Gog-Magog Update: Iran, Russia and the ‘new Middle-East’

Source: Seth J Frantzman’s full report in The Jerusalem Post

Scripture: Book of Ezekiel, chapter 38 (NKJV, Bible Gateway.com)

5 thoughts on “Gog-Magog Update: Iran, Russia and the ‘new Middle-East’

  1. Hello Richard, There is one verse in the Bible that makes me wonder if Gog/Magog is incorrectly identified as Russia. Seems like Daniel 11:44 indicates whoever Gog/Magog is they have moved into the area of Israel but then reports out of the East and North infuriate him. East would probably be India or China and North would likely be Russia. That would make Gog/Magog Turkey and that is consistent with Erdogan’s desire to conquer and control the Mideast and their historic animosity toward Russia. On the other hand this theory could be completely wrong, maybe Daniel 11 is not Gog/Magog related?????

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