Recognizing the Strategies of Warfare — Wanda Alger

How do we as Spirit-filled believers discern what is true and what is not?

How do we accurately assess what various public figures are telling us to know who and what to believe? It has become apparent that this is not just a war on a virus or a war on corruption, but a war on truth.

One of the challenges for evangelical Christians in this war is that it’s hard for us to comprehend a “good guy” lying or being deceptive for good reason. We presume that if someone has integrity, everything they do and say should reflect that. We usually don’t consider any planned strategy to communicate something different from the actual truth – for the purpose of national security.…  RECOGNIZING THE STRATEGIES OF WARFARE —

Bearing in mind my previous posts this week, here’s another highly pertinent and prophetically perceptive instruction from our sister across the ‘pond’.

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