PS: further reading to prophecies for Canada

Postscript to the previous post. We must remember we are living through chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, involving a war against national leaders implementing fascist dictatorships according to plans of the World Economic Forum, a.k.a. the New World Order, the Deep-State, Global Reset.

1.  In contrasting PM Trudeau’s controversial emergency powers against today’s Freedom Convoy with Dr Martin Luther King’s Civil Right Movement, legal scholar prof Jonathan Turley concludes,

‘We should be outraged by the use of such measures against either civil rights marchers or the Canadian truckers. As the Canadian Civil Liberties Association correctly noted, there is no limiting principle in Trudeau’s use of these powers. Trudeau simply declared that the convoy “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada” without any substantive support for that finding.

These are sweeping emergency powers that could be used against some of our most celebrated figures and shutdown some of our most revered causes. Under this law, the only thing preventing Trudeau from shutting down movements — even historic movements like the Civil Rights marchers — is his affinity for the cause as opposed to the underlying conduct.’
Trudeau’s Trucker Terrorists: Why the Emergency Powers Endanger the Rights of All Groups, from Truckers to Marchers

2.  Leo Hohmann, investigative reporter on globalism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and where politics, culture and religion intersect, points out:

‘With the stroke of a pen and an announcement from a podium, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has essentially declared himself supreme dictator over the nation on our northern border.

We now have a full-on totalitarian regime adjacent to the United States. This is no small development. So let’s break it down…

By invoking this Act, the first time it’s ever been done in Canadian history, Trudeau has essentially declared a form of martial law. This petty dictator has apparently made himself available to the global predators and offered up his country to be the first in the formerly Free World to transition from freedom into the grand utopia of the Great Reset.

And we thought it would take a war or an economic collapse to get the Western democracies to implement the Great Reset. No. It can be done with the stroke of a pen under the guise of a fake “emergency.”
What Americans and ALL Westerners Should Learn from Canada’s Digital Crackdown on Freedom

3. See also Leo’s preceding posts on the Deep-State Global Reset, especially this in-depth report:  Klaus Schwab’s Puppet ‘Young Global Leaders’ Revealed: Trudeau in Canada, Buttigieg in US, Macron in France and MANY More…

2 thoughts on “PS: further reading to prophecies for Canada

  1. From Nova Scotia: my sense of what’s really happening is that the globalists read the playbook (Revelation) and are now trying to make it happen in their own power. They’ve run ahead and try to be God in order to gaslight the public and the Church by putting out the symbols mentioned in scriptures, including the number 666 everywhere. Then we’re supposed to automatically believe it’s really happening according to God’s Word and just resign ourselves to it.

    In truth, I believe they’ve run ahead of God and He’s allowed it all to expose it. His timetable is not bowing to theirs. We are supposed to be in a place of bringing in great harvests of souls, and receiving from God whatever we want to do that. It’s a relatively simple thing to take God at His Word which says we can have whatever we ask in order to bear fruit that will last for His Kingdom. Now’s the time to ask for the current lawless ones and dictators to fall flat on their faces, and be brought to their knees before Him, as they come against His people.

    We’re also in the flow of 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 where the lawless ones get destroyed by the splendour of His coming. Some of us are now experiencing an open heaven and walking this out with God as He shares what HE’S doing to over-rule the lawlessness. Of critical importance is the need to receive His Kingdom in child-like faith and to focus on His love for the children involved. It brings us into the terms of His regenerating covenant with all its promises including from Isaiah 54:15 which says “Whoever attacks you will bow to you.”

    In Canada we are fully expecting to see this play out and running to meet the enemy head-on like David running towards Goliath. It’s all or nothing in this adventure with the Lord, free-falling in His grace and rejoicing the whole way to know the final outcome before it even happens. We’ll know the victory is complete when we hear the laughter from the children. We’re praying for God to convict all levels of law enforcement in Canada to uphold their sworn oaths to protect the people, and to uphold the law rather than siding with the lawless ones. We stand on the side of our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and pray for God to defend them as well so we can put all this behind us and bring in the great harvests of souls for His Kingdom. All for His glory, amen.

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