, here’s the latest:

CDC Director admitted BIG mistakes with pandemic [‘slips-of-tongue’ Amanda Grace prophecy] — Clever Journeys

Almost a year ago, Joe Biden’s pick for CDC director appeared with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow telling her first big lie: “Our data from the C.D.C. today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick. And that it’s not just in the clinical trials, it’s also in real-world data.”  The following day, April 1, 2021, with pressure from Big Pharma and the White House, the CDC had to walk back their director’s comments. […continued at…] CDC Director Admitted Big Mistakes With Pandemic  — Clever Journeys

In this posting author Jack Dennis, former private investigator and author with many awards and top-level interviews under his belt, enumerates mistakes the director for America’s Centre for Disease control has made and closes with this, to which a recent prophetic word alludes:

‘…Dr. Joe Mercola watched the speech and commented that much of Walensky’s “presentation is riddled with statements that likely revealed more than she intended. She might not have realized the presentation was being taped or thought a taped presentation in front of medical students wouldn’t be found. Or maybe, the CDC simply doesn’t care that what they say in 2022 is the same information that caused many to be censored or maligned in 2020 and 2021.”

Readers may recall a couple of previous incidents I’d noted (among many published by The Gateway Pundit):

Prophecy fulfilled on spoken ‘slips’ made by Biden regime

3 prophecies fulfilled in Biden’s State Of The Union slip-of-tongue

Here’s the relevant part of what the Lord gave Amanda Grace on 17th December last (underscoring added): 

“And says the Lord of Hosts, the mouth of the one in a White House shall get tongue-tied and twisted as the Spirit of truth descends upon their stump. And they shall reveal the secrets and keys to a plan gone rogue, more lone wolves says the Lord, and they shall connect back. As the donkey so spoke truth to Balaam so the donkeys shall be kicking themselves as they lose control of their mouths at MY WORD and they shall make slips of the century, slips of the tongue that shall change some of the narratives, says the Lord of Hosts, truth serum shall be slipped as those who serve the constitution and this nation have become more and more EAGER to execute operations under the cuff, says the Lord of Hosts. And says the Spirit of the Lord. this day I am turning the pyramid on its head and as it is shaken the executives and engines and masterminds that have steered this agency shall cause a topsy-turvy to occur as I the Lord your God deal with the sorcerers and potion makers and creation-haters of the three-letter departments….”

3 prophecies fulfilled in Biden’s State Of The Union slip-of-tongue

Is it yet another of ‘Resident’ Biden’s gaffes, OR did the Lord make him unwittingly refer to the Gog-Magog alliance whilst making his most important speech to the nation’s political representatives of all 50 states of the American republic! 


We recently considered prophesied ‘slips of the tongue’ in Prophecy Fulfilled on Spoken Slips made by Biden Regime and let’s remind ourselves of the specific part of the Word from the Lord of 17th December to Amanda Grace (emphases mine, colour as original):

“And says the Lord of Hosts, the mouth of the one in a White House shall get tongue-tied and twisted as the Spirit of truth descends upon their stump. And they shall reveal the secrets and keys to a plan gone rogue, more lone wolves says the Lord, and they shall connect back. As the donkey so spoke truth to Balaam so the donkeys shall be kicking themselves as they lose control of their mouths at MY WORD and they shall make slips of the century, slips of the tongue that shall change some of the narratives, says the Lord of Hosts, truth serum shall be slipped as those who serve the constitution and this nation have become more and more EAGER to execute operations under the cuff, says the Lord of Hosts….”

Here’s the part of the Lord gave Veronika West on 22nd February in The Bear, The  Beast from the East and The Dragon

…I say Beloved, Watch and Pray, and pay close attention, for in the days ahead the right hand of The Bear Nation shall shake hands with the right hand of the nation of Turkey and a powerful alliance will be created, and then the two shall come into agreement to form a threefold cord of allegiance with the Beast of The East with a desire to destroy the land flowing with milk and honey….”

In the footnotes to that post I drew attention to Ezekiel 38-39 which refers to the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, Turkey and Iran and is implicit in this contemporary word, as delivered by Veronika.

