Two visions regarding America’s Supreme Court

This guest post by Dave Hood written last Friday, 5th October, is about what happened whilst interceding for the serious issues facing the United States. He arrives at a most interesting conclusion, which relates to a prophecy from 10 years ago – more on that in the next post. Please weigh and wait upon the Lord:


Last night, Thursday 4th, during a short group impromptu prayer time that focused on current and vital issues in America, 2 short visions were received. I share them here, but I’ve been unable to use graphics to help with the content.

Vision 1 – Seesaw:

I saw a wooden seesaw. It was weighed down on the right side of the seesaw by men in “silhouette form” (men dressed in black) holding 3 things in their hands:

  • Unrighteousness
  • Injustice
  • Lies

These 3 things seemed to be winning, weighing the nation down… the weight held the opposite (left side) up in the air.

Then I saw again the same seesaw, but it now looked different.

The left side now, God took a step and placed one foot, one boot of God standing on the left side, holding it down. Also that represented that side as being weighed down by 3 things:

  • Righteousness
  • Justice
  • Truth.

The side that was previously weighed down with/by unrighteousness \ lies \ injustice
was now … up in the air … with nowhere to go because it was weighed down by God’s characteristics and focus and not man’s.

No matter how much they tried, they on the right hand side could not move or budge one iota the left side weighed down by God; His Foot, Boot, Righteousness / Justice / Truth. Neither could they move, alter or shift from their ‘up in the air’ place.

Boot in scripture represents battle, boot of a warrior in battle; reflective of a firm, bold stance.

But earlier today, Friday 5th, I note Veronica West posted a video of a dream she had on Thursday night of The Lion of Judah on the stairs of The Supreme Court.

In her dream she vividly outlines how The Lion of Judah, with roars and the attendance of archangels, sends forth Righteousness, Justice and Truth … offering confirmation, and scope for further prayer.

That evening of 4th October, following the Seesaw vision, was a 2nd short vision called “conjoined”

Vision 2 – Conjoined:
I saw the outline of the USA with all its states in different colours and state boundaries marked out.

And I heard …”How can two walk together unless they agree”. This is from Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

As I looked at the coloured blocks of states I thought … they are not in agreement … they are all individual and not cohesive.  And the thought that darkness loves to keep it this way … because it causes/fosters division.

I then saw 2 neighbouring states, that seemed to have one common boundary line –
And down the length of the join of that common line … I saw God drawing His line along on top.

Only that it was drawn in fire and where the fire touched the common boundary line … it turned to … molten red lava … this had the effect of welding, sealing the boundary line, melding what was two, into one. (For example the common boundary line one a map, between say Colorado and Utah in western USA)

But then, as a result of His action, one could see the central common boundary line had disappeared all together – resulting in the 2 states becoming one! And Utah/Colorado would turn all pink or all brown using the example of the states colour on a map … the colour I actually saw the two states meld into, in the vision was, the colour red.

They were now one … but really they were the same 2, but walking in agreement.

And I saw this happening again, in various other parts of the USA with other states that were neighbours.


there were more pairs of conjoined states than there was the sum total of the separate, individual ones combined.

The conjoined ones were all in agreement with each other.

My thoughts, suggested, this might well be a healthy thing and that it would determine that the total number of conjoined states have the majority over those states that were still individual.
50 states … as I’m from the UK, I think that means at the very least … 13 pairs need be conjoined to represent any majority.

… both pictures – seem to be God’s response – that came out of the ascending prayers during the end time of that meeting, which no doubt also bears the weight of many other groups and individuals elsewhere that have yearned for God’s intervention

Each state has 2 senators…so there is a dynamic internally to each state as well, that will determine any leaning, result.

The question is … Is the introduction of the conjoining aspects of the States, to be seen as characteristic of voting patterns? If so, what vote is being represented and, if so, where, if so, when?

Today as I write, it is Friday 5th … and we only now see the result of an initial vote, the one regarding Judge Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court nomination.The result as being 51- 49 in favour of the proposal going through to a final vote. There is tomorrow’s (Saturday) vote to come.

Veronika’s dream is situated on the stairs of the Supreme Court, before any vote was taken. The understood common factors between the dream and mini-visions were the announcing, highlighting of Righteousness, Justice and Truth… that were to be instigated from there. There is a need to gain understanding.

So it is Saturday … the concluding vote will be known here after 20:30 here in the UK

Whatever transpires …or when. For it seems that some form of representation, with the inclusion of a numerical process is brought into the timeline. For the Lion of Judah has shown what He purposes, whether it be sooner in His time and/or later.

The following comes to mind. May He who begun a good work, perfect it. Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God.


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2 thoughts on “Two visions regarding America’s Supreme Court

  1. I would just like to make the following points – that have come to light since the content of the article was first given.

    During and following the giving and sharing of the 2 mini visions, and aligning them with Veronika’s dream. I’ve always had the sense, the overriding sense of the second, conjoined vision, was that a MAJORITY would prevail. We now know it’s was IN favor of Kavanaugh … in BOTH votes. Also the Seesaw vision gave hope for a victory, the correct one.

    Result of vote Friday 51 – 49
    Result of vote Sat. 50 – 48

    When this Conjoined vision was given … the very first word spoken to me was the word – HOW –
    How can two walk together unless in agreement … the word was HOW

    We have seen that is from Amos 3:3 which states YLT Do two walk together if they have not met?
    Or …Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

    It was asking HOW can it happen, not … can it happen

    There were TWO votes …
    The 2 mini visions and DREAM were given BEFORE the FIRST vote of Friday
    Referencing Two sets of votes!?!

    Is the agreement, reference to the RESULT OF THE TWO SEPARATE votes
    IN AGREEMENT with one another – both votes were for Kavanagh

    Also …1 vote changed the status of a pair of states
    as seen in conjoined vision..

    On Sat, 1 member defected to the other party …Joe Manchin a BLUE democrat, went, voted RED …1 democrat blue turned red
    On Fri. 1 member of the red party went blue …Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) a Red Republican went BLUE
    On Sat, she went back to red …BOTH NOW RED


    There were two separate means of input … given the same night … but in agreement
    Veronica a dream, David 2 mini visions.

    One from N. Ireland / one from mainland England

    AND THEN … an acquaintance from the USA made the following observations

    “Red is a good sign! We need more states to turn from democrat to republican! For the most part the Republican Party usually are Christian and follow Judeo Christian values where the Democrats (Blue) are worldly and side with Liberal agenda such as same sex marriage and abortion. 

    Each state has a governor that is either republican or democrat. Every 2 years each state has an election of a governor. The more states that have republican the more electoral votes we will have. The more states that turn red (Republican) the better off America is,  as far as Christian Values and overturning abortion in America. Hopefully we will see this happen with Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh seated.” 

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