Two important prophetic words and explanation re Gog-Magog – Veronika West

These two prophetic words were posted yesterday by Veronika, please read in full at His Kingdom Prophecy by clicking these links:



To the latter Veronika adds a helpful explanatory Postscript in reply to this question:

“What do you think to Ezekiel 38 Gog and Magog? Because that’s what I’m “feeling”.
“Gog” is “the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal”. The proper translation is “The Prince of Rosh. Meshech and Tubal!” In Hebrew, the word for chief is “Rosh”. That is also the ancient name for “Russia”. So GOG is The Prince of Rosh, or the president or ruler of Rosh. Simply put. – the President or ruler of Russia.”

Yes! The timeline of God is unfolding, but we must also recognise that Satan is endeavouring to accelerate the timeline to destroy the Harvest.

This is why we are seeing the great upheavals, as we pray let us seek wisdom understanding and discernment of the times so we rightly align.

It concerns me that some are just taking the back-foot, because they hold onto a false hope narrative that says, “Don’t worry, it’s all just going to be fine and everything we desire will be sitting in front of us after the dust settles!” This is being in denial not walking in true discernment.

Unfortunately many in The Body have an “Escapism Mindset”. The LORD is not as concerned about our comfort than he is about our character. The road to The Cross was one of suffering, not satisfaction and comfort.

To truly understand the times, we must recognise that prophetically, Nations are now being separated and sifted.

This should not bring fear, but rather a greater expectation for the greater outpouring of the glory that is to come.

Take a look at the Word I gave on what Nations will look like as the weight of His Glory falls… The weight of His Glory will dismantle destroy, uproot and tear-down, expose and purify, but it will also build, establish and plant the new.

When The Glory comes, Nations will be brought to their knees.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

7 thoughts on “Two important prophetic words and explanation re Gog-Magog – Veronika West

  1. Hello Richard, I do not think that Rosh has ever been a name for Russia. If so, I would like to see the document. Russia had many names in ancient times, none of which fit this narrative. That doesn’t mean Russia won’t be a part of the Gog Magog issue but saying it is so based more on learned bias than actual fact is not helpful. Here is an interesting article discussing this by someone who has put much more thought into this than I.

    Just a thought. Mark

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  2. Hello Richard, Well, I am blaming you for this post. LOL. Your recent post (November 2018 prophecy implies Americans brought us to doorstep of World War III) contained a post from Enlow’s Facebook which got me looking at comments to his post. One of those comments had a link to Steve Cioccolanti’s Youtube channel. Well one of his videos discusses the “is Rosh Russia” debate. I thought he did an excellent job (mostly because I agree with his conclusion) and thought you might be interested in reading the transcript. It is fairly short. Here is the link followed by the transcript. Mark Jenson