Therefore, Joe Biden’s prophesied ‘tongue-tied and twisted’ words were directed, as Amanda Grace stated, by The Spirit and turned from “Ukranian” into “Iranian”, and this mistake alludes directly to the connection between Persia/Iran and ‘Gog’ Russia, as in the words given to Ezekiel and to Veronika West.

Canadian PM Trudeau’s actions fulfill February prophecy to Amanda Grace

The Word of the Lord given on 7th and 8th February to Amanda Grace brings, as usual, intriguing promises on international politics. Be sure to read it in full via that link as I’m citing the parts on Canada only (underscoring and bold text mine). Speaking to Steve Schultz on Tuesday, Amanda begins her recitation:

“Praise be To the Lord God El Shaddai, who rules in righteousness, who is long-suffering, whose name is above all names, and to His Kingdom, there is no end. And the Spirit of the Lord says this day My Children there is much percolating happening on the earth, a furious boil has begun in areas of the world and that boil Has approached the point of BOILING OVER says the Lord of Hosts….

OH CANADA OH CANADA I THE LORD GOD AM WITH YOU, the wicked leaders of your land are not fighting you but fighting Me and MY PLAN, they are attempting to drain and lynch and blockade the people coming together in one accord, what can be withheld from them says the Lord of Hosts.

A VERY SUDDEN AND SHARP PLUMMET within the leadership of Canada shall echo freedom across the Land. Oh, Canada Cry out to Me March forward, put on the whole armor of God, and STAND for the dawn breaking forth of your salvation is at hand…

In this hour there shall be a squeeze and a sudden release as I am letting the air out of Trudeau’s balloon as well says the Lord of Hosts….”

In presenting and discussing this on Tuesday on Elijah Streams with Steve Schultz, he comments at 25:11 mark and then Amanda replies (from auto-transcript):

“May I make a comment on this: there are people out there believers, Christians, patriots who are saying you know those truckers are causing a lot of trouble they’re breaking the laws,they’re blocking the city of in Ottawa, the capitol, and they’re saying ‘Why don’t they just stop causing trouble?”…but God’s saying you truckers and all the rest of you standing by stand don’t move stand because they’re not they’re not coming against you they’re coming against me am i saying that right?”

“Yes because they, the leadership of Canada has more and more tried to oppress the people of Canada and and use what’s going on as a way to put them in chains and what they’re doing the more they do it, they’re fighting God they’re not fighting the people on this. So they get closer and closer to the cliff of their demise!

… yeah wow okay. It’s like pharaoh okay and this is coming to me right now and i perceive this to be the lord when the Jews were getting freed from Egypt pharaoh made the mistake of being drawn out to try to clamp them back down. He made the mistake and he went out trying to re-clamp down and put down this revolution in a way that was happening this miracle and what happened was pharaoh lost his whole army instead. So they’re trying to put something down. He’s coming back out trying to with more fierceness this time Trudeau put this down and it’s going to backfire on him!
Yes Lord, wow that’s an okay wonderful word well praise the Lord…”

AT 36:40 on the above final point Amanda brings an amusing take:

“In right in this hour there shall be a squeeze and a sudden release as I am letting the air out of Trudeau’s balloon as well says the Lord of hosts…”

This is interesting the way He says ‘and I‘m letting the air out’. You know what happens when you let the air out of a balloon? It does one or two things: it just completely falls and drops, or it goes crazy going everywhere like this until there’s no air left and it completely just you know sputters out! So He’s letting the air out of his balloon!”

That description is apposite for the outrage Trudeau caused the next day, Wednesday, in Parliament with his exceptionally offensive insult to one of the opposition party. Three times he was asked to apologise but refused and walked away –

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On cue, God-incidence and prophecies fulfilled re. Durham investigation!

“And the Spirit of the Lord says this day watch THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY on your calendar says the Lord of Hosts this day. The smoldering pressure shall and will cause a MAJOR eruption. This eruption shall be seen in many different ways….” (Word from the Lord, December 26th, 2021, Amanda Grace – emphases mine)

(Plus my prophetical musing in 2016 of The Lord exposing corruption and rot. and the  many visions given to Veronika West of the ‘donkeys’ demise – ie. US Democrat party.)

