Cameron says “people can wear religious emblems at work”, so what’s bugging me?

In this post, my friend Gillan Scott proffers a detailed, well-researched analysis of the issues and governmental confusion. It is well worth reading to gain a fuller consideration of the matter to which I recently drew readers’ attention (here).

God and Politics in the UK

As most people seem to be aware of by now last Wednesday David Cameron was asked by David Davis MP during Prime Minister’s Question time why the Government was not supporting the case of Nadia Eweida at the European Court of Human Rights.  Ms Eweida is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for the right to wear a religious symbol at work after being barred by British Airways (BA) from wearing a crucifix while working at Heathrow Airport.  Here’s the video of the question and response:

This case has been going on in various forms since October 2006 when she was put on unpaid leave by BA for refusing to cover up her cross.  It’s been a long, complicated and drawn out affair.  If you want the background details then this entry in Wikipedia gives a blow-by-blow account and as far as I can see is accurate.  After Ms…

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