A Spiritual Showdown – A Shifting of Blame – The Party Games and THE Checkmate! – Veronika West


A crisis. A rising Remnant and Nations coming into perfect alignment with God’s End-time Kingdom Assignment. But Watch! As the Party Games will now begin!

So, in the very early hours of this morning I was woken up a little after 2:00 am with an urgency to pray for The Nations.

As soon as I began to cry out to The LORD, I heard The Spirit speak a very strange and peculiar Word to me, and I heard these Words:

“Watch! For in the midst of this political crisis My righteous Remnant rises, and Nations come into perfect alignment with My End-time Kingdom Assignment.

But Watch and pay close attention! As theParty Games will now begin.

First comesMusical Chairs, where one will be out and one chair will be removed.

But see! For who will be ‘the last man standing’, when the music finally stops?

Look! Like the blind leading the blind, round and round they shall go, as a game ofPin the Tail on the Donkeybegins.

Then comesHide and Seek and a countdown from ten (10) will send them running, like a cat set among the pigeons they will scatter.

To and fro they will run, desperately looking for a place to hide! Ha! But listen!

For the sound of music will be heard once again, and sitting in a circle,Pass the Parcelwill begin.

But Watch! As a divine unraveling and an uncovering of what has been hidden and concealed is fully exposed and revealed, as layer by layer, the party wrapping is removed.

I say look, and look again, for a game ofCharadeswill commence that will leave everyone guessing, as smoke rises and theirmagic mirrorsare strategically set in place.

But Watch! Then comesSnap‘, as the pieces are moved in and out of place and theirJenga Tower begins to wobble.

Suddenly a loud crash will be heard that will Shake! Shake! Shake the parties, as stocks and shares begin to plummet and, likefireworks on the 4th of July‘, sparks will fly.

And with a fullstacked deck of cards‘, ‘Bingo!they will shout!

But nay! Nay I say! For a game ofChess has always been in play, with Kings and Queens, and Pawns in place.

But Watch! As the Bishop will move into place and a Knight in shinning armour, will arise and ride in!

I say, “Checkmate!” I win, and the Party Games are over!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

1 thought on “A Spiritual Showdown – A Shifting of Blame – The Party Games and THE Checkmate! – Veronika West

  1. In ‘On cue, God-incidence and prophecies fulfilled re, Durham Investigation’ I remarked: ‘Moreover, have you – like me – considered the war-mongering between Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA and the impotent EU as being a ‘coincidental distraction’ to avert mainstream media from the truth emerging about a scandal worse than Watergate!!! Praise the Lord that Putin has drawn back from ‘the brink’ – but I understand that, like Trump, he too is against the Deep-state’s globalism.  OR, maybe in view of the Biden family’s suspicious business dealings with Ukraine and Obama-Clinton’s treachery in ‘Spygate’ (basis of the Durham investigations into their Russia-Trump collusion hoax) perhaps Putin’s sense of humour is to give the Obama-Biden regime its come-uppance and shaking!!’


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