Kim Clement 2014 prophecy validated by White House paper published 2022

WAF = Wot-a-fortnight! I began drafting this on 12th but lots of things cropped up…

Since learning about Devolution Theory as Trump’s Reality, a brief thesis by Texans Jack & Dodie Dennis in August 2021 – and covered herein – it’s often struck me that game-plan is a solid way of understanding how prophecies about Donald Trump may  manifest – whether he’s in or out of ‘office.’

Also, last week Wanda Alger brought perspicacious insights into how he, as a believer in Jesus Christ, has to strategise his activity against evil:

“The reality is that we are right in the middle of a deeply coordinated military intelligence operation, requiring a measure of deception – even from the good guys. We are at war with an enemy both natural and spiritual that is using deceit as its greatest weapon. For many God-fearing patriots who are involved in this massive sting operation, they are using this same tool for godly purposes – as a decoy. When national security is at risk, there are legal contingencies in place that allow for strategic deception in order to protect the Republic.”

Just before Biden’s inauguration I learned about the following prophetic word brought 8 years ago on 22 February 2014 by the late Kim Clement (emphases mine):

“…And then there is a nation He showed me – He took me – itching for a new kind of war with America…

This nation shall come very subtly, but they shall not come in the time of President Obama…they shall come when this new one arrives, as My David, that I have set aside for this nation. A man of prayer – a man of choice words – not a man who is verbose, has verbosity, who speaks too much! They will say ‘This man is not speaking enough!’ BUT God says, “I have set him aside…”  

“And then God says, “HIGHLY embarrassing moment when another ‘Snowden’ arrives!”

I covered that revelatory insight in many postings but NOW we look at how this form of warfare and sabotage became officially recognised by President Trump’s administration, as researched by Patel Patriot and team and published on 22nd January in a 47-page report (emboldened being my personal numbers!). He’s a few snippets with section- heads but open the document by clicking the title to read copied documents therein:

DEVOLUTION – Part 16 : TO Xi OT NOT TO Xi (Trump & China)

Patel opens with this perhaps not entirely surprising thought we need to note well:

‘I have had some interesting conversations lately with many about whether Trump is working with Xi and Putin in the fight against the Deep State. I see merit in the argument that Putin would work with Trump. Putin is a true Russian patriot and he appears to be very self-serving. Putin has shown disdain for western governments (especially the US State Department under Obama) and their role in the color revolutions in eastern Europe. It’s possible that Putin would work with Trump in the fight against the Deep State. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The idea that Trump has been working with Xi, however, has been harder for me to get behind. But we won’t know the truth until all is said and done, if we ever find out the truth at all.

If you haven’t yet realized this about me, I’m stubborn. I base my analysis on available facts because in doing so, it generally means I’m right, and I enjoy being right (who doesn’t?). I’m not saying I’m right about Xi, but I did set out to find as many facts as possible to back up my belief that Xi is the enemy and in doing so I came across very interesting data points….

Stating the Obvious

If you look on the archived official website of President Donald Trump, you can find a trove of useful information. This is one area I hadn’t really explored in detail until now. There is a lot we can learn here.

On November 2nd, 2020 – the day before the 2020 Presidential election – Robert O’Brien published a statement on the White House website along with a (128 pages) PDF document titled “President Trump on China: Putting America First”. [click to read]  The document itself stated it was “A collection of speeches laying out the most significant United States foreign policy shift in a generation”….[underscoring by RB]

The intro to this collection of speeches alone paints a very clear picture – China is the biggest threat to not just America, but to democracy everywhere, and it’s no coincidence that this book was released the day before the election….

Mike Pence – October 4, 2018

…Mike Pence touches on numerous topics throughout his speech. He mentioned multiple times China’s “interference and influence operations” as well as their cyber activity. Pence even specifically calls China out for meddling in our democracy and elections. My favorite line from this speech is this:

“Trump’s leadership is working; and China wants a different American President”

Donald Trump – May 30, 2020

…Trump’s focus here is on China and Covid-19 but I think it’s important to highlight the tone and language he uses when discussing China. At the beginning of his Presidency he was very diplomatic, but the pandemic changed everything. Trump viewed Covid as an attack. More on that to come.

Robert O’Brien – June 24, 2020

…Robert O’Brien didn’t hold anything back and explicitly calls out Xi Jinping and how Xi “sees himself as the next Joseph Stalin.” He specifically mentions the Trump administration countering the “CCP’s malign activity” and how “we will resist their efforts to manipulate our people and our government and undermine our sovereignty.” That sounds as if he knew they might be looking to interfere in our elections.

Bill Barr – July 17, 2020

…Barr’s speech feels similar to O’Brien’s, and he also specifically calls out Xi Jinping openly speaking of “replacing the American dream with the Chinese solution.” He also mentions China’s influence efforts in our political process.

Michael Pompeo – July 23,2020

…Pompeo’s speech is one of my favorites and I think it speaks for itself. The message is that we can’t trust Xi Jinping or China, and that we cannot let them erode our freedoms. We must protect our sovereignty. “Securing our freedoms from the CCP is the mission of our time” – Powerful words from our Secretary of State.

Donald Trump – September 22, 2020 (MY birthday :-)….

…This compilation of speeches was published the day before the 2020 election and it has gone largely unnoticed. I see them as a shot across the bow – a warning to China and the enemy that Trump and his team knew what was coming.

Remember that the entire basis for devolution relies on the United States being in a state of war. Foreign interference is just one example of an act of warThere is plenty of evidence that Trump viewed the release of Covid as an act of war:

Devolution Timeline (a thorough listing of activities)

…This DoD instruction has a similar tone to EO 13961, the executive order we discussed in Devolution – Part 13 that implemented and executed a continuity of government plan moving from a reactive posture to a proactive posture. I think the timing here is also interesting. Guidance on how our DoD reviews and approves contingency plans being released on the day of the election could be a coincidence, but it leads me to believe they were preparing the battlefield for the continuity of government environment that kicked off when Trump left office…’

RB: Here’s an interesting comment by Patel relating to the Durham Investigation:

‘….Again, I’m not sure on the significance of this yet but the topic and timing of this release must mean something. Does it have to do with capturing evidence of the election theft? Does it have to do with any of the illegal surveillance activity of former administrations? General Nakasone’s involvement here piques my interest…

…Keep in mind that the “majority viewpoint” was that “China did not influence or interfere with the 2020 election.” The “only analyst who held the minority view on China” (that China did influence or interfere in the 2020 election) was the one who is responsible for identifying the “perpetrators of malicious cyber activities”.  This means whatever influence or interference occurred was in the CYBER REALM.

…Discovering Chrisopher Porter, the former CTO for Cybersecurity Policy at FireEye, only further reinforces my belief, as stated in Devolution – Part 11, that our military perpetrated the Solarwinds hack, and that is how they were able to monitor the election. China already had access to the machines through their software and hardware and I believe that is why on January 5th, 2021, Trump issued EO 13971: Addressing the Threat Posed by Applications and Other Software Developed or Controlled by Chinese Companies. Our military hacked Solarwinds in March, and was lying in wait to capture the election theft in November

…It should be obvious at this point that Trump wasn’t lying low like most Presidents on their way out the door. Trump and his team were making massive moves behind the scenes that lead us back to the entire theme of the Devolution Series – We are at war, and Donald Trump didn’t just walk away from a stolen election….


‘…Global control is key to the enemy, and they can only achieve it through true globalization. Trump doesn’t believe in globalization. Trump is MAGA through and through. His America first policies jeopardized the slow and subtle global takeover that had been underway for decades if not longer…

…Again, I remain skeptical, but IF there is a case to be made for Xi secretly working to take down the global elite, this is the best evidence I have seen for it. It definitely is a head scratcher. Whether Xi is or isn’t an ally himself, one thing is clear – Trump went to war with the CCP…’

Once again, many thanks to Patel Patriot and team for their exceptional research.

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