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TODAY is our Thursday, our Friday was yesterday!

The forecast of storm Eunice heading rapidly for Britain made us change our regular schedule to make this my full online blogging day instead of the start of our usual long weekend. So we took advantage of yesterday’s very sunny but breezy morning for a 22 mile drive down to the south coast for excellent coffee in a welcoming cafe.

With lighting frequently flickering off, linkage to our ISP’s server failing to send emails and neighbours’ fences adjoining our rear garden down in places, coping stones blown off one’s roof, I may not be able to blog all that’s in my ‘pipeline’ – “Help, please…I take authority over our essential power supply in Your Holy Name Lord Jesus. BE STILL!”

After many distractions and attending to a wildly flapping green-house door and fence paneling in ferocious winds, I’m now sitting at my desk chewing a delicious chunk of Nina’s home-made cheese scone and sipping piping hot coffee, I invite you to join my Telegram channel  (or click image):

There, I take advantage of being able to quickly link news reports/opinions additional to the prophetic material on this blog. Coverage of some items on this legacy WordPress site can be time-consuming at times in not only copy-pasting but also reformatting from any Fbk entries and YouTube transcript.

Although I’d joined back in November for the purpose of keeping in touch with my friend Chris Moyler who’d kept falling foul of Fbk in his coverage of CV-19 medical issues, it was only last week when I started using Telegram and copied over links to this blog’s hubs.  I particularly like how when visiting a channel that I’ve joined it denotes Unread Messages in descending chronological sequence, or you can click on a down arrow to shoot to the latest posted.

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