‘Epic’ lawsuits, ‘Biblical’ upheaval and ‘Release of the Kraken’ (US cyber-warfare unit)

When lawyers acting against the fraudulent manipulation of the US presidential election announced their intentions to launch litigation, Sidney Powell promised it’s of Biblical proportions, likening it to “the release of the Kraken” (a gigantic monster of the sea in the film Clash of the Titans, as in Greek mythology).

With so much happening behind the scenes of mainstream media’s often false reporting and incomplete by default, it is hard to keep abreast with accurate, well-informed news and discussion.

As an aid for readers, therefore, I offer information on that election’s significant events and the hidden involvement of the ‘Kraken’.

I first read in the Telegraph months ago about an overarching military scheme for protecting and enhancing the cyber-security of ‘5 Eyes’, the mutual intelligence network of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. It appears plans were put into place to use such an operational facility for monitoring IT  equipment and networks for counting votes in the US Election.

For an in-depth consideration of these historical events here’s a chronological selection of articles beginning 19th November from a Christian, conservative and patriotic stance by Dianne Marshall. Enjoy your weekend long-reads:

  1. Trump Legal Team Exposes Dominion Smartmatic Voter Fraud
  2. Sidney Powell Is Right: Dominion Shows You How To Commit Fraud/
  3. Lin Wood Vows Deep-State Swamp WILL Go To Jail
  4. Antifa-Dominion Voter Fraud – Treason Sponsored In-High Places
  5. Trump Prepared – Spec-Ops Now Report Direct To Secretary-of-Defense
  6. Trump Orders US.EU.COM To Seize SCYTL Servers In Germany
  7. Sidney Powell’s Kraken Is DoD Cyber-warfare Program: We ARE At War
  8. Justice And The Rule of Law vs. Treasonous ‘Reset’ Button Pushers
  9. Trump Strengthens The Guard – Left Screams Like A Plane Hit The Pentagon
  10. Trump Calls To Terminate Big Tech’s Liability Protection Clause 230
  11. The Purge Begins – Trump Removes Kissinger, Albright and more
  12. Trump’s Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference has Serious Penalties

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