Praise bus goes ahead of the Olympic Torch

Originally posted on 31 May 2012 and republished in commemoration of the first Day 2 on 20 May 2012, when we saw the Praise Bus and Olympic Torch briefly stop in Kingsbridge en-route between Plymouth and Exeter:

What a ‘merry-go-round’ month of May’!   We’ve been away; sandwiched between busy–ness was a most relaxing holiday.  A month of various extremes left a kaleidoscope of memorable images, a couple of which I’d like to write about:

After six weeks of cold and rain the blazing sun blessed our journey to Devon for another stay in a converted barn hidden in a hollow in the high hills by the Avon estuary.

En-route, a slight detour from Bridport, Dorset, took us to Beaminister where we’d booked lunch in The Wild Garlic restaurant for an exquisitely tasting meal cooked by Matt Follas, BBC’s 2009 MasterChef Champion.  Succulent main course of duck legs left a slight tang of chilli which blended well with a shared platter of ‘dangerous desserts’ – absolutely scrumptious!

During the following week the Olympic torch arrived in Land’s End, from whence a Christian bus would be going ahead of it declaring, ‘From the rising of the sun to its going down, the Lord’s name is to be praised’.  Thank you Rosamund and Peter for telling us about this excellent proposal and for sending the link with details about the bus in time for our holiday.  On Day 2 of the Torch Relay the Escalls Chapel bus would come just a few miles from our hideaway and arrive early for refreshments from a local church.

So we headed into Kingsbridge before the crowds on the Sunday morning only to learn that the open-top bus had been delayed getting out of Plymouth. We popped into a cafe just as it opened and after a welcome bacon and eggs we came out just in time to see the bus arrive with on-board worship band singing, “Oh Happy Day, you washed my sin away…I’ll never be the same…”.

As you can see, fore and aft was emblazoned Jesus’ Love To The Nations. Check through the bus’ website and learn about this mission which is supported by More Than Gold.  Details of the Torch Relay route can be found here, and information on the history and nature of the torch and its attendant ritual here.

Hidden in this shot is our hideaway:

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