Today, right after our brief morning devotional I booted up my phone, went into Fbk and found this VIP:

Tom’s statement of a year ago (when impeachment of President Trump was once again  quashed) has since proven to be true – but it’s God-incidental in connecting his earlier remarks “Trump is crime victim” regarding ‘Obamagate’ in yesterday’s Has Trump called “Time”…? #1


Moreover, have you – like me – considered the war-mongering between Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA and the impotent EU as being a ‘coincidental distraction’ to avert mainstream media from the truth emerging about a scandal worse than Watergate!!!  Praise the Lord that Putin has drawn back from ‘the brink’ – but I understand that, like Trump, he too is against the Deep-state’s globalism.  OR, maybe in view of the Biden family’s suspicious business dealings with Ukraine and Obama/Clinton’s treachery in ‘Spygate’ (basis of the Durham investigations into their Russia-Trump collusion hoax) perhaps Putin’s sense of humour is to give the Obama-Biden regime its come-uppance and shaking!!

With that in mind and before inserting a number of screenshots of this morning from last night news in USA, we need to learn about a member of the ‘Continuity of Government’ team set up by President Trump. Patel Patriot writes in Devolution – Part 3:

‘November 11th, 2020 involved the promotion of two more Trump allies: Kashyap Patel (my pseudo-namesake), and Ezra Cohen-Watnik. Each deserving of their own chapter in this story.

‘Kash Patel was promoted to Chief of Staff for Acting Sec Def Miller. He played a major role in uncovering the corruption of the Democrat party during both Spygate and the Ukraine Scandal. He is a lawyer who was a legal liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command. It was even rumored he was being considered to lead the CIA to replace Gina Haspel. As Chief of Staff for Sec Def Miller, Patel would have been intimately involved with the operations planning. He was also designated to lead the DoD’s coordination with Biden’s transition team…’

SO here’s Kash’s top-level input on the Durham investigation (overlap between 3rd and 4th images):

Click here to read preceding report in full.

Click here to read preceding report in full.

Click here to read preceding in-depth report in full.

And here’s the perspective from Oz:

Meantime, back in ‘Blighty’ for a basic overview:

Keep watching!

On target: testing fulfillment of prophecy about the Pentagon (GPS #79)

Click this image to read in Word of the Lord Nov 22, 2021

‘By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall a matter be established.’ (Deuteronomy 19:15)

BRIEFING (NB metaphorical):

Now we’re in-flight under cover of darkness over the western Atlantic I can reveal the ‘mission’ and intel received. As reported 3 weeks ago today about encountering enemy flak upon homing in on a ‘target’, it’s happened again!  Its timing is tad too ‘coincidental’.

In issuing my ‘kindergarden’ coded post at dusk local time (17:37) we started taxiing around the airbase. Whilst doing so I enquired of conditions over ‘target’ and informed my contacts both sides of the ‘Pond’ at 17:44 before preparing to take-off into ‘stealth-mode’. However, at 17:48 beyond the perimeter fence a plane-spotter took a pot shot but which got immediately intercepted and deflected!  (Another time a new member of the ‘ground crew’ tried sabotaging a blog and got ‘dismissed’.)

You’ll recall from the in-flight briefing ‘The Sky Is Falling In!’, the Lord had cancelled my attendance in an online discussion and directed me into the ‘ops room’ to attend to His ‘coded’ plans given to Veronika West in N Ireland and a year later to Amanda Grace in USA. So, I spent two hours devising the mission as published (perhaps you’ve  already connected the dots of last Thursday’s news from military medics as ‘whistleblowers’? Monday’s post refers). My dear sister comments, “Absolutely incredible how the Lord weaves it altogether Richard. It’s very poignant!! I knew it but you have once again knocked it out the park with connecting the dots for us.”

Therefore, now we’re well ‘on-target’ as sunrise sweeps westward towards the eastern seaboard of North America and I can show the intel provided about the ‘target’:

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‘The sky is falling in!’ – Veronika West and Amanda Grace

After a couple of days out and about, in which Nina gave a short talk on how the Lord gets our attention before we come to Him in faith, I’ve noted and got lined up several important items. In addition, this morning I was led to ever so quickly scan through and remind myself of what the Lord had given Amanda Grace concerning US politicians, the White House and a reference to exposure of highly suspicious activity in the Pentagon.

