On-cue, a coded clue to Trump’s trump cards? (GPS #80.1)

In one of his official Statements issued yesterday Donald Trump did a Joe Biden – he got a name wrong! And not just anybody, but that of special prosecutor Durham. He named him ‘Robert’ not ‘John’ – but for a deliberately specific reason, so some think!

Dip into this…

Was WeLoveTrump Right All Along? John Durham Doesn’t Exist? [TRUMP STATEMENT]

Click on this link to continue reading and to view those pictorial details with intriguing ‘coincidental’ and thus significant dates. Although there’s some annoying adverts the article is developing with more information getting added since I read it earlier!

‘Noah’ drops a big hint: ‘WE HAVE IT ALL’

By the way, if you like intrigue you may recall this from 4th January last year:

ON CUE: a ‘queue’ of buried truths begins to emerge! (F/P #10.25)

2 thoughts on “On-cue, a coded clue to Trump’s trump cards? (GPS #80.1)

  1. The question of if John Durham is even a real person is a legitimate question. In the back of my mind it has been troubling me that assuming he is real, he must be in great danger from the Cabal as what he is exposing is definitely to their harm. Surely if I can consider that, then those much smarter and connected also would have known that. I would be willing to bet now that John Durham as a person does not exist. I am glad GOD has given Trump and his allies the wisdom needed to pull down this satanic stronghold over America.

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