UK press echoes 2022 prophetic word on tectonic plates shifting!

Click image to read word in full and my personal reaction upon hearing the first point:

Word of the Lord for 2022 of a tectonic shift – Catch The Fire, Christopher Bird

Note final paragraph of this op-ed in today’s Telegraph by columnist Sherelle Jacobs’ The Ukraine crisis is the final nail in the Coffin of the Western liberal order

‘One thing we know for sure: Ukraine is not not an isolated story of Russian aggression or Western impotence. It is merely the first earthquake as the world’s tectonic plates begin to shift.

I love that accurate description of the useless idiots in charge of us, by our own doing (and only to be expected as I blogged after China Joe put in charge of America’s fall, in keeping with Kim Clement’s Two Presidents’ prophecy 14 years ago).

‘A Western elite that was once almost puritanically pro-freedom – and self-confident to the point of hubris – now stands by largely divided, compromised and gormless, as Russia smashes international norms. The Anglo-American story of liberty that inspired the West for much of the 20th century is coming to a feeble end.’

Sherelle’s op-ed closes:

5 thoughts on “UK press echoes 2022 prophetic word on tectonic plates shifting!

  1. I don’t know who this lady writes for but this is the typical blind as a bat, can’t see the obvious flaws in what they think liberal. The west has not been pro freedom in decades. Ask Canadiens, Australians and New Zealanders how freedom is working out there. I dare say there are people in Russia more free than many in the West yet we have the ignorance to preach to other nations about freedom. This whole issue with Ukraine has much more to do with protecting a favorite money laundering site and keeping dirt under the rug that it has to do with concern for freedom of the Ukrainian people. They too have not been free for quite some time once again thanks to western influence in their “choice” for government. Once again we have the nerve to howl about Russian meddling, c’mon man as someone once said. One final thought, if this is such a horrible thing what were all the street celebrations about last night in Donetsk (or however you spell it). I just don’t buy in to the Russian boogey man that the liberals love to point at all the while taking bribes and selling uranium rights to them. Someday Russia may well prove to be the boogey man but not in this case. If NATO would have kept their word and not expanded East this would never have happened IMO.

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