Returning home, I had in mind to catch up with a discussion but an incoming message confirmed that this, prophesied 54 weeks ago today, is TOP PRIORITY…

After getting a cuppa I spent about 15 minutes trying to open Whats App study group on my Chromebook, which is better for reading lengthy discussions than my phone. BUT it just would not work and an online member of the group tried advising me – but I really don’t have time to waste.  Then I noticed an incoming Messenger alert at 15:22 from a Fbk friend in Florida, saying: Continue reading

Prophesied news of Media collapse: 3 of 3 – Daily Mail’s grossly inaccurate reporting

Although not directly related to the Word From The Lord to Amanda Grace that refers to “…those of the press nature are set to collapse – their last leg is being knocked from under them and the crash will be loud,…” because it refers to the British press, I’m of the opinion it is connected in view of this item’s coverage – and is an excellent example – of the deliberate falsehoods and calumnies abounding in mainstream media.  The Daily Mail is thereby tainted and comes within the ambit of that Word:

It’s an incisive indictment of Daily Mail’s gross inaccuracy on over two dozen points! He concludes his letter requesting a public apology and rettraction:

‘It is disappointing that the Daily Mail substitutes disinformation and hearsay for actual medical data and established fact in this publication.  Spreading medical disinformation endangers patient lives. In the future, the Daily Mail would be better served by employing experienced medical writers when reviewing information provided by highly qualified medical and scientific experts.’

Read Dr Malone’s excellent rebuttal and request for full retraction and apology – I think you will be truly astonished.

Prophesied news of Media collapse: 2 of 3 – Facebook financial crash

NB: Zuckerberg bragged about re-branding Fakebuk to ‘Meta’ as in Greek for ‘beyond’, and thereby alluding to artificial intelligence and trans-human enhanced faculties. BUT, in Hebrew, meta = death!

NOTE ALSO many previous postings relating to prophetic word brought by Veronika West in October 2020 on ‘Falling Giants’:

Prophecies coming to pass in America 2 (F/P #25.4) – Storm is brewing, giants will fall

PS (3rdFeb) Continue reading

Prophesied news of Media collapse: 1 of 3 – CNN’s president resigns

Now, to start the trilogy of yesterday’s news ‘coinciding’ with my publishing ‘Word From The Lord’ dated a week ago today as given to Amanda Grace, especially regarding:

“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day entities made of silicon and those in valleys and those of the press nature are set to collapse – their last leg is being knocked from under them and the crash will be loud, says the Lord of Hosts. Crashes are necessary to break what is corrupt to bring low what has lifted themselves up in their hearts and spoke forth “we are untouchable we are on high…”

Click to read source above article in full.

PS (4th Feb)

Prophecy on media collapse fulfilled on day it’s re-published on this blog!

WOWEE!! Oh my, what a strikingly awesome set of ‘God-incidents’!

For years I’ve been noting news relating to exposures of political corruption based upon my personal musing, but more recently in connection with the many exposures the Lord promises within His message to Amanda Grace.

Once again I’m utterly stunned because I had NOT planned the previous post – in fact, I thought a third item on a similar topic in one day would be far too much for readers. But I was forgetting the very principle that’s been presented to me during the past few of weeks > dual manifestation in threes!

It was more than a ‘nudge’ in my ribs more like a finger poked into my brain and I kind of went into automatic in the painstaking task of copying the red colouring in the original item. Moreover, I was going to copy the first opening two paragraphs only as possibly relating to the news items I’d already gathered, but got compelled to continue AND to EMPHASISE certain portions in old typeface!

I especially noted this reference to the media, now underlined:

“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day entities made of silicon and those in valleys and those of the press nature are set to collapse – their last leg is being knocked from under them and the crash will be loud,  says the Lord of Hosts. Crashes are necessary to break what is corrupt to bring low what has lifted themselves up in their hearts and spoke forth “we are untouchable we are on high”

LATER – IN VIEW OF UK-US TIME DIFFERENCES – I GOT NEWS OF THAT PART OF THE WORD COMING TO PASS.  And a THIRD item relating to the UK arrived in my morning emails!!!

