Insights upon current chaos from Dr Sharon Stone and Emma Stark


Rarely do I get around to watching video’s but took note of a notification of his morning’s conversation hosted by Emma Stark of the Glasgow Prophecy Centre with Dr Sharon Stone, both internationally recognised prophets. I thought it was for a midday broadcast when I could be free, but after a power-cut to our domestic supply got quickly resolved, I was pleased to find a video was recorded and can be linked on this blog.

Their discussion focuses upon the demonic havoc unleashed upon humanity and brings in-depth scriptural and practical instruction for the Church on discerning and dealing with the wiles of the enemy of God’s people.

Therefore, these exceptionally encouraging insights are highly recommended for readers who’ve ‘awoken’ (as urged in my appeal based upon what I heard from – and tested – from the Lord)!

NB: British Isles Council of Prophets FBk provides main points in Comments column under ‘most relevant’ setting. (First, open BICP’s ‘Videos’ then click Episode 61 to open screen.) 

3 thoughts on “Insights upon current chaos from Dr Sharon Stone and Emma Stark

  1. Richard,
    I am blown away by these two ladies. Stark and Stone, well named.
    I have felt their sentiments as well. Though we are amateurs we are called to do something at the keyboard because that is how it is going.
    NZ is in a pivotal time, with elections put off for a month, Gods doing I am sure so we can mobilise.. we do not partake in the havoc, but prophecy in discernment hopefully..
    Praise the I AM

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  2. Richard LOL,
    I have to admit I don’t know what apposite means but probably opposite of opposite if you get me.
    Trump has just had a go at our socialist government.
    Trust him to spot it.
    Praise the I AM,


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