Promise of Prophetic Word on Canada to Veronika West

Late last night our sister Veronika posted on her Ignite Ireland Ministry:

“So this evening I was praying over some of the past Prophetic Words that the Lord has given me concerning Canada,…and this particular Word seemed to come alive in me again,…as it speaks so clearly and powerfully to the hour that we are in,..and for what the Nation is facing in this Season of great Shaking and Shifting, as I read through this word again,..I began to weep at the Goodness and the Faithfulness of our Good Shepherd,…”CANADA,…YOU SHALL BE RESTORED BACK INTO THE SHEEP FOLD”..!

 A WORD CONCERNING CANADA – 20th September 2019

A battle over the nations rage, a battle over destinies rage, a battle over birthrights rage!  But!  Be of good courage for the level of warfare that many are encountering is an indication of the level of victory that will be made manifest.

I prophesy Canada will “know Him” as The Good Shepherd in the days ahead…!

I heard The Spirit say concerning Canada, ”Many have looked at Canada and said Canada has been lost.

But I say to those who have written off this nation as lost, “Did I not say I will leave the 99 and go out to find and save the one”?

Canada indeed has gone astray and wandered off the path, but I say I love this nation and I love this people and I will go out and find the one that has strayed and wandered off and I shall go out and find her and bring her back!

Yes watch, for I shall take My Rod and Staff and I shall reach down and lift her up once again from the place where she has fallen and I shall revive and restore her back into the sheepfold!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

3 thoughts on “Promise of Prophetic Word on Canada to Veronika West

  1. From Nova Scotia, this truly resonates as I recall all the Lord has shown me about Canada over the past four decades. Take away the politics and we find a flourishing Church that takes seriously the words of Jesus Christ that ‘unless you receive the Kingdom of God like a little child you will never enter it.’ Hence the current scenes being broadcast to the rest of the world of ‘waging heavy peace’ in the face of tyranny. Bouncy castles as part of a state of emergency. Canadians on their knees in prayer, en masse, while facing a formidable force of armed ‘law enforcement’ officers carrying out unlawful aggression against unarmed citizens. It reminds me of an image I saw once of a sheep staring down a vicious wolf about to attack, by focusing on what’s behind the wolf about to destroy it – the good shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep.

    Canada has served in many ways like a sacrificial lamb among the Judeo-Christian nations by taking on the full brunt of socialism for one main reason: to keep the love alive in our hearts. The Bible makes it clear that without the love, nothing else is worth anything. All the prophesies, words of knowledge, charitable donations and more, come to nothing if the heart is not motivated by love and love costs huge sacrifices at times to stay intact. Jesus started out on the left and went to the right – telling us to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. He didn’t start out on the left and go further left, but He also didn’t start out on the right and go to the extreme right. He went and hung out with those on the ‘left’ to lead them to the right. It cost Him everything. Following that example is an important part of being delivered from our own sense of self-righteousness so we inherit HIS righteousness. It’s easy to tell the difference between one or the other when we see even the ‘elect’ of the body of Christ behave as if they’re the ‘ELITE’ – staying at arm’s length, remaining untouchable by the ‘sheep’, and RICH while other brothers and sisters in Christ go without.

    Even worse than going where Canada has gone in the past, in the process of trying to keep the love fanned into flame, is building self-centered ministries designed to keep believers from having to share in the suffering of Christ to also share in His glory. There’s a good reason Jesus said to the teachers of the law that even Sodom would be better off than the places where He performed miracles and still they remained in self-righteousness in His face, and still kept undermining the Kingdom of God coming through Him. It has to do with being self-righteousness instead of humble before God and repentant. It’s the difference between the Pharisee and the tax collector in Luke 18:9-14. Humility before God is extremely important.

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