That is, once again a TRIPLET of PROPHETICALLY RELATED NEWS!!  (next posts)

Moreover, I was awakened early and had the notion of running a recent video, which is highly unusual not only in the time of day but also because our schedule doesn’t allow  my devoting necessary time – it’s faster to assimilate material by reading than listening.

However, with YouTube I can open up a transcript and scan-read as well as playback at speed. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she began reviewing prophetic words that are a year old before Biden’s inauguration!

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Word from the Lord of 27 January – Amanda Grace

Further to the previous two posts presenting prophetic words relating to this month, I’d ask that you read at your earliest convenience the full Word From The Lord – January 27, 2022.  I trust my readers appreciate the detailed way the Lord communicates with Amanda Grace – perhaps you’ve heard her delivery and discussion of prophecies on ElijahStream – and I’m placed in a most invidious position when taking extracts from such highly anointed communications.  I trust He forgives me highlighting extracts for the purpose of our consideration in how they relate to specific events, as am doing herewith (colouring and capitals as in her original, emphasised text mine):

“Praise be to Almighty God who is high and lifted up! Who spoke to the mountains and they were who spoke and light came forth! The earth is indeed His footstool! All Glory and Honor and Power to Him forever and ever Amen.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day Your nation Oh America has been chained and weighed down with falsities, with the pitfalls of religion, with bubbling propaganda and deceit, like bubbling springs these corrupted contaminated waters have flowed through areas of America. [See Footnote] And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the water that I the Lord give you shall never thirst again for it comes from a righteous source I the Lord am changing and shifting the sources of information for a geyser is about to Spring forth with pressure and force and this geyser shall be oh so revealing, says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a thick hedge of brambles and briars have formed in states capitals and nations capitals ensnaring those who proclaim to lead. However there is no leading happening, they are not moving, ensnared with briars and thorns of their own making and cultivating and now is the time where such bushes and brambles shall be ignited and burned, says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A burning bush; a burning bush this you shall see, says the Lord of Hosts. [RB: I saw one a few weeks ago during a preparatory prayer walk around our church, and prior to an insight relating to the dual-triplet principle of 1 John 5.]

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, watch off the Coasts as blocks and stocks including with offshore accounts will freeze and drop and just when it appears another climb shall happen a crash of banking systems overseas including futures and bundles shall occur and make a WAVE across nations a TITLE wave of great capacity and importance and this wave so shall carry in with it a changing of the guard and a (s)witching of titles as a fast switch of leadership shall occur to hide the shortcomings and weaknesses and scandals of such. However, it will be plain to the people that their iron veil of secrecy has dramatically weakened and so shall tear at the seams and it shall be TORN DOWN, says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Lord of Hosts ‘battleships’ – battleships, watch and see, says the Lord, as restlessness within nations turns to altercations of not-so-familiar enemies, who at one point were allies, now turned because of sour deals and ammo and stocks promised that there was never delivery. Watch for a sudden turn in the page of this story as some leaders will even beat their chests in a grand showing to hide their weaknesses, says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit, there is an announcement this day of a shifting underneath the ground that shall be felt in more than one state of your nation oh America, this shall come forth as a sign that plates and party lines and titles and positions in your nation are shifting oh America, the shaking and shifting must occur the sifting of the heart of leaders and that who is left is the one the Lord God has chosen, oh America watch and see the Lord High and Lifted up, Oh America look to Him submit to Him, for it is the Lord that will redeem your nation Oh America, not a man.

And says the Spirit the Lord God Almighty is going back in your nation’s history and correcting what went astray, temptations and choices made of the flesh, not with the vision that only the: Lord God can give, and one who has endured the smears and trials of Washington shall arise in your nation, one who has been on the battlefield oh America and one who is another kind of Trump.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a river runs through it says the Lord, a river runs through it watch and see for an event that shall affect the nation shall occur near such an area.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day entities made of silicon, and those in valleys and those of the press nature are set to collapse – their last leg is being knocked from under them and the crash will be loud says the Lord of Hosts. Crashes are necessary to break what is corrupt to bring low what has lifted themselves up in their hearts and spoke forth “we are untouchable we are on high” and, says the Lord of Hosts, I shall bring you down low oh leadership, oh house I shall bring you down low oh Russia as you snarl looking to advance upon prey I the Lord thy God am wrestling the bear and their leadership shall suffer yet another strike and a blow to the head for their advancement against such and those who are secretly backing them, in this maneuver shall be exposed

