November 2018 prophecy implies Americans brought us to doorstep of World War III

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Many prophecies are now converging in spiritual realm to manifest on earth – Veronika West

In view of deteriorating news over Russian invasion of the Ukraine, on Saturday I broke into our long weekend offline to publish, as linked above, an urgent word Veronika West brought briefly referring to prophecies the Lord had given her in 2019 about the Ukraine, Germany, Finland and on Donald Trump!  Moreover, I was already sensing a possible convergence also applies to Bible Prophecy, for example as blogged last week on Ezekiel 38’s Gog-Magog – and now with Daniel’s vision of four beasts (more later).

In that first post Veronika refers to her deeply perspicacious prophecy that’s come to pass concerning the 2020 US election. It reveals treacherous evil from the ‘Democrats’ and mainstream media seriously afflicted President Trump (click image to read in full):

The original word published 18th November 2018 – ie. TWO years before presidential election – to which Veronika refers may be read at Prayer Request for Protection over President Trump! Note especially this comment referring to what is tantamount to treason:

‘The Holy Spirit showed me that there are a number of key leaders in the Democratic Party who are working together tirelessly. Even now, they are meeting in secret locations with Liberal Media Networks planning, scheming and strategising on how to undermine President Donald Trump’s authority and how they can discredit and destroy his reputation.

The liberal Media have sharpened their lances and with the help of some key leaders in the Democratic Party, their goal and aim is to weary, weaken and to ultimately destroy the President and the incredible work he and his Administration are desperately trying to achieve for the good of the whole Nation….

Therefore, as blogged before, I cannot believe it is coincidental that Ukraine is on the boil as the John Durham investigation homes in on the Clinton party’s spying upon the incumbent President of the United States Donald J Trump. It is Deep-State Treason!

I printed and read copies later that day of all the words Veronika writes about and, upon awakening early Sunday morning I distinctly sensed:

“We’re at the doorstep to World War III because US ‘Democrats’ persistently hounded President Trump and brought about a dis-United States of America:  hence, the West’s downfall.”

Also, I was prompted fairly early to check for any responses to that post and Tim Shey says, “Here’s an excellent article by Cesare Sacchetti > Putin’s move on Ukraine: the end of the Euro-Atlantic block and of the New World Order.”  I took this MUST read to be confirmation of that waking impression. Then another confirmation came within the extensive in-depth prophecy in a similar vein posted by Veronika (next post refers), and this appeared in The Telegraph:!preferred/0/package/902/pub/902/page/60/article/279334

Therefore, I cannot escape the conclusion that the Obama, Biden, Clinton team and their hidden leaders and political skull-duggery within Ukraine have brought the world to the brink of another war.

Yesterday also I noted this ‘HINT’ in this prophet’s opinion:

In case you missed Nick Allen’s double-spread in The Telegraph of 25 February, and other news:

PS  (10th March)

5 thoughts on “November 2018 prophecy implies Americans brought us to doorstep of World War III

  1. From a Nova Scotia perspective: I can see how the USA is bringing the world closer to WWIII because of one main influence: the deceitfulness of wealth. The biggest challenges that arise in that nation are perceived as financial in nature; hence the thinking if the economy is trashed it means the end of USA as we know it. In fact, the Creator of the universe holds us all in His capable hands. Isaiah 40 says that to Him the nations look like a drop in a bucket. There are much bigger issues to consider but as long as it’s always about the state of the economy even the Church gets dragged into a place of being deceived by wealth.

    Where is the place of the cross in all of this? Where is the teaching and demonstration of finding real authority from Christ by taking up the cross to walk as He did? Where is a willingness to pay the price whatever it may be, to NOT take bribes, NOT be blackmailed, but learn to walk with God one day at a time, seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and giving no thought for tomorrow? God is still on the throne. His plans for BOTH USA and Canada will prevail but the grievous treachery happens where financial concerns take highest priority.

    Jesus said “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God.” He was essentially saying the financial system is not of God. Let it all go and see what’s left. What’s left is the LIFE of Christ manifesting in the hearts of Jewish and Gentile believers standing their ground for Biblical precepts and a genuine relationship with God. It’s like being in the eye of a hurricane and always staying in the eye, until the hurricane runs out of steam. The financial realms are the greatest source of turbulence but our individual relationships with God will sustain us until the storm is over. Then God hands it all over to the ones who please Him, His way.

    Even King Solomon bemoaned the fact that “To the man who pleases Him God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner He gives the task of storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God” (Ecclesiastes 2:26). From my perspective, in the image of the matador in the bullring, the bull is the NWO, Trump is the matador, Biden admin is in the stands stuffing their faces with popcorn and making as much noise as they can to support the bull. But they have no real authority to determine the final outcome which is in God’s hands.

    From a Canadian viewpoint I’m reminded of something I once heard from the Lord about bulls. The best way to avoid them is stay out of the bullpen. The boundaries put in place BY the bulls is meant to confine others in ever-decreasing spaces until they concede defeat to the power of ‘the bulls’ who then take ownership. The solution is to get right out of the bullpen entirely, in which case the only ones confined ARE the bulls. The traps they built for others become their own. it has to do with learning to walk with God one day at a time, out of the financial boundaries we set for ourselves, and finding full freedom in Himself as a Kingdom son for whom all of creation awaits (Romans 8:19-21).

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  2. Dear Richard,,

    Spot on as usual. Heard a wise lady advise all of us on 22/02/2202 to increase the prayerful protection by coming against false accusation (I would add also deception) and on top of the godly armour of Ephesians, pray in protection (and I add -blessing, grace and favour) on health, wealth, travel, reputation, I would add – also on communications, key relationships and our faith…..

    Praise too is a weapon against the enemy so…

    Here’s a song by an Irish American couple that sums up the call to God’s church right now [] Keith & Kristyn Getty – O Church Arise (Arise, Shine) ft. Chris Tomlin (Live) – YouTube Music video by Keith & Kristyn Getty performing O Church Arise (Arise, Shine). (C) 2016 Getty Music Label, LLC #KeithAndKristynGetty #OC… Followed by the call to evangelise while we can! [] Pass the Promise – Keith & Kristyn Getty Ft. Sandra McCracken “Pass the Promise” – Keith & Kristyn Getty Feat. Sandra McCracken From the Getty’s new album, Confessio Stream this song and others on our official Spotify channel: LYRICS: I will pray rejoicing from my heart Pray rejoicing from my heart For in Him my victory’s lifted high His … Enjoy -if you can

    Shalom, love & prayers Elaine


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