22.02.2022 A Palindrome Shift! – Kaylie Hollins

I thank and praise the Lord for this insight brought by Kaylie Hollins and for Susan Lunsford publishing it on Prophecies, Words & Fulfilment for this Season; also that they refer to tomorrow’s date in British fashion of timing sequence rather than American style. As with many postings my attention was especially caught as it refers to my birthday number 22 in a threefold presentation > 22022022:


On December 4th 2021, the Lord reminded me of the many times He repeatedly showed me the word CENTENNIAL, and He asked me to look up its meaning.

CENTENNIAL MEANING IN OXFORD DICTIONARY: ‘The day, or year that is one hundred years after an important event.’

The Lord revealed to me that around 22.02.2022 will be 100 years since He used Smith Wigglesworth to release His Glory in Australia and New Zealand.

Not only that, but 22.02.2022 will be a palindrome date! A palindrome is when a word, date or phrase reads exactly the same forwards as it does backwards.


What was the major shift that took place around February 2nd 2020? The Nations began to experience chaos in a way it has never experienced before— a NEW ERA door had opened. When a new door opens, the old door is forced to close. And so the world began to experience this wind of change.

The western church started to experience deep purification, and finding themselves in a place of CRYING OUT to the Lord in ways they have never done before — A vulnerable place of realising one’s need for the Lord, and one another: a time of TURNING to the Lord as ministers unto the Lord first, instead of ministers unto man.

From 22/02/2022 we will see an even greater contrast between darkness and the sons of light— sons who are rising and shining out of the darkness. Although their are storms coming that must take place, the Lord will use them as a divine setup for God’s sons to demonstrate what it looks like to walk the earth as sons and priests like Yeshua did— The NEW ERA door that has been opened will open EVEN FURTHER for the INCREASE of supernatural phenomenas. This is for not only the great and final harvest of lost souls to come into the kingdom, but so the son’s of Yahweh will be REVEALED.


As the New Era door continues to open further, we will see the power of Yahweh be released through those who walk in complete UNION with Him— The Bride of Christ is to no longer look to man for their healing and deliverance, but unto the Lord who has given all mankind a portion of Himself.

This is a time to not try and pursue our own glory, our own needs, or even our own earthly dreams but a time of recognising our need and dependency in the Lord, and in one another as the body of Christ.

This will be a time where we realise even more of our RECOGNITION in the Lord. A time of depending on the Lord’s miracles, a time of depending on each other, and a time of sacrificially serving one another because of love.


February 22nd 2022, will be the beginning of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit we have all been waiting for! And a huge part of this outpouring will be for the HEALING and deliverance of the nations! (Rev 22:2)

I believe the major shift that is going to take place in His Bride will be the healing of ones heart, soul, and spirit. He is going to turn up the intensity of His presence where His LOVE will be awakened within us like we have never experienced before, where nothing else matters— a love-sick Bride awakened and ready to see the revealing of Yeshua Himself.


From 22/02/22 there will be specific keys the Lord will be handing to His people in the secret place of His dwelling that will open doors of great grace, and blessing that no man can close, and He will also hand out keys that will lock doors that would bring harm or destruction to His people, and no man will be able to open them again.

The Lord will place before the Bride of Christ an OPEN door which no man can close, and bring both body and soul to everlasting glory. And CLOSE the doors of darkness that no one will be able to open again.

“I will give him the key to the house of David—the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them.”   Isaiah‬ ‭22:22‬ ‭ (NLT‬‬)

3 thoughts on “22.02.2022 A Palindrome Shift! – Kaylie Hollins

  1. What wonderful promises!! Amen. When they were announcing Storm Eunice I clearly heard – for the second time in my life ‘First Storm of Many’. The last time was in the early 2000s, and heralded a time of strange and forceful weather and upheavals in the world. Like when a baby is born, the labour pains come like waves of a storm. Praise God, He is nearer than ever before!!!

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