Monday newsmix – NI-Eire Prophecy Update #13


Roger Jervois writes Thursday, “Things are moving nicely, but more prayer is needed importantly. See the statement from Sinn Fein’s President [Time for a real negotiation to start in Stormont talks]:

“We are working hard to achieve the objective we all want to see – the restoration of the devolved institutions at Stormont. We had leadership-level round tables twice this week, with the working groups continuing to work through the challenging issues every day.

“Nobody is under any illusion that the route ahead will be easy. There are significant challenges ahead but we continue to make progress.

“Next week we will accelerate the process further, with more frequent meetings at leadership level to discuss the outcomes from the working groups. All our efforts are focused on reaching agreement in the weeks ahead.”

However, today’s news quotes Eire’s Foreign Minister as saying that the same issues are preventing a Stormont return for Sinn Fein, namely a disagreement over an Irish Language Act and the parties also remain at loggerheads on same-sex marriage.


Jonathan Ely at Why Leave the EU? displays a photo of Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkah deeply engaged in thought, and shown over Daily Express headline: Ireland PANIC: Dublin admits being ‘second biggest losers’ of Brexit – ‘Profound change’.

This is based upon The Irish Times report Ireland will be “second biggest losers” if UK leaves EU, according to Irish Minister of Finance Paschal Donohoe. He was speaking  on Thursday at the Congress of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) conference in the RDS in Dublin.

‘Mr Donohoe said Ireland will be the “second biggest losers” if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal on October 31st [and] the UK would be “the biggest losers” but Ireland would also be impacted “given the level of inter-connectivity that exists between the two islands”.

“The projections of my own Department of Finance indicate that the real output of the Irish economy would be of a magnitude of five percentage points lower than it otherwise would be,” he said.

“This would affect domestic demands, it would affect our public finances and most importantly it would affect employment levels within our economy.”


These updates relate to the extensive prophetic word received by Emma Stark of the Glasgow Prophetic Centre whilst in Belfast at the end of February. She asked the Lord about Brexit, the Backstop and the Irish border and on where the solution lies. She was stunned to hear Him respond, “Emma, the solution is in Dublin.” Then He explained there’s a tangled ball of wool sitting in Dublin’s Parliament building and the end of that ball of wool is in the hands of Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach, or PM of Ireland.”  This very significant word explains the necessity for leaders of north and south to work together in a new way to iron out issues that prevent Britain leaving the EU.

NI-Eire Prophecy Updates:
  1. Northern & Southern Irish Leaders Meet In Washington
  2. Northern & Southern Irish Leaders Meet Trump and Pence
  3. EU Grasps Ireland At Its Own Peril (ie. as EU’s puppet)
  4. DUP MP Would Like To See Ireland Join The Commonwealth
  5. Yet Again, NO Need For A Hard Border!
  6. DUP Prefers Brexit Delay To ‘Prison’ of May’s Withdrawal Agreement
  7. The Taoiseach and the E.U.
  8. Eire’s Relationship with Ulster & USA
  9. Irexit – (Eire leaving the EU)
  10. News Roundup – Is S.Africa and Object Lesson?
  11. Ireland to follow Britain out of the EU?
  12. Progress of N. Ireland – Republic power-sharing talks

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