Is the House of Cards about to fall (2)? — John Barber

Two weeks ago, I posed the question “Is the House of Cards about to fall?” and wondered if this would be the month for this to happen. By “House of Cards”, I was thinking of the world we are now seeing, much of it a product of the often unseen, evil cabal pulling the strings of those we think are the main players (an unholy trinity of politicians, media and elite) who many believe to be the people who are actually controlling events … with so much that is being portrayed an illusion, with the truth often hidden from us.
That was at the beginning of February and we are near the end and, while a lot has happened in the interim, the House of Cards appears still to be standing but only just. It seems, the forces of Hell are doing what it usually does – seeking to retain the ground it has gained, often through subterfuge and deception, with the words of Longfellow ringing loud and our needing to defer to the Almighty. [..continue at..] Is the House of Cards about to fall (2)? — JRB Publications

My reader, have you noticed?  I sense it’s a very important piece in the way the jigsaw puzzle is being laid out > first the bad news (previous posts), next the good news of a prophetic promise, with John’s a ‘filler’ (like a sandwich!) pointing to the eventual fall.

Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy

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