‘Two President’ prophecy coming to pass. Can dis-United States of America be trustworthy ally and keep its place as global leader?

NO, it cannot! Period.

How soon will Americans realise the mess they’re in arises out of deliberately rejecting our Creator and His principles for good government contained in the ‘Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth’?

With Biden trashing his predecessor’s national as well international policies of standing firmly against tyrannical autocratic regimes of North Korea, China and Iran, America can be seen as schizophrenic and thus too unreliable to remain a trusted ally, especially of Israel and the Western alliance of NATO, as below (click image to read):

Over last few weeks I’d given this piece’s draft various titles, viz: first, ‘4 years attempted ‘soft coup’ + sedition + rigged elections + cyber-censorship = civil war OR martial law’  then ‘Demise of democracy in the Dis-United States of America – will its leaders slaughter it or save it?‘ 

Over the last FOUR years there’s been HUGE amount of political mischief against a sitting President that’s tantamount to sedition and attempting a ‘soft coup’. Now they have illegal censorship started by someone fully sympathetic to China’s Communist Party (ie Z…berg – see The Navarro Report vol 2 pp 16-17).  So we need to be careful when assessing what’s happening in USA as it heads towards a scenario of the secession of many states from the Union!

An increasing number of Americans will rue that day of wrongful voting as their once dignified Christian nation becomes a totalitarian state, as in The Epoch Times:

NB:The formation of a totalitarian state is just about complete in America as the most powerful public and private sector actors unify behind the idea that actions to stamp out dissent can be justified, according to several experts on modern totalitarian ideologies.

‘While many have warned about the rise of fascism or socialism in “the land of the free,” the ideas have largely been vague or fragmented, focusing on individual events or actors. Recent events, however, indicate that seemingly unconnected pieces of the oppression puzzle are fitting together to form a comprehensive system, according to Michael Rectenwald, a retired liberal arts professor at New York University…’

Also, The Gateway Pundit’s selection of morning news (3rd is most informative!): 


In considering two of Kim Clement’s prophecies of 2008 & 2014 I referred to the Lord’s very brief, tantalising reference to a nation’s new kind of subtle warfare against America. This is abundantly evident through many alternative news items on politicians of both camps attending and being influenced by China’s Communist Party (I could have give lots more from those sites alone). 

Let’s look afresh at this Kim Clement prophecy:

There’s not so much a hint at claims of the future ‘president’ Biden’s dementia, but at how the nation’s repeatedly foreign policies over the past decade are schizophrenic. We look at how USA’s presidents have treated nations of the Middle-East (long-standing readers may recall this blog’s coverage) – Obama against Israel and for Iran, Trump for Israel and against Iran, Biden returns to Obama’s policies. UTTERLY SCHIZOID! 


MOREOVER, a much more significant sign of schizophrenia is a second ‘president’ who has been wrongfully installed as a result of voting fraud, and who then immediately moves to dishonour the very principles upon which the nation’s independence is based, as shown by:

There’s a good possibility that this prophecy will fully come to pass when the now increasing number of Americans who recognise what’s actually happening realise the good Trump did for their nation and the world and – dare I say it – invite him back!


May the good Lord send His Holy Spirit to convict Joseph Biden, supposedly a Catholic, of the grossly sinful nature of his proposed course of action in furthering modern child-sacrifice to Molech, and bring him to repentance and public renunciation of this practice.

5 thoughts on “‘Two President’ prophecy coming to pass. Can dis-United States of America be trustworthy ally and keep its place as global leader?

  1. I know the deep state hate Patriots. I found this quite strange. What is wrong with loving your own Country that God chose you to be born in? I recently heard for the first time the root of the word is “Father.” Then I understood. We know Mal. 4v6, and the family in general and Fathers in particular have been relentlessly attacked. However.

    The story of Lazarus together and “at just the right time” keep coming to me. Even last night when I heard of a football game that took place – Patriots v Steelers – my heart leapt and that was before I’d checked the result!

    I will also confess to having doubted when I saw the charade yesterday – I’m human – but have repented. We are well able to take the land.

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  2. Hi Richard, this situation is a real test of faith – believing God to come through for us against dire odds. I felt the Lord give me Habbakuk 2 vs 2-3 “for the revelation ( in this case breakthrough) awaits an appointed time. It speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger wait for it, it will certainly come and not delay.”

    I asked the Lord this morning why he seems to delay ( by human reasoning). I felt the Spirit say “to reveal my glory. I will do what man cannot do. I will not share my glory with man.”

    The waiting is hard and I’m standing firm. I wobble once in a while.(when I look at the chaos around me)..but I choose stand on the rock and wait for him to deliver us from this tyranny.

    Richard, thank you so much for your faithfulness in ‘watching’ and keeping this blog updated. Bless you. Caroline.

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  3. Richard,
    I am standing on the Kim Clement prophecy from years ago even before Trump came on the political scene..
    Things take a while to process, but God eyes roam to and fro over the earth
    So we know he is in control.
    Praise the IAM.

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