An account of ‘As One’ – Part 1 – The morning at Coventry

Another notable update for those interested in this blog’s Fulfilled Prophecy #1 Update and Global Prophecy Signals # 23

Call The Nation To Prayer

Read the background leading to ‘As One’  – click here

This is how ‘As One’, our two connected gatherings, on Saturday 29th September, unfolded. This is the account of our morning at the old Coventry Cathedral Ruins

A perfect day

IMG_1005It was a bright, sunny, almost cloudless, a perfect day, as the Team started to gather within the ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral. It had been such a privilege to have been granted permission to use this ancient and significant site, known internationally as a place of peace and reconciliation.

As we had journeyed to this day, our Team had realised that The Lord had led us here; in a sense, to ‘gather-up’ the spirit of reconciliation it carried, and for it’s ‘release’ to the nation later at Meriden – but more about our afternoon at Meriden to follow!

Even before our arrival at the ruins that morning…

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1 thought on “An account of ‘As One’ – Part 1 – The morning at Coventry

  1. Richard I wholeheartedly get this, as you know just one of many praying through Mr Wigglesworth’s 1947 prophecy for several years and with what Father showed me, which I shared with you I know its to do with the EU and yes its time, the last vestige of links severed with that ungodly organisation who so oppose the truth and the spreading of the gospel, THE FREEDOM IS THERE TO GO TO MAINLAND EUROPE Praise the Lord and thank God for the praying Saints.

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