Archbishop Viganò’s message to Canadian truckers calls out globalist agenda within Western nations — Leo Hohmann

You won’t want to miss this important video message, not only to the truckers but those everywhere who still believe in God-granted freedom, in the sanctity of the human body as a vessel created in the image of God, and in the ultimate triumph of Christ over the demoniac regimes that have now revealed themselves to be aligned with Satan and his demons.

In a little more than six minutes, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò provides an excellent summary of the looming dangers of United Nations Agenda 2030, the Great Reset and the wicked powers behind this global drive toward a one-world system of tyranny.

Archbishop Viganò is one of the few clerics who gets it, who understands what is at stake, what is happening on the earth right now, both from a historical and biblical perspective. There are others. But this one sent a rush of inspiration though my spirit as I listened this morning.

[…] Archbishop Viganò issues message to Canadian truckers: He calls out globalist agenda that’s infiltrated Western nations and tells truckers ‘You understood this instinctively’ —


1 thought on “Archbishop Viganò’s message to Canadian truckers calls out globalist agenda within Western nations — Leo Hohmann

  1. In reading through the article on the Disney garbage it was really disappointing to see Franklin Grahams remarks although I shouldn’t be surprised given some of his other questionable positions re elections. Saying that Jesus probably would have taken a vax if they were available in His day is indicative of an ignorance of who Jesus is. Sad coming from someone who should know better.

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