Has Trump called “Time” and started to show his cards? Is his trump card treason? #1

We’ve covered exposures of possible treason against the sitting President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, in a surprising quantity of posts and here’s the latest ‘blockbuster’:




Citing The Washington Examiner, Dan Bong’ brings “the facts”

In the next post we’ll look at Donald Trump’s take on this matter, but in case you may have missed the prophecy update…

A reminder from Thursday of the synchronicity between Veronika West’s dream at the end of October 2020 about a high-stakes poker game between Trump and Biden, and Patel Patriot’s (Devolution theory) remarks of a fortnight ago, viz:

Veronika (extract only):
  • Biden put down his cards and the people behind him start to yell and say, “Yes we have victory in this game!”
  • Meanwhile Trump’s admin are still praying. Then Trump does something very strange and starts to take off his watch. Then he throws it into the middle of the table. The watch had the word ‘Triumph’ on it — It is a ‘Triumph Watch’.
  • As the watch hits the pile of gold, Trump lays his cards out on the table and I hear the words, “Full House!”
  • Immediately, Biden stands up and starts to shout and curse.
  • Trump then embraces the pile of gold, and as the watch rolls down the pile he puts it back on his write and said to his administration, “It’s time!”
  • Then the administration help Trump gather in the mountain of gold coins to their side of the table and scoop them up…
Patel (extract only):
  • The longer Trump waits, the better it is for him and our country. It’s uncomfortable for us to think about that but it’s reality. Whenever he decides to make his move, I have no doubt it will be swift but we don’t know when that will be.
  • Take comfort in the fact that there is so much evidence of Devolution; it’s almost laughable.
  • Trump already won, it’s just a matter of when he decides to show his hand. He’s going to keep showing his poker face until then.”

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