On cue, God-incidence and prophecies fulfilled re. Durham investigation!

“And the Spirit of the Lord says this day watch THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY on your calendar says the Lord of Hosts this day. The smoldering pressure shall and will cause a MAJOR eruption. This eruption shall be seen in many different ways….” (Word from the Lord, December 26th, 2021, Amanda Grace – emphases mine)

(Plus my prophetical musing in 2016 of The Lord exposing corruption and rot. and the  many visions given to Veronika West of the ‘donkeys’ demise – ie. US Democrat party.)

Today, right after our brief morning devotional I booted up my phone, went into Fbk and found this VIP:

Tom’s statement of a year ago (when impeachment of President Trump was once again  quashed) has since proven to be true – but it’s God-incidental in connecting his earlier remarks “Trump is crime victim” regarding ‘Obamagate’ in yesterday’s Has Trump called “Time”…? #1


Moreover, have you – like me – considered the war-mongering between Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA and the impotent EU as being a ‘coincidental distraction’ to avert mainstream media from the truth emerging about a scandal worse than Watergate!!!  Praise the Lord that Putin has drawn back from ‘the brink’ – but I understand that, like Trump, he too is against the Deep-state’s globalism.  OR, maybe in view of the Biden family’s suspicious business dealings with Ukraine and Obama/Clinton’s treachery in ‘Spygate’ (basis of the Durham investigations into their Russia-Trump collusion hoax) perhaps Putin’s sense of humour is to give the Obama-Biden regime its come-uppance and shaking!!

With that in mind and before inserting a number of screenshots of this morning from last night news in USA, we need to learn about a member of the ‘Continuity of Government’ team set up by President Trump. Patel Patriot writes in Devolution – Part 3:

‘November 11th, 2020 involved the promotion of two more Trump allies: Kashyap Patel (my pseudo-namesake), and Ezra Cohen-Watnik. Each deserving of their own chapter in this story.

‘Kash Patel was promoted to Chief of Staff for Acting Sec Def Miller. He played a major role in uncovering the corruption of the Democrat party during both Spygate and the Ukraine Scandal. He is a lawyer who was a legal liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command. It was even rumored he was being considered to lead the CIA to replace Gina Haspel. As Chief of Staff for Sec Def Miller, Patel would have been intimately involved with the operations planning. He was also designated to lead the DoD’s coordination with Biden’s transition team…’

SO here’s Kash’s top-level input on the Durham investigation (overlap between 3rd and 4th images):

Click here to read preceding report in full.

Click here to read preceding report in full.

Click here to read preceding in-depth report in full.

And here’s the perspective from Oz:

Meantime, back in ‘Blighty’ for a basic overview:

Keep watching!

10 thoughts on “On cue, God-incidence and prophecies fulfilled re. Durham investigation!

  1. Richard: Here is a short video showing the ghost town of Washington, D.C.:

    Lamentations 1:1: “How doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people! how is she become as a widow! she that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!”

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      • Pennine: That is so cool that you posted that video “Ghost Town”. It really brings back memories. I lived in Ireland from May 1981 till February 1982. I remember that video very well; I was living in Athy, County Kildare, Ireland at the time. They played that video many times on one of the two BBC or RTE channels that I had access to.

        This is some of what I was doing back in 1981:

        May 1981: Northern Ireland and Bob Jamieson of NBC News

        May 1981: Northern Ireland and Bob Jamieson of NBC News

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        • Thank You Tim,I’ve been reading all your report, how you came to England, then Wales & across to Ireland and meeting The family of Frankie Hughes & his funeral (May his spirit now be at rest&peace with our Heavenly Father.) All Amazing !!!. I’m saving your page and will thus be returning again later & to view all the vids, etc… you’ve kindly copied (though i’ve watched the funeral twice)It’s all heartbreaking stuff.
          Am glad you recognised the Specials song, it came immediately into my mind as i watched your vid. I bet the Clinton woman won’t be on the dance floor right now exactly. wondering if someone’s brave enough next to investigate all the murders done of people associated with her & Bill over the years.
          Will speak a bit later on, tonight we’re getting storms again, the kast night we were without power for four night (some poor souls were cut of for a lot longer) so if i go missing for days, it’s because we’re cut off again. Keep the Faith my Friend & Never Surrender!!!
          Hugs & Kindest In Christ from pennine x

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      • Bless You, Thank you!!! I thought i;d go and have my supper first & then wait to check I have your approval first, it contains such a lot (all valuable)I learnt on (& various sources on there) Gab that Mr Durham had found links to Hillary etc…& a message on there from Mr Trump himself saying he’d been spied upon(words to this extent).
        By ” accreditation” do you mean sources & links to your blog here? If So I always give these, to yours & anything else i post along, so people can visit and see for themselves, i have to do this as i can’t post along the entire article, then people come along and visit you site:-)
        All this is shocking, but it’s good its all coming out in the final rinse, just a pity the old penalty for treason still doesn’t stand, the whole ruddy lot of them deserved to swing!!!
        Thankyou again, yours in God’s Great Work, bethany-megan (pennine)

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        • Yes and thanks Bethany-Megan and pleased that you too are in that habit as it’s only proper to give credit where due. Also good to know these exposures are welcome and if you get time and happy with detailed well-researched info then strongly recommend studying ALL the Devolution papers as they enable me to get good glimpse of DJT’s likely activity. AND it fits well with the prophecies I’ve posted.

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