    in response to the recent ukraine and
    russia updates a few people have been
    asking me well you know what is rash if
    it’s not russia
    because a lot of prophecy teachers are
    that raj meshech and tubal in ezekiel 38
    and 39 surely that sounds like you know
    russia and moscow and i don’t know what
    tupa they think it sounds like but that
    is called a false cognate that is when
    unrelated words that don’t have anything
    to do with each other happen to sound
    so for instance in english you have the
    word suffering
    and suffrage
    they sound like
    similar things but they’re totally
    totally unrelated
    suffering is pain
    suffrage means voting rights
    you also have
    false cognates between different
    languages so the first example i gave is
    within the same language but also
    between languages
    you can have false cognates so in in
    japanese if you were to say thank you
    you would say arigato arigato is thank
    but when you go to brazil or portugal
    thank you is obrigado
    well arigato and obrigado almost sound
    like they’re related so you could say
    there you go that’s the like the
    international word for thank you and
    they’re related you know like japan
    descended from portuguese nope you would
    be completely wrong because that’s a
    false cognate that’s the same thing with
    the word rosh the word rosh is hebrew
    for head
    so some translation says the prince of
    rosh meshech and tuba other translation
    says no rosh means head so it’s the
    chief prince of meshech and tuba and
    meshech and tuba on any ancient map is
    in present-day turkey or the bible calls
    it asia minor but a lot of people don’t
    believe it or they say yeah it could be
    true but um you know the country’s
    supposed to be north of israel well if
    you draw a line north of israel it hits
    it hits turkey so that totally qualifies
    of course it hits lebanon syria it goes
    up to turkey
    and the enemies of israel in the last
    days will all be muslim countries it’s
    clear from the list that’s the one thing
    they all have in common
    and they all have actually already had
    fightings with the jews they’ve already
    perse persecuted the jews before
    but russia has never done it russia has
    never invaded israel so i don’t know
    where we get that from other than a
    false cognate so i think if you’re
    asking what is raj well raj is a hebrew
    word for head and it would be the
    descriptor of the prince of meshech and
    but we don’t even have to go there we
    don’t even have to go through all the
    linguistics and the migrations and all
    these things you can just go straight to
    the bible and you would get the answer
    my question for people who believe that
    meshech sounds like moscow therefore
    it’s predicting moscow is going to
    invade israel my question is
    if that’s true
    ever live in moscow
    it’s a simple question that needs to be
    answered if meshech is moscow did king
    at any point in his time lifetime live
    in moscow
    well you say no but the bible says this
    in psalm 120 it says
    king david wrote this woe is me
    that i so join again i’m reading king
    james okay that i so join or live or
    stay at in meshech
    that i dwell in the tents of kedar if
    you subscribe to the theory that rash’s
    russia meshech is moscow then king david
    lived in moscow
    because he said woe is me that i dwell
    in the tents of meshech
    i think that’s that’s highly problematic
    because we have to let the bible
    interpret the bible
    and the whole theory about russia being
    the place that invades israel or being
    the place of the antichrist comes from
    nothing but american politics
    it’s a western european demonization of
    a country and a culture
    it doesn’t have to do with the bible it
    has to like has to do with your current
    news you’re in a particular cycle and
    you feel that this is your enemy but
    it’s not what the bible is saying i’m
    going to give you another scripture just
    to prove this to you did lebanon
    did lebanon
    trade with moscow in the ancient times
    okay well if meshech is moscow then it
    must have and of course that’s
    historically false
    what we find in ezekiel 27
    ezekiel 27 talks about tire attire was
    tired said on okay and now beirut they
    were all the capital cities of lebanon
    present-day lebanon
    and so speaking about lebanon
    ezekiel the prophet says
    in verse 13
    javan which is greece tubal
    which is
    the final war that invades israel and
    they were thy merchants
    they traded the persons of men and
    vessels of brass in thy market
    meaning that there was corruption there
    was human trafficking
    going on and slavery obviously at that
    time going on between lebanon and
    if you believe it moscow
    so you can’t just say i believe moscow
    invades in ezekiel 38 39 but i don’t
    believe king david lived in moscow
    because we allowed the bible to be its
    best its own commentary
    the mistake of the pharisees was they
    went outside of the bible and they
    depended on other commentaries
    and i don’t mind you know people doing
    that i’m not against them i understand
    that they’re maybe convinced by their
    own theory but maybe i’m a little bit
    i see psalm 120 i see ezekiel 27 and i
    look at the history and i see no
    involvement of russia or moscow in
    biblical history
    therefore i’m going to just simply
    that these theories that russia is a
    main player it obviously could be a
    tangent player it obviously could sell
    arms to iran and iran is obviously in
    the ezekiel 38 invasion
    but it doesn’t mean that the country you
    hate the most because of the country you
    live in is the antichrist country we
    can’t do that kind of injustice to bible
    if you ask where’s rosh well rosh is
    just means the head
    where’s meshach and tubal they’re in
    and is turkey prepared to start a new
    caliphate of course they are
    are the muslims prepared to commit
    anti-semitic acts of terror of course
    they are
    does that mean all muslims are bad no i
    didn’t say that but i’m saying we got to
    stick to the bible we got to stick to
    the biblical geography
    and not go on a wild goose chase trying
    to trace linguistics and trying to trace
    migration patterns
    then almost nobody can understand the
    bible except like these elites you know
    theological elites and experts no
    everybody can read psalm 120 everybody
    can read ezekiel and you can come to a
    very well educated conclusion that it’s
    the surrounding enemies the surrounding
    traditional enemies of israel they’re
    surrounding historical enemies of israel
    that are going to be the main players in
    attacking israel for history biblical
    history is prophecy
    all right nothing new under the sun so
    i’ve answered that question i didn’t go
    deep deep into archaeology and history
    but i hope that you uh can stand on the
    authority of the word of god that’s all
    we got the word of god is
    the commentary on the word of god


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