Further update re. free speech

ASA Adjudication in complaint about the Coalition For Marriage

This morning blogger Archbishop Cranmer announced that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled on four counts against complaints that the Coalition’s press advert featuring married couples is offensive.  He provides the judgement report in its entirety but questions its closing ‘No further action required’ comment.

The complaint cited his blog amongst four displays of the supposedly offensive advert, which now heads his post. As I wrote here yesterday, His Grace has been tenaciously investigating the issue from another aspect.  He has now received a reply to his enquiry of the ASA and which,

His Grace finds this disingenuous, if not deceitful. Is the ASA really saying, in the 21st century, that they have no means of knowing what a document contained prior to an update? If amendments are made by means of paper forms, there will be an audit trail. If they are carried out online, there will be electronic footprints. If changes are made by email correspondence, these are easily traceable. It is, frankly, inconceivable that the ASA do not know what Lord Smith’s declarations were prior to May 2012, not least because he himself must know what changes he made. Unless, of course, they have something to hide…

The problems starting to beset ASA are hardly suprising for let’s not forget the shaking that was prophesied for this year in accordance with the following scripture.:

“Yet once more I shake not only the earth but also the heaven.” (Heb 13:26 NKJV)

To understand what the Lord means and the reason behind it see Hebrews 13:25-29 .  For the prophecies see A Promise of Revival by Dr Clifford Hill and Dr Sharon Stone    A Ripening Season.  It is also implicit in what Nathan Morris received after New Year – see An important word for 2012 .

May the Lord reveal more to you.

2 thoughts on “Further update re. free speech

    • Hi Tony and “Yes and no”…

      I’m not a regular tv or satellite viewer but last year suddenly wondered what was on the latter and flipped channel to Revelation tv. A discussion about the new year 2011 featuring Clifford Hill had just started and heard him speaking on what I knew. So got on his mailing list and discovered his references to Heb 13 comments supported what I’d rec’vd at house group several yrs ago.

      First met Sharon in 2005 at her prophecy masterclass (where she confirmed my 2004 vision of UK) and attend her monthly mentoring days in royal Windsor. The last was during Diamond Jubilee weekend and taught on the difference between ‘roah’ and ‘nabi’ prophets as seers of dreams/visions and bubblers of words. (Sharon’s the latter and what the Lord gives just bubbles up like a fountain and she speaks so fast so her mind doesn’t get in the way.) When the two functions combine then prophecy becomes very powerful.

      Thanks for your appreciation


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