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, heart palpitations in the house as seats flip and flop as those who are seat warmers in both parties shall be ejected and bumped for the tables are turning the control is shifting and they are losing their grip, those who have held hands in the back room and made a human chain shall now be broken and severed down the middle and their ability to manipulate shall DIE out as they mixed red and blue to indulge themselves at the expense of the people, thinking they were in a league all their own and now they shall be in a league a hall of shame shall surround them as I the Lord rule it forth and it shall be so….” (click to read much more…).

RB Footnote: A few months ago I was given a personal word relating to polluted rivers versus the clear waters of the Lord

Word from the Lord of 26 December about February – Amanda Grace

The purpose of this week’s series of postings on ‘Need-to-know News’ is based upon my monitoring Word From the Lord – December 26th, 2021 to Amanda Grace, a much highlighted hard-copy of which is shown below:

Please use the above link to read the Word in full, of which the following extracts I’ve since borne in mind (colouring and capitals as in her original, emphasised text mine):

“Praise be to the One true living God by all whom Heaven and earth is made. The heavens declare the Glory of God! The earth is His footstool and He rules in righteousness. And to His Kingdom, there is no end.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day watch THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY on your calendar, says the Lord of Hosts this day. The smoldering pressure shall and will cause a MAJOR eruption. This eruption shall be seen in many different ways.

I am a God of Grace, I am long-suffering, however, says the Lord the time of grace has thinned, and there are those driven by deep roots of the flesh that are not of Me that have taken the bait the enemy has dangled in front of them, says the Lord of Hosts. They have ensnared themselves, says the Lord, and what befalls them is a net of their own making for pride and haughtiness, and jealousy, and selfishness, and deception and delusion has come upon them, there is a strong delusion, says the Lord of Hosts, and those with soul wounds, from sickness, from broken families, from loss, have opened the door for a strong delusion to befall them, as they feed on and feast on what is not of Me, says the Lord of Hosts.


“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a SPIN OUT is coming, an out of control derailment that is a sign that many have veered and willfully and defiantly left their paths, and are going the WRONG WAY.

They are heading into traffic, they are heading for a collision, they have read the signs all wrong, and have not listened to the correction, they have not listened to the Spirit yelling WRONG WAY.

And says the Lord of Hosts, now is the time to humble yourselves before Me and get in alignment with My will, the wills of men and message boards, and drops, and attacks, and rants, and prideful laughs and will come to a very SHORTSTOP, AND SOME WILL NOT REALIZE TO BRAKE IN TIME FOR THEY ARE FILLED WITH PRIDE, THEY ARE FILLED WITH THEIR OWN LIES AND DELUSIONS AND VINDICTIVENESS TO DESTROY OTHERS BECAUSE OF GOLDEN TICKETS, AND PLATFORMS, AND ACCOLADES, AND “SHOWS” THEY DID NOT RECEIVE.

They are bound by the same dry brittle cord that now I the Lord shall cut, the tug of war will send a very sudden backlash and whiplash shall come upon those who have sent confusion into the churches and airways, and stations, who have muddied the waters in order to WILLFULLY make it cloudy so they hinder the people’s sight, they hinder the people’s reasoning.



The PECKING order is changing, says the Lord, as those who have plotted together amidst one event shall turn on each other including in the house, senate, white house, governors, those who are ranting way too much and not doing enough SEEKING, says the Lord of Hosts, an about-face shall bring such a boil, such a squabble and some who oppose each other shall be shocking as they vie for the loudest voice, as they vie for a golden platform that is nothing more than vanity says the Lord of Hosts this day. Their “golden tickets” are being suddenly snatched away as they have welcomed the devourer and attempted to devour others. However, says the Lord of Hosts, they shall see such in their own lives as they have welcomed a company of spirits, familiar spirits, to their table and are eating and feasting with them, however, says the Lord, I the Lord God am at a different table that they have rejected for those demonic forces telling them what they want to hear. I prepare a table, says the Lord, and they shall now feast on what the Righteous Judge so shall order.,,”