Prophesied exposure of corruption now focuses upon USA-Ukraine

Courtesy of Patel Patriot Devolution Series (image links to latest)

In following the long trail of exposures of political rot and corruption hinted at in my prophetical musing six years ago I’d surmised that news reports upon Russia and the Ukraine may have been serving as a distraction away from the climax of the Durham Investigations into the Obama-Clinton administration’s on-going treachery against Donald Trump.

However, the Lord may well be using both matters to not only expose and shake the globalist control over nations but also to bring all its evil boil to a  head and lance it, especially as the deep issues within the Ukraine are not entirely separate from the Biden family’s deeply dubious involvement in that sovereign nation during the Obama administration.

Then yesterday along comes the latest most fascinating of Patel Patriot’s papers, as ever exceptionally erudite, and giving deeper insight into the situation.  Here’s a few extracts after Patel’s opening paragraphs:


“We’re all trying to make sense of the madness in Ukraine right now. It’s nearly impossible to do so without a free and fair press as well as a legitimate administration calling the shots. One thing we do know for certain, is that Ukraine is the epicenter of decades-long political corruption (all emphases RB).

Trump entered office knowing Ukraine would be a major battleground in his war against the Deep State. As he did many times before, he made the proper moves and implemented the executive order necessary to dismantle the corrupt network. In this article, I will give you a clear idea of how Trump defeated all this fraud and corruption.

First, a recap.

Bidens and Burisma

Before I really dig in, let’s get a refresher on Hunter Biden/Burisma situation because it provides crucial context to the story….”

After examining the historical evidence of Biden’s special involvement in the Ukraine as Obama’s Vice President, Patel covers the Clinton Scandals and George Soros.

‘...Trump told us he was going to “drain the swamp”. Part of that would involve cleaning up the corruption in Ukraine as well. That is why he brought up two different scandals in the July 2019 phone call that led to his impeachment...

The first scandal he brought up was Spygate by mentioning Crowdstrike and the DNC server:

The second scandal Trump mentioned was the firing of the prosecutor looking into Bursima:

Now let’s look at this interesting timeline surrounding the Durham investigation:

The day after it’s reported that Durham assumed parts of the Huber investigation into the Clinton Foundation, we get confirmation that Durham is also “exploring the extent to which a number of countries, including Ukraine, played a role in the counterintelligence investigation directed at the Trump campaign.” Given what we know about the Ukrainians and the Clinton Foundation, the timing of these revelations is interesting.

Ukraine is clearly one of the primary battlegrounds in Trump’s war against the Deep State. How does he intend to defeat his enemies?’

On page 24 Patel closes, and I cite in part:


‘What Trump did with executive order 13818 was brilliant. It’s another example of Trump and his team issuing a tool that will be used to dismantle the corrupt political establishment. The sheer scope of this executive order explains exactly why they were so desperate to get Trump out of office by any means necessary….

…We know the mainstream media turns a blind eye to the corruption of the political establishment. We also know they have turned a blind eye to the election theft of 2020. You could easily go as far as to say they are complicit in the cover up of both. That doesn’t mean the corruption doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t mean the election theft didn’t happen. Both are genuine realities.

Here’s another genuine reality: Joe Biden isn’t the one running the country. His handlers are calling the shots. He is just the dementia-laden face of the Deep State. Even so, it makes absolutely zero sense for two of the most impactful executive orders Trump issued to still be in play. Executive orders 13818 & 13848 are all Trump needs to destroy his enemies and get America back on the path of greatness.

And this is the only conclusion I can draw from the re-authorization of these two powerful executive orders: the handlers aren’t running the country, either. How could they be?

To me, this is powerful circumstantial evidence that devolution is happening, and somebody is forcing their hand. Nothing else explains it….


11 thoughts on “Prophesied exposure of corruption now focuses upon USA-Ukraine

  1. Hello Richard, I will keep this comment on script. LOL. Your comment about the boil coming to a head reminded me of Amanda Grace’s prophetic word given early February. She mentions boil as well although she is speaking about world events coming to a boil. However the parallel is clear. The end result the same. The boiling over in her word has the same effect as lancing the boil in your word. I have copied the relevant section below. Mark

    And the Spirit of the Lord says this day My Children there is much percolating happening on the earth, a furious boil has begun in areas of the world and that boil Has approached the point of BOILING OVER says the Lord of Hosts.

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  2. I was listening to an interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters months ago. He said that one of the reasons that the Lord allowed the 2020 Election steal was to expose the Biden Crime Family. Gaiters said that the Biden Crime Family is much worse than the Clinton Crime Family.

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    • V interesting point indeed and ties in with what others say (eg those familiar with DJT’s writing and QAnon ideas) and is why I comment on Veronika’s ‘Bear, Beast & Dragon’ prophetic word “We can perceive now the Lord’s wise plan for President Trump to be aside for a while, as in Veronika’s ‘Circus Clown’ vision, and thereby uninvolved as POTUS whilst on a possible ‘Mt Sinai Sojourn’ to allow the ‘Joker’ and Queen’ to fall.”

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  3. It will all become confused no doubt because of our own fake media, (i’m expecting the headlines tomorrow being akin to ‘Putin Kills lots of civilians’ etc etc..)So it was that i’d did my own research here one report i posted to Gab from those there on the ground:

    As we see Putin isn’t after killing civilians, but seems to taking out corrupt government. & look what’s been happening to Crimea, in preventing their drinking water supply!!! (we hear nothing about these kind of things from our media) I’m quite thick on some things, but i don’t think Putin is bad. He saw what was going on in Syria with the terrorist taking over the country(with help from America’s deep state)& our BBC were full of lies about all. Anyway the report i found:-


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  4. I just saw a video with the title “Did Russia surgically strike 8 secret US run bio labs in Ukraine?” It was on BitChute. Someone asked that question on Twitter and it was deleted immediately. Whenever something is deleted, is usually means someone is right over